Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card Review – 1.25x Miles

The Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card is a travel rewards card with no annual fee and a straightforward, easy-to-understand rewards system. Every $1 you spend with the VentureOne card earns 1.25 rewards miles, every day, no matter how much you spend or what you buy. You can redeem your accumulated miles, which are always worth the same at redemption, for virtually any travel purchase.

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Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card Review – 1.5x Cash Back

The Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card is a popular cash back credit card that pays a flat, unlimited 1.5% cash back rate on all purchases and doesn’t charge an annual fee. Like many fellow cash back cards, it boasts a nice sign-up bonus, a special introductory APR promotion for purchases and balance transfers, and some other user-friendly perks.

Quicksilver is comparable to a number of other cash back cards, most of which also lack annual fees. Popular alternatives include members of the Discover it family, Chase Freedom, Citi Double Cash, BankAmericard Cash Rewards, Barclaycard CashForward, and American Express Blue Cash Everyday. Quicksilver is very similar to its Capital One cash back stablemate, QuicksilverOne, which is easier to qualify for and offers similar cash back benefits, but comes with a $39 annual fee and higher interest rates.

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Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card Review – 2x Miles

The Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card is a popular travel rewards card with a $59 annual fee (waived the first year) and a very straightforward rewards system. Every $1 spent with this card earns 2 miles, and miles can be redeemed at a set rate for a range of travel purchases.

The Capital One Venture Rewards Card is just one of many general-purpose credit cards. It’s comparable to its stablemate, the VentureOne Rewards Card, which is a no-annual-fee version of the Venture card, but with some notable differences. It also competes with non-Capital One cards with annual fees ranging from $50 to $100: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Barclaycard Arrival Plus, Expedia+ Voyager, the United MileagePlus Explorer, British Airways Visa Signature, Alaska Airlines Visa Signature, Gold Delta SkyMiles, and Citi Platinum Select/AAdvantage. Annual-fee-free competitors include Discover it Miles, BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card, Barclaycard Arrival, and the Expedia+ Card.

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6 Student Loan Repayment & Forgiveness Programs You May Qualify For

Student loan debt can be overwhelming, especially for graduates who enter industries that end up not paying all that well. If you find yourself having trouble making your student loan payment – or if you just want to speed up the process of getting rid of the debt – it’s worth considering debt repayment, forgiveness, and cancellation programs.

These programs, which help reduce or eliminate student loan debt in exchange for your services and expertise, frequently involve working in under-served communities. For those who give back to society, the following programs can give a little bit back to you.

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The JetBlue Card Review – Fee-Free Card for Occasional Flyers

The JetBlue Card is a no-annual-fee airline credit card backed by Barclaycard. Its rewards program accelerates cardholders’ TrueBlue (JetBlue loyalty point) earnings on JetBlue flights and at restaurants and grocery stores. It has a few other perks up its sleeve too, including deep discounts on in-flight purchases.

If you live in a city that’s well-served by JetBlue and don’t love the thought of paying an annual credit card fee, the JetBlue Card is worth your attention. On the other hand, if you’re a serious traveler who’s fiercely loyal to JetBlue and protective of frequent-flyer perks, the JetBlue Plus Card or JetBlue Business Card might be more appropriate.

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NFL Extra Points Credit Card Review – 2% Cash Back on NFL Purchases

The NFL Extra Points Credit Card, issued by Barclaycard, is a cash back credit card with no annual fee. It’s designed to reward NFL fans for their loyalty through accelerated cash back earnings on NFL and team purchases, discounts at the NFL’s official Internet shopping portal, and special financing on NFL ticket purchases. It also provides a reasonable cash back rate on general spending and has a solid sign-up bonus worth $100.

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Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® Review – Low APR & Minimal Fees

The Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® is a low APR credit card with very favorable interest rate terms (one of the lowest regular APRs of any U.S. credit card) and an innovative social community component that’s not widely seen in the low APR category.

Ring cardholders have the opportunity to voice their opinions and vote on changes to card terms and conditions through an online social community. They also have closer access to staff members – including the product head in charge of Ring and the card’s community managers – than just about any other credit card community. Though Ring doesn’t have a traditional rewards program, its Giveback profit-sharing program does offer the possibility of financial rewards for cardholders.

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3 Risks of Investing in the Stock Market – Volatility, Timing & Overconfidence

Risk and reward are inextricably intertwined, and therefore, risk is inherent in all financial instruments. As a consequence, wise investors seek to minimize risk as much as possible without diluting the potential rewards. Warren Buffett, a recognized stock market investor, reportedly explained his investment philosophy to a group of Wharton Business School students in 2003: “I like to go for cinches. I like to shoot fish in a barrel. But I like to do it after the water has run out.”

Reducing all of the variables affecting a stock investment is difficult, especially the following hidden risks.

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Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® Review – 2x Miles

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® is a travel rewards credit card with an $89 annual fee (waived in the first year) and a generous, straightforward rewards program that rewards you for virtually any type of travel and transportation: airfare, car rentals, taxis, buses, hotel stays, incidentals, bookings made through discount travel sites (such as Expedia) and more. It also has a very generous sign-up bonus, a redemption bonus on all mileage redemptions, and some additional benefits for frequent travelers.

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Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® Review – 2x Miles on Travel & Dining

The Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® is a travel rewards credit card with no annual fee and a simple, expansive rewards program that lets you earn and redeem miles for virtually any type of travel: hotel stays, airfare, car rentals, taxis, and more. It also has a solid sign-up bonus, a nice redemption bonus, and some fringe benefits that are sure to appeal to frequent travelers.

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