Check Out Build My Budget

I have been playing with a fairly new personal finance application put together by Chris from Build My Budget. Sometimes, and other personal finance budgeting applications do a little too much for some users. Build My Budget has a simple, easy-to-understand interface. it is a great application for people who want to build a monthly budget and stick to it.

There is a blog and forum to interact with other users, but the best part about the website is the massive educational center with a wealth of information about how to budget and WHY you should budget.

Chris, the creator of, was a successful financial advisor, but he left his corporate job behind, because he found himself selling products that he didn’t believe in to people who didn’t need them. He saw the need for people to get on a written budget. Many of his clients didn’t even know where their money was going on a monthly basis, and this was his inspiration for Build My Budget.

They don’t have the marketing budget of many of these other personal finance applications, so give it a try and come back to give me your feedback.

  • how to budget

    Thanks for the information. I do agree that mint and other similar services offer too much. Budgets need to be done by the persons so that they have more invested into it. I love to use MyFinancialBook for my budgeting needs it is free. Thanks again for everything!

  • moneyremix

    The Week in Review: Money Issues #41 (side note: This ain’t yo papa’s blog!): #moneyremix

  • Mack jackson

    Thanks for such great info, it will help many people.

  • Mac

    Thanks! Just bookmarked that site and will check it out soon. Though currently I’m quite happy with YNAB 3 (You Need a Budget). Very professional and builds a budget quite easily, though it’s a desktop app that costs some $$.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the feedback, Eric! It’s all about helping people see where they are headed financially so they can make better financial decisions today. All the best to MoneyCrashers!

    • Erik Folgate

      No problem, Chris. I hope BMB is going well!