Stop Procrastination Help – 13 Tips For How to Overcome & Avoid Chronic Procrastination

ProcrastinationI really dislike cleaning. Every day I create a “To Do” list for myself, and every day this list includes cleaning, not because there is always more cleaning to do, but because I can never get myself to do it! I can’t tell you the last time I was able to check that off the list. I will do absolutely everything on that list before I even think about cleaning. Do you think I have a procrastination problem? I admit that I probably do. I also bet that procrastination plays a role in your life as well.

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How to Increase Home Property Values With Regular Home Repair & Maintenance

carpenter adding shingles to roofSometimes people let family history, childhood memories, and money get in the way of making home improvements to increase the value of their house.

But we have to remember that property is one of our biggest assets and we must take good care of it. Even though it will require some time and money in the short-term, maintaining our houses and making improvements along the way will allow us to avoid those expensive, major home repairs in the long run.

By taking good care of our real estate, should we ever decide to sell, we will have a much more valuable piece of property that isn’t wrought with numerous maintenance concerns.

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3 Essential Last-Minute Black Friday Shopping Tips & Info for the 2010 Holiday Season

black friday shopping mallShoppers that want to get the most out of this year’s holiday season need to know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not going to be the only days to find great deals in 2010. Last year, retailers leaked their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals a few weeks in advance in hopes of generating some buzz. This year, retailers have taken it a step further and begun to offer Black Friday/Cyber Monday-type deals before their traditional calendar dates. In addition, many of these great deals will even last beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, really, the holiday should be known as Black November and Black December!

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Women and Money – Outliving Your Husband Financially and How to Prepare For It

In general, women outlive men, but there’s a downside for elderly women: They are far more likely to be poor than elderly men. Research shows that 13 percent of women past age 75 are living in poverty compared to 6 percent of men. Why?

Well, according to the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER), the five top retirement challenges women face are:

1. Three out of five working women earn less than $30,000 per year.
2. Three out of four working women earn less than $40,000 per year.
3. Half of all women work in traditionally female, relatively low-paying jobs without pensions.
4. Women retirees receive only half the average benefits that men receive.
5. Women’s earnings average $.77 for every $1 earned by men, a lifetime loss of over $300,000.

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Credit Card Fraud Alert – 4 Crazy New Credit Card Scams & Protection From Becoming a Victim

credit card fraud scams trapIf you have ever been caught up in a credit card scam, then you know just how convincing or sneaky that scammers can be. And you’re not the only one; numerous people fall victim to them every year. Here is a look at 4 of the most convincing scams that you will want to be on the lookout for:

1. The Jury Duty Credit Card Scam
This scam uses scare tactics to get credit card and other personal information out of victims. We’re always trying to figure out new “how to get out of jury duty” excuses, but sometimes we simply have missed the court notice. This is where the jury duty scam comes into play.

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5 Cost Effective Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas

fast thanksgiving dinnerAs Turkey Day hosts, we often stress over how to save money on the Thanksgiving Day dinner menu and making sure all of our guests are happy and well fed. But the one aspect of the day that is often overlooked is the host!

I think it’s unfair how the host almost always misses out on all of the fun and socializing of Turkey Day because he or she is in the kitchen all day. Well, I’ve come up with 5 tips and strategies that should minimize your time in the kitchen this Thursday, keep your stress level in check, and allow you to do a little more enjoying and a little less working. If you’re not hosting a dinner this year, maybe you could pass on these ideas to the host of whichever dinner you’re attending!

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6 Factors To Consider Before Buying Real Estate

What To Consider Before Buying Real EstateExperts are always trying to tell us when it’s the right time to take action. There’s always a right time to work out. A right time to eat your food throughout the day. There’s always a right time to shop for certain things. And, of course, there’s also always a right time to invest in real estate and to purchase a home. Let’s take a step back for a minute on that last one. Is there really a “right time” to purchase real estate?

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5 Effective Time Management Tips, Techniques, and Skills You Need to Master

how to save time at workI will start off this article with a simple premise: The more time you have, the more money you can make. I think this can be applied to everyone’s professional lives and to a lot of personal lives as well. Anyone who has a second business that they work at in their off time to earn passive income can attest to that. And professionally speaking, I think it is common knowledge that if we had more “time” at work, we would in fact make more money.

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Camping in Line for Black Friday Shopping Deals & Doorbusters? 9 Crucial Camping Supplies & Gear You’ll Need

black friday lines at targetIt’s going to be a mite chilly waiting for that 5am opening this Black Friday! Here are 9 supplies recommended by veteran Black Friday shoppers to keep you fed, warm, and entertained while camping out in line:

1. Tent
A small tent helps keep the wind off and contain body heat.

2. Sleeping Bag
The insulation of a sleeping bag keeps the cold ground from sucking out all your body heat.

3. Warm Clothing
If you’ve got snow pants, you’re ultra-prepared! Otherwise, several layers of clothing are a must. Don’t forget thick socks, and make sure all your joints (ankles, wrists, knees) are covered as those are major points of heat loss.

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4 Home Fire Safety & Protection Tips For Alarms, Extinguishers, Drills, and Insurance

Be Prepared for a House FireA house fire is one of those things that you think can never happen to you. Unfortunately, they do happen, and we are all at risk of being victim to them. In the US alone, there is a house fire every 87 seconds, which equates to approximately a half million people in the US per year. Chances are fairly slim that it will happen to you, but it is something for which every household should be prepared; you need to protect not only your property, but also your life and the lives of those around you. As we all know, the results of a house fire are devastating due to the loss of assets, memories, and people.

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