Chesley B. Sullenberger: An American Hero

You have all heard of thee “Miracle on the Hudson” coined by David Paterson, the mayor of New York, and the story should be inspirational to the entire world. This is a personal finance blog, so I won’t go into every angle and story that you could extract from this amazing story, but I just had to pay tribute to a true American hero that did not fold under pressure and put his 40 years of flying experience and air safety experience into practice.

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, a U.S. Air Force graduate and former fighter pilot, made the first ditch landing of a wide-bodied aircraft with a 100% survival of all passengers. Sullenberger is a patriot and an American hero. Obama’s first order of business should be an executive order to give Sullenberger the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Hats off to the rescuers of New York City and the ferry and tug boat captains to respond as quickly as they did.

What we can learn from the Miracle on the Hudson:

  • Stay calm no matter what situation you are in. Are you facing foreclosure or bankruptcy? Stay calm, there is hope. Do you think Sully ever thought he was going to die? I don’t think he did. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was confident that he would land the plane safely. He had to be, or else he would not have been successful.
  • Stop taking life for granted. Don’t waste your life. Make every day count for something. Embrace your loved ones, make moves to further your career every day, make wise financial decisions, and make healthy decisions to preserve your body.
  • Zelma Suarez

    OOPS! Your editorial needs correction. David Paterson is the Governor of New York, and Michael R. Bloomberg is the mayor of New York City.