What Are Bonds – Basics of Investing in Corporate vs. Municipal Bonds

Many people turn to bonds as a means of saving for retirement. Others use bonds as a long-term investment vehicle to fund pre-retirement goals, such as paying for a child’s wedding or paying for college tuition. And then there are those who simply wish to grow their year-to-year earnings by investing in bonds, which are typically less volatile than stocks.

When many people hear the word “bonds,” they tend to think of corporate bonds – those issued by big companies in the public eye. However, there’s a lot more to the bond market than just that. In fact, municipal bonds are another popular option for those looking to break into the world of bond investing.

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Best 35 Fun, Free or Cheap Things to Do and See in Boston, MA

Bostonians are justifiably proud of their city. Founded in 1630, it’s one of the oldest permanently inhabited settlements in the U.S., and boasts an incredible stock of historical architecture to prove it. The undisputed economic capital of New England, Boston is home to headquarters or satellite offices of major companies such as Iron Mountain, New Balance, athenahealth, Liberty Mutual, and Boston Scientific. Along with surrounding communities, Boston also harbors top-tier research and education institutions, from Harvard and MIT, to the University of Massachusetts and Tufts.

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9 Gadgets Your Smartphone or Tablet Computer Can Replace

Technology has made huge strides in the last couple of decades. Thanks to new electronic gadgets, you can now store your whole music collection in a machine the size of a single cassette tape, snap hundreds of photos without ever changing a roll of film, and drive across the country without touching a road map.

The only catch is, as fast as we keep buying these life-changing devices, newer and better ones come out. Technology advances at such a breakneck pace that last year’s state-of-the art gadget is likely to be obsolete by now. This means if you don’t want to fall behind the curve, you have to keep shelling out for new devices year after year, just to keep up.

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Products Made in the USA – Reasons to Buy American-Made Goods

Walk into any big-box store, pick up an item at random off the shelf, and look at the label. Chances are you’ll see the same three words on the tag: “Made in China.” Depending on the product, it might read “Made in Mexico” or “Made in Taiwan” – but it almost certainly won’t say “Made in the USA.”

It wasn’t always this way. Decades ago, many or even most products on store shelves were American-made. But since the late 1990s, American manufacturing has seen a steady decline. Many U.S. companies have moved their factories – and the jobs they provided – to other countries where labor is cheaper, such as China and Mexico.

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How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt Fast – 5-Step Pay-off Plan

Of all the types of debt you can hold, credit card debt is one of the nastiest. NASDAQ reports that consumers pay an average of 15% on credit card debt, and those with a revolving balance tend to pay even higher rates. Many Americans have revolving balances spread across several cards, making the repayment process even more hectic and difficult.

If you’re struggling to pay off your balances, understanding your monthly budget, prioritizing your credit card payments, and using tools to lower your interest rate can help you form a realistic plan to become debt-free. Here are five steps you must take to achieve this goal.

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36 Fun & Cheap Things to Do and See in Denver, CO

Denver sits in a picturesque valley on Colorado’s High Plains, just east of the Rocky Mountain foothills. Its stunningly beautiful setting belies a cosmopolitan culture and a strong, diverse economy that supports major energy producers, big financial firms, and innovative technology companies. Also, thanks to a great park system and proximity to incredible natural assets, Denver is also among the healthiest, most active U.S. cities.

Even with such enviable attributes, Denver is affordable relative to many other major American cities. That makes it a great place to stretch your vacation budget further. Thanks to a huge, centrally located air hub at Denver International Airport, it’s easy to find affordable airline tickets and direct air connections from most sizable North American cities.

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Top 5 Things That Are the Biggest Waste of Money

If you’re a regular reader of financial websites, you’ve probably seen plenty of articles urging you to cut “unnecessary” expenses from your personal budget. And in many cases, if you read further, you learn that the unnecessary expenses the authors have in mind are luxuries, like coffeehouse lattes. Cutting out these “pointless” expenses, they argue, can save you thousands of dollars each year that you can put toward your long-term goals.

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15 Best Cash Back Credit Cards of 2016 – Reviews & Comparison

When most people hear the phrase “credit card rewards,” their minds immediately turn to cash back rewards. And why not? Flip on the TV, navigate to your favorite website, or drive around your hometown and you’re bound to see an ad for a cash back credit card before long.

Cash back credit cards are popular because they provide tangible, easy-to-understand benefits. Who doesn’t like getting a credit on their monthly credit card statement – or, better yet, actual cash deposited into the account of their choice?

Not all cash back credit cards are created equal though.

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6 Job Search Tips for People Over 50 Years Old to Find Work

Looking for employment when you are over 50 years of age can be a humbling experience. Although you have amassed a lifetime of knowledge in your profession, it can feel like you have two strikes against you.

Age bias is something very difficult to prove, and focusing on it can be extremely counterproductive – therefore, rather than becoming angry or depressed, take the proactive route and do something about it. With a few changes to your approach, resume, social media presence, and self-image, you can make yourself the front-runner, even among younger candidates.

1. Update Your Skills

elderly woman in a continuing education classroom

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