Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon FiOS

Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon FiOS Review


Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon FiOS

tv and internet mediaAs a residential customer, you used to be lucky just to have access to broadband Internet access from any one provider. Now, many households can choose from a few different companies.

Two of the largest providers are Comcast, which now brands its services as Xfinity, and Verizon, which uses a product called FiOS. Both companies offer bundles that provide television programming, Internet access, and residential telephone services – the more services you purchase, the more of a discount they’ll give.

At first glance, both services may seem pretty much the same, even though each company touts its advantages as significantly better than the other’s. So which company truly offers the better deal for cable customers?

Compare them based on these five key factors: bundled pricing, television, Internet, telephone, and overall service.

Comcast Xfinity

comcast xfinityComcast has been a fixture in the cable market for a long time. With recent mergers and acquisitions, they now offer service in 39 states and the District of Columbia.

Comcast uses traditional cable technology for Internet, voice, and high-definition digital television service, yet the company has recently undergone a major re-branding by changing the name of its service to Xfinity. Xfinity is the same “Triple Play” service the company used to offer.

  • Bundled Pricing. Comcast advertises its Triple Play program with its introductory rate of $99 per month for the first year. The price goes up to $129 per month after that. They also offer incentives for new customers in the form of prepaid Visa cards with a value between $100 and $250. Depending on your local area, you may also have access to other promotions, like free premium channels for a limited time. You’ll have to sign a two-year contract, and other packages are available with more television channels and faster Internet access speeds. Keep in mind that pricing will vary by area, so be sure to check the pricing and promotional discounts that are specific to your city or town.
  • Television. The basic television package in their Triple Play bundle comes with more than 80 channels, including CNN, ESPN, and MTV. Outside of the Triple Play package, Comcast’s television service normally sells for $29.95 for the first six months and $49.95 for the following 18 months with a two-year contract.
  • Internet. Triple Play includes Comcast’s “Performance” tier of Internet service, which they advertise as “up to 15Mbps,” which is certainly fast enough for conventional residential service. Outside of the Triple Play package, this service starts at $29.95 a month for the first six months and costs $34.95 per month after that.
  • Telephone. The standard bundle includes their “Unlimited Voice” package, which includes free calls within the United States and Canada, voicemail, and most telephone feature options like caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling. This service requires a broadband Internet connection, and the price for both will vary based on your location. Currently, Comcast is advertising $19.95 for the first six months.
  • Service. Comcast has some bad marks when it comes to their overall customer service reputation. In fact, they often exemplify many of the negative stereotypes associated with cable companies. They’re often unable to keep scheduled appointments, and they have long waits for customer service on the phone. That service leaves customers with an unsatisfactory result. However, Comcast offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which may make you more comfortable at least giving them a chance. Comcast has also been known to have outages and spotty service in some areas of the country, so do some research to make sure it is reliable in your area.

Verizon FiOS

verizon fiosFiOS is a relatively new fiber optics communication network from Verizon. Fiber optic technology has been the backbone of the Internet for a long time, but residential customers have only had a chance to use it for a few years.

Verizon has been slowly rolling out this service, but it is not available in all areas yet.

  • Bundled Pricing. The basic FiOS bundle is also referred to as a Triple Play package. It includes television, Internet, and telephone service. It undercuts Comcast’s Xfinity offer by starting at an introductory rate of $79.99 per month. This price is only valid for the first year of service, but you don’t have to sign a contract, so you’re not obligated to the more expensive second year. Premium channels and more features are available for a higher price. As always, make sure you research the pricing and promotional offers in your area, because specific pricing will vary depending on where you live.
  • Television. Verizon offers more than 195 channels in their basic services as well as an On Demand library of thousands of individual programs and 47 music-only channels. This plan by itself costs $64.95, with more channels offered for higher priced plans.
  • Internet. Verizon advertises its service as 15/5 Mbps, which means that downloads can occur at speeds up to 15 Mbps, while uploads run at only 5 Mbps. As a residential user, you shouldn’t notice much of a problem with the slower upload speeds. On its own, this plan costs $49.95 per month.
  • Voice. FiOS includes digital home telephone service with unlimited local and nationwide calling. Like Comcast’s service, Verizon includes most telephone features as well as calls to Canada at no additional cost. The voice service relies on a FiOS Internet connection and is not available by itself. A bundle including phone and Internet is $69.99 per month, $20 more than Internet service on its own.
  • Service. So far, Verizon customers seem to really enjoy this product. The FiOS service has received glowing reviews from industry analysts and trade publications. In fact, Consumer Reports recently gave its top score to Verizon FiOS for its television and Internet services. FiOs is listed as the best option for any area where service is available. Only AT&T’s U-verse service received a similar rating. Still, plenty of people report some difficult installation experiences with this new type of connection.

The Verdict

From a technical standpoint, Verizon’s FiOS service is more advanced. Fiber optic technology has an inherently higher capacity, and most homes will likely eventually use it. FiOS picture quality is better than Comcast’s, and the Verizon plan costs less and comes with more channels.

By offering the service without a contract, Verizon gives customers the freedom to cancel this service at any time. Along with that freedom comes the power to renegotiate a better deal every year. FiOS is, however, fairly new, which means the service can be prone to outages, and you may have to do some troubleshooting until it becomes more mainstream.

Comcast comes in second for having a higher price, requiring a contract, and for offering a lower level of television service. Comcast’s weak reputation for customer service does not help them either. They are, however, more prevalent, and one of their biggest advantages is that no matter where you live, you have a good chance at having access to their service.

As for the overall quality of the Internet and phone service, both companies continue to receive mixed reviews depending on location.

Final Word

The real winner from Verizon’s foray into the cable market is you, because you have new options and more competition. This means that service and technology should get a big boost, while prices start falling. If you live somewhere where both providers are available, you now have more negotiating power and you can get a better deal from both companies, which are fighting for market share and are willing to do whatever is needed to entice new customers. You should be able to negotiate lower prices, more content, and even free premium services.

Which do you think is better, Comcast Xfinity or Verizon FiOS?

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  • Craig

    I agree, FIOS is much better and if I had it in my area, I would definitely get it over Comcast.

    • Mark Riddix

      I am waiting for FIOS.

  • John

    I went to FIOs 3 years ago. Had a 2 year contract which no longer is offered.
    Before FIOs I had the Comcast Digital package but could not understand why the standard TV looked better than HDTV.

    When the FIOs conversion occoured I learned how little cable companys care about the end experience. Comcast was using an digital to analog RF signal that the box up converted to HDTV. High quality was not possible. All TVs in the house jumped in color, contrast and resolution with FIOs.

    Yesterday, a Comcast rep knock on the door. He could not answer too much about what technology they were now using. He had no idea if they were all digital or still analog in the cable. Wireless and VOIP and TVOIP is what gives FIOs the feature.

    So it comes down to price, if you are not interested in watching too much Football, Baseball with High Tech TVs and just want limited service go with price. But if features and quality is what you want, FIOs still has it overall as far as I can see.

    I told the Comcast guy if he can deliver the quality then I was interested in lower price. In fact, I want to switch every two years just to get the deals.
    I realize that this is a wasteful practice but these companines are not interested in long term customer revenue streams, they seem to prefer the churn. I think they model the airline industry economics well, pure stupid price logic.

  • Joe

    Comcast is all digital. They have also had Fiber Optic lines for years! The only difference as far as “fios” goes is that verizon’s fiber optic lines go to the side of the house before it gets converted to coaxial cable into the home and comcast’s coaxial conversion is at the peds by the street or at the top of a telephone pole. Also, to comment on price… It takes electricity to convert fiber optic line to coaxial. Comcast pays for it at the ped when verizon customers pay for it through the electricity bills. Companies that provide home phones categorize as a utility company and customers must pay more in taxes and fees. Verizon is a utility! Comcast was grandfathered in as a luxury when they began offering a home phone. Taxes are much less with comcast then with verizon fios.

    • Rich

      All true. Also, comcast does not require a contract. They offer one at the same price – it just includes some perks (200dollar gift card etc.)

      Really, you have to look at infastructure here. Comcast has a fiber-coax hybrid infastructure (not very different from verizon’s as explained above) that is available to 95% of its subscribers. Fiber-to-the-home services like Fios and qwest are extremely limeted to who they can service (only 5%of qwest customers can get their fiber internet). Which is why fios has only lost money so far.

      All cable/fiber/satellite companies have the same capacity as far as picture quality. As long as you have an hdtv, an hd box, and proper connections and youre on the HD channel, your picture will be 1080i/p – to claim you can see a difference between the two providers is just false.

      As far as phone service goes. Comcast’s VOIP system is utilized in a CLOSED network (not at the mercy throwing packets through the open internet) and uses marked voice packet headers. They are the only provider who has these features, which is a largely unknown (huge) advantage.

      • Comcast Tech

        This is untrue. I physically watched Verizon and Comcast on the SAME TV in the SAME house on the SAME line and Verizon was clearer. The only difference was the cable box. I am in no way an advocate for Verizon. I actually work for Comcast as a technician. Would I advise people to get FiOS over Comcast, no I wouldn’t. Not only because I work for Comcast, its just that when customers come back to Comcast, and a lot of them have, the horror stories are insane.

  • Keith

    I had Comcast went to FIOS and pretty happy but expensive and poor customer service. Comcast recently came by to lure me back with a great fixed price. They told me I’d have no loss of functionality. So far Day1; Comcast sales promised multi room DVR, but installer says they do not yet have it. Sales said I could use Verion router, installer said no. The DVR I got is not compatible with the Comcast online Manage My DVr so I cannot schedule programs. The DVR programming is inferior to Fios, how do you schedule a show for the future, ever try to schedule Burn Notice in the of season so you don’t miss an episode on Comcast, you have to scroll through all the B’s and find a day a rerun plays on. You cannot search effectively.

    The data limit on Comcast is a new thing well at least the sales guy from Comcast never mentioned it. How am I supposed to backup my home PC online now? Oh and I work from home and transfer data all day long.
    I expect I’ll exceed 250GB in a month easy. So downloading movies across Netflix will count as penalties on my monthly data transfer? That’s awesome.

    I’m not pissed so much at Comcast as it is what it is. I’m pissed thatv the sales guy either lied to me, doesn’t know his product very well (or at all) and was not forthright with information.

    I should just stay with FIOS and buy a TIVO.

    • Keith

      well here’s the story folks in Monmouth and Ocean County NJ. No Multi Room DVR until Comcast gets new Cisco HD DVR units, no ETA but they expect maybe Jan ’11. No online access to DVR for remote programming for 8-10 weeks for RNG-200 DVR pending a software code upgrade and a network upgrade, not likely though. Oh the firewire port is usable for an expansion Hard drive to store more programs, but it is formatted for the DVR and not usable elsewhere then, so if you were thinking of porting the recorded programs to your PC or IPOD, forget it.

      So what has Comcast done for me? 3 months credit, 5 On Demand movies, $20 credit each month until the multi room DVR is available. So we will see how it works out; I already miss multi room DVR’ing but maybe I’m just a spoiled brat. Saving $150/month is worth it for 3 months then saving $45/month thereafter, ok so I’m cheap.

      • Keith

        So the story and problems continue. I disconnected from FIOS in Oct , I get a final bill last week for $144 claiming that I owe them a fee to terminate service. WTF? I never agreed to that. I cannot get anyone from FIOS in management on the line, I am emailing the CEO and we’ll see what happens. Comcast is okay, but not having the mutli room DVR is killing me. In retrospect FIOS features are much better than Comcast and TIVO really trumps them all. Next time It’s TIVO all the way

  • SS

    Verizon now becomes Frontier in Seattle area.

    I was on a bundled service for TV, Internet and local phone for $70 per month for 6 month. After vacation they unbundled all the services and now they wanted me to pay $200 per month. I talke to five different Billing people and they all says they can’t go back to Bundled pricing.

    When Iwas signing up for the services, I was told repeatedly that I am not under any contract . when I tried to cancel all the services, now they wanted to me to pay $180 early termination fee plus $300 for last six weeks of services at unbundled pricing.

    Anybody has any suggestion how to solve this problem? It seems that this is even worst than a Highway robbery!!!!!


    • John Rogge

      Keep asking to go higher level of supervison. Hand write a letter to the CEO of Frontier. Also, contact your PUC that regulates this as this is truly bait and switch marketing. Offer to assist in testimony if needed. If truely this is thier behavior then also get the h out of the contract. Hopefully, you have options and can get a great bundled rate from your last provider.

      • John Rogge

        Interesting that everyone replies about a month ago. The internet is slow at times but not that bad.

        • John Rogge

          I see they fixed that problem, now no date is listed.

  • phil

    Both services are a rip off. For the pricing they charge, Verizon just took channels away from me that were standard before in their Ultimate HD package, now you have to go to the Extreme package to get these channles back and yep you guessed more $$$$.

    I will soon go back to local channels and use an HD outdoor antenna. I’m feed up with their pricing and their total control on markets thanks to the pay off FCC.

  • Lucas Fricke

    The comcast Xfinity cable has been nothing but a waste of time for me. First when I signed my 10 month contract I was told nothing about the coming change to Xfinity. I ordered two Xfinity cable adapters, I received only one… After a struggle of being on hold and explaining my situation many times, I finally recieved the second box and connected them. I was not suprised to discover that only one box functioned correctly. Again after time on hold and a long conversation with a supervisor, I was told my signal for the third Xfinity adapter was not strong enough… Again I just want to be clear that Comcast has horrible customer service. After almost two months of weekly phone calls and countless minutes on hold, my Xfinity TV adapters all work. Now that saying that they work does not mean they are quality. The remotes are very basic, the signal goes in and out all in all comcast’s Xfinity is not worth the time or money as soon as my contract is up I am switching. Do not buy anything from comcast it is not worth the money nor is it quality. Also they have terrible customer service.

    • o

      i agreed, i’ve been with comcast over 5 years, and after they changed 48 analog channels to all digital, even i received digital adopter, my analog TV stop receiving all the local channels….also had a few digital channel missing.
      The technician came to to our house only twice in 6 months to fix the problem, and they hasn’t been able to figure it out what’s the problem. And they’ve blaming it to the building problem.
      How could it be the building problem, if everything were fine before Conmcast made any changes.

      Also, the customer service really bad, the operators has no patients, most of the time, they started to get aggravating over the phone. One of ’em got just pissed over the phone and he made an appointment technician coming into our house without asking us for a best day. Obviously, we weren’t home, so the technician couldn’t come in. But I thought it was ridiculous!

      Also, whenever they make an appointment for a technician visit, they usually a set time to 3 hours like between 11-2pm. These past 2 appointments I had, they both came to our house 1:55pm, the latest one was 1:57 pm. Ok, yes, they are at our house on time in between 11:00am -2pm but, it is also ridiculous that I’ve been waiting 3 hours in home just for them, but then they come in almost 3 hours and stat to working in our house? They are lucky that I have pretty patient and never went off on ’em. Literary, when you schedule technician visit, you’ll waste your 5 hours of your day.

      So I’m thinking to change my service finally, cos my favorite channel is missing in HD…and their customer service is very disappointing.

      But I don’t even know if Verizon is good after reading all the reviews….

      • James

        They probably cant understand a word you say.

      • DB

        I understand

  • SP

    I switched from Comcast after 5 years to FiOS – quality of TV and internet speed has been great for sure. I signed up a internet+tv bundle with two boxes (one SD and one HD) and was paying a total of $100 for over 2 years. I had to go out of the country on vacation for 6 weeks and I called them to ‘hold the services’ for that duration so I don’t have to pay… BIG MISTAKE! When they resumed the service after 6 weeks, I got a bill for $170. I didn’t notice it until after two months, as I’d set up auto pay and I don’t receive paper bills anymore. When I noticed the over charge and called them up they said they can’t put me back on the bundle pricing again and the new bundle pricing for the same services would be $115+taxes+rental for two boxes (which would be approx $140 per month). I spoke to 5 different people in the last two weeks but in vain. The rep I spoke to when I was going on vacation DID NOT MENTION that I would lose my bundle pricing if I request the services to be on hold. The rep I spoke to last week also confirmed that I would not lose the bundle pricing for ‘vacation service’. Bottom line, Verizon is now charging me $170 per month. What should I do? I’m thinking if I need to go back to Comcast now and take their $99 triple bundle offer…

  • Mark Riddix

    It’s interesting how so many people have so many different experiences.

    • James

      Michael Vick is doing an online review blog now? You really have changed…

  • chinedu

    i would pick comcast why because after 3 years my bill was 200 doallers just for tv only for basic so i swich to comcast and it had beter hd qualty then fios but that just my opinon

  • Carrie

    Yes I’m with Comcast, in fact 14yrs and they could give a fat rat’s but. They are making changes to TV, the boxes are huge, one TV will not work with the box (I can install them myself, 25yrs systems experience) they want to change me to send someone out for something I have already done. Our Internet went out when we were on vacation. It took sever calls to find someone who knew what a DSL modem and router are… stupid stupid people. I told them what was wrong, the cable line. The guy comes in and after doing what I did said it’s the cable line (coax). Being exhausted I didn’t check the line and box outside. Couple of days later I go out and the line is on top on the grass running behind the house down 6 houses to a box. The cable box on the house is open and exposed to the elements. My husband called today, it will take 6-8 weeks to bury the cable. This week between 5&8 they will check why our TVs are not working properly and why our internet drops which also drops our VOIP. Comcast is OTTTTTTA HERE!

  • pat borgert

    I have Comcast triple play. I experience ongoing telephone issues which Comcast technicians cannot resolve. Be aware that Comcast misrepresents its Package as a whole house package. It is not. I have the living room which gets 200 channels with a dvr which allows me to also get premium channels. My two bedrooms get only 79 channels, many of which are other language speaking channels. I was never told that these rooms would not also be digitally set up rooms. I now have found out I must buy dvr’s for all rooms to get the T.V. Preferred package I signed up for. Of course for additional charges. Finally I requested a wireless router (which they do furninsh for free, unless you need them to install it for an additional $120.00) they told me it would be here in 7-10 days. I finally received after 30 days. So anyone thinking of Comcast please beware.

  • Jack Reidy

    I had FIOS installed a couple of days ago. The installer was completely professional. He couldn’t have been nicer or better informed about the process.

    We’ve had Comcast for a couple of years since we purchased our HDTV. When the installer turned on the first HD channel for FIOS, my wife immediately said the picture wasn’t as good as it was with Comcast HD. I agree with her. There is a ‘sharpness’ missing from most of the HD channels on FIOS. The closest analogy is the quality difference between a DVD and a Blu-ray disk. It’s that apparent a difference.

    I know this is completely contrary to what the overwhelming number of customers are saying. Perhaps we have a substandard FIOS box. We also live just a few miles from a Comcast transmission center, so perhaps we’re getting a better signal than most subscribers. Our real test will be the NBC Sunday night football game. NBC sends out a terrific HD broadcast for their sunday game. We often comment on how the picture is razor sharp. We’ll see how the FIOS picture compares.

    Other than that, we’ve found the internet and home telephone service to be working well. I’m just surprised at our perception of the HD picture quality.

    • John Rogge

      Something is wrong, Make sure you are using the HD channels and not standard. Fios is true 1080i digital signal. If it is not sharp using an HD channel then something is wrong. Your TV should tell you what mode you are in 480i 720i or 1080i. My fios HD channel are 500 higher than the standard definition. So channel 3 would be 3 in standard def and 503 in HD.

  • GJW

    Guys (and of course gals), I am moving in January and very much appreciate this article,and all the comments.

  • AAA

    I’ve been a comcast customer for at least 10 years. Their user interface is the worst!!! Shows are hidden within multiple menus, after you watch a show, it kicks you out to another menu so you’re forced to find where you were to watch the next episode, the movie selection is horrible….I could go on and on. I was thinking about switching to Fios, but based on the feedback from those that have switched, I think I will stay put. Wish I had more choices.. :-(

  • John Rogge

    This Fios is great, I just downloaded Verizon Media Manger to my PC. It seached and found all my music and photos. I now watch them from my TVs. Amazing.

  • ts

    I’ve had Comcast for years – Beaverton OR. I’ve been happy with the service except for the increases in billing. We have Cable extended channels and internet. No phone or pay channels and are paying $104 + tax & it will be going up to $110 + tax.
    I wanted to try Frontier Fios – they are cheaper for 15/5 Internet, Phone and Prime HD TV together @ $89.99 (2 years) but you have to pay for the boxes which is an additional 3.99 5.99 or 15.99 a box. For us we opted for 3 boxes $13.97 (exact as curr Comcast boxes) which brings to $103.95. This is not much cheaper but you have phone. They added pay channels for the first year, so it is now better. After install we noticed some things:
    Cons –
    The internet is not faster for us.
    The tv guide channel and info for channels is missing unless you get the 5.99 box.
    Free movies/programs are much less than Comcast.
    HD doesnt happen w/o the $15.99 box, but this is the same with Comcast.
    Channels seem slower to load & again you will not know what channel you are on.
    BIGGEST ISSUE: They dig up the yard & drill a hole in your house to mount a box inside the garage to power the system. And put a large box on the outside of your house. BE AWARE of this & know where you want dig & box placement – if you want it professional looking & phished under the house or somewhere else – they consider this custom install; and, it will be powered by your electricity (although it is a small amount).
    FIOS seems cheaper overall (first 2yrs) if you have a printed list of channels with you and dont mind not knowing what’s on with a TV guide.
    Free movie package was huge and always can find something to watch – we can cancel Netflix.
    Phone is nice to have for emergency.
    Both companies have nice ppl and seem to be quick about responding. I suggest however calling ahead before the install to ensure what you were told is what you are receiving. The guy that came to our house was not accurate on everything.

  • Linda

    We’ve had FIOS for over 2 years. The initial price expired and we are now paying over $200 a month for telephone, internet and HD cable with movie package( HBO, Cinemax, Showtime). We have a DVR box, an HD box and 2 standard def converters. The picture is great along with the customer service. They even have an app that you can install on your computer to diagnose and fix problems with your cable boxes (used it last time there was a power failure to fix DVR box that would not change channels). I like everything but the price!

  • Allison

    I am starting the think that I could REALLY just eliminate cable altogether. I can use my mobile phone (and as a bonus – no solicitors call), have a mobile hotspot that hubs up to 5 devices for $50/month ( anyone?), and will go outside or read a book to relax. If there is a must-see game on, then I will plan to buy tickets or watch it at the sportsbar with friends and a cold draft brew. I’ll take my extra $200/month and do something much better with my time and money.

    Seriously. I used to have to wait to watch a show, which meant it had to be worth my time. Now I find myself vegging-out in front of the flatscreen and wondering why I didn’t get stuff done. Duh. I am so moving on.

  • Brenda

    I have FIOS and the price is very high. Paying over $300 a month but I bundle everything. I have four TVs with boxes. I am a few years from retirement and I care for my mom and aunt in my home. My complaint is the number of times I find myself on the phone trying to resolve issues with my service and because they require an act of congress to send a technician it has caused me a lot of stress. To diagnose the problem usually require me to manipulate, by moving, the TVs and boxes. In the process I have torn a rotator cuff and had other stress fractures. FIOS is not user friendly for the ellderly or physically handicapped.

  • Logan Sevier

    Does Fios have anything planned like the Xfinity iPad app seen here: ?

  • Zach

    If you are looking to get the most out of your TV, I would suggest taking a look at DISH Network. From my experience from working at DISH Network. DISH Network has the lowest all-digital prices nationwide. If you are looking for HD channels, DISH Network has the most HD channels in the industry.

    • ZachZombie

      Gee Zach, I saw your comments about DISH network and was wondering if you thought DISH network would be a good choice for people that don’t already have DISH network. Maybe your work for DISH network has given you an elevated sense of loyalty to DISH network. Does any of DISH make sense?


        That is the most funny thing I heard all day, DISH comment!

  • Keith

    So I transferred back from Comcast to Verizon FIOS last week. For months Comcast has been promising me multi room DVR, online scheduling. FIOS wouldn’t let me back because they said I had an outstanding balance from last year due to a contract breakage fee. That’s plain dumb. Lose a footprint of equipment for $100? I called the CEO of Verizon
    Ivan G. Seidenberg
    140 West St
    New York, NY 10007

    and got the Executive Support Center. They cleared things up n a day and had someone ensure my installation was clean and no issues. I am so happy to be back on FIOS! I needed to attach a wireless router to the FIOS router, and they had a specialist shoot out to me to fix everything, no charge. I am very impressed with FIOS now, they seemed to have upgraded customer service- Comcast on the other hand has nasty, crabby people working there who dont seem to give a crap. Bravo Ivan!!

  • Dominique

    I prefer Verizon. I had Verizon for one year and never had any issues. They called me a few times and left a VM telling me they didn’t have my full address because the bills they were sending me kept getting sent back to them. Apparently they forgot to add the B in my address for the apt I was in. Because of this, which I thought was no big deal since I paid on line, they offered me 3 months free HBO and Cinemax. Granted it takes forever to install Verizon I feel it is worth it. I could easily click on the weather gadget and get the weather right there on the spot and I had so many channels with my package. I am pretty sure that my price would have went up after my 1 year contract but depending on how much I was willing to pay. and if it was too much then I would have seen if I could get the price down. they have the best customer service I have ever experienced.

    I know have Comcast :-( because of where I live and I am so disappointed. Just about every month I get an error message on any channel from the 20’s up telling me that my channel will be available shortly or that I need to call Comcast because they have to reset my box. These error codes last for over an hour and it is very frustrating. I don’t get nearly as many channels as I did with Verizon. and I have yet to figure out why I have to pay for a sports package just so I can have Crime TV. Sine when was Crime TV a sports channel? The packages you have to buy just to get one channel is ridiculous. If there is something wrong and it is there fault you have to almost curse them out just to get them to accommodate you even though they know it was their fault. Initially when I scheduled to have them come in I did it for a Sat between 8 am and 2 pm (very large window and inconvenient). When the recording called me the day before to confirm the time they told me between 2 pm and 7 pm. wtf that is not what i asked for. So when I called them they said they had to change the time because they didn’t have enough staff for that day. was anyone going to call be ahead of time to make sure that was okay? so then I had to reschedule for the next Sat and the guy was like an hr or 2 late and they didn’t even call to let me know. When Verizon came to set my stuff up the guy called me and told me he would be 10 minutes late then when he was on his way he called me back to let me know. If Verizon ever comes to my area I will quickly switch back to them.

    If you are trying to make a decision please go with Verizon.

  • SpoonieJ

    Hello From White Plains MD I read every story and from reading these neither one is great. I have comcast and had a few issue for the past six year. don’t want to make this a long boring story, but comcast customer service is horrible you cant get anything done unless you are screaming in the phone and don’t let them off the hook until someone agree with you. I had phone problem, internet problem and cable problem. i have spent numerous of hours on the phone trying to resolved issue. The latest on was Feb 2011, i requested the Multi-room DVR, it took 3 visited from the Tech, a total of 11 hours on the phone and a completion of 8 days after i finally got the service working and on top of that i fixed it myself. here’s the kicker, they tried to charge me for repair service my bill went from $175 to $288.00. I called them and would not let them off the phone until they agree to fix the bill, here’s the funny part, when i went online to pay the bill instead of the corrected amount of $202.00, it show i had a credit of $6.38. WOW! I know how this work, so i will cal them and tell them they made a mistake AGAIN! and give me the correct bill, I dont want them coming back and give me a bill for two months. Bottom line they both have bad services. Like the guy stated early drop the TV and enjoy life from the TV. lose the tube.

  • AlekWekJunkie

    I have verizon, and so far so good, it just makes me mad that they don’t have certian HD channels (TV One and many other channels that are offere din HD), we are just now getting BET in HD when it’s been avail. for months. Also i wish they would be more forthcoming in their narrative descriptions of the shows (give an accurate year that the show was aired), sometimes they have allot of grammatical errors in their descriptions of programming which is not cute. Plus there are a SLEW of HD channels that aren’t useful (golfing, cooking, hunting, fishing, automotive). I wish the customers could pick the channels they wanted since we are after all paying for htem. The interent service is without complaints, the phone serv. is not bad, but at times i can’t make calls which i don’t get but overall i’m satisfied w/them.

    • Notmyemail

      You can not choose your channels individually with any company. This is due to the FCC. All cable companies wish that you could because they would actually make more money in the long run because they would not have to pay all the other channels.

  • AlekWekJunkie


    Sorry for the typos and a few grammatical issues :-)

  • Joe Wendling

    I am with Verizon although not for long. You talk about negotiating a deal with verizon Ha!!! My wife spent hours negotiating a deal . however when the bill came it was still full price. when we called to complain about it they sent me to phone number after phone number. I spent hours on the phone. Finally when I thretened to quit they sent me to a number where they negotiated a new deal. They assured me that I would get that price.
    So I had it installed. I even had them send me a comformation email. However the bill came, You guessed it still full price. I called again thy sent me aroud and around to numerous phone number. with no satisfaction.
    and they didn’t care about the comformation email. I never dealt with such a bunch of liars in my entire life!!

  • Keith Anderson

    I have AT&T Uverse and have had most of the issues people have mentioned with Comcast or Verizon. I think the important lesson here is that there is not a single, ethical, worthwhile content provider in the United States. And also, maybe because I am obsessive, tv doesn’t work for me. I want to watch a single series at a time; every episode in order from season one episode one until the end. I usually have to search between DVR, Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu to accomplish this goal, but even then sometimes it’s not possible. For example I can’t find The Mentalist season one episode one anywhere. I can request Netflix send the disks, but I can’t stream it or get it anywhere else. When will one of these idiot corporations provide real content on demand?

  • ray

    Transferred from Comcast to Verizon recently after Comcast said they wouldn’t continue the triple play after two years and the 99 a month fee. The Verizon guy was here all day installing. The HD picture isn’t nearly as good as what Comcast was. I’m having total configuration problems with wireless, to which Verizon says it is my issue, even though all worked well with Comcast. I’m getting ready to pull the plug on Verizon. They said there was a 30 day window where I could disconnect and not have to honor my 2 year mandatory contract. I will do it soon.

  • Considering going back to the stoneages over dealing with this

    I have Comcast for television/phone and Verizon for the internet (two separate bills, but with my living arrangement it makes sense). Both companies are crap, but unfortunately there isn’t a better alternative. I had to do a few month long dance with Comcast to get cable boxes that actually work because the ones they gave out were cheap. They even gave me one that was used before and smelled like cigarette smoke, it was disgusting. I think what ticks me off the most is that damn ‘Comcast News Makers’ that keeps interrupting CNN. No, I want to watch CNN, not that.

    As for Verizon? Not much better. The Internet quality is horrible. I told them I no longer wanted a phone line in my room because I don’t use dial up anymore. So they took out my phone, however I noticed a few months later I was still being charged for it??? Also, the internet cuts out CONSTANTLY. I’ve called them numerous times about it and they have yet to fix it. I’ve been hung up on, put on hold limbo, and sent a new modem I never ordered (and was charged for). I’m switching to comcast for everything soon just so I can cut back on the headaches I get from slamming my head on the wall every time I have to deal with either of these companies.

    In short? It’s kind of like politics; you’re screwed no matter which candidate you pick.

  • Dickie

    AT&T uverse is the best cable out today and Comcast is absoulte garbage!!

  • Camille

    Just got xfinity bundle, IT BLOWS!!!!! DVR doesn’t record the shows properly, they record with no sound and are very choppy. If I wanted to wait til next week to watch something that came on tonight, I wouldn’t need a damn DVR! Channels I should have read not authorized when I turn to them, when I fast forward or rewind live tv, it lags and chops up. FIOS is not available in my area. I just switched from Dish network but will be switching back if this problem is not resolved when the technician shows up. I’ve had satellite for 2 years and have never had picture quality problems like this, even with the rain or snow. Also the “500” channels are the same 40 channels on 3 stations and a bunch of foreign language channels.

  • painter33

    Here’s the problem – no competition to drive any of the cable companies to better products or service. With only a few national options and only lone single cable suppliers, there’s no incentive for Comcast, Cox, or any of the others to compete for your cable dollars, so they just provide a maelstrom of problems and let the individual customers try to navigate the solutions. Comcast, for example, had steadily raised my monthly cost without prior notice or explanation when I call them. Each time I call to reduce my bill, no matter what I order, something that was supposed to continue gets removed and forces me to call them again. The second cal fixes the first problem but creates a second one. A third call fixes the second….. No one ever knows what the previous agent has done so everything has to start over again. My main complaint, still, is the price jumps. I’d like to see genuine FCC and local utility oversight and an encouragement of market competition.

  • CommuterChan

    I had Comcast for years at my parent’s house and then at my apartment up until 2007. Picture quality was mediocre and constant problems with signal – the cable would go out almost monthly. Finally we switched to FIOS in 2008. I can say that Comcast has superior customer service but it didn’t matter because I NEVER had to contact Verizon. Perfect picture, never a problem with the signal or internet speed or strength. My bill with Comcast for their premium package (all movie channels, HD DVR in one room) was about $180 a month. With FIOS I now have multi room DVR, all movie channels and their highest speed internet, and my bill dropped to $160. A year ago they gave me a permanent “Good customer” discount bringing my bill down to $130 a month.

    We are moving this week and when I spoke to Comcast today they want to charge me $174.99 a month for the same services, plus tax, plus a $60 installation fee.

    I think we just might not have TV until FIOS rolls back into town.

  • Kristenf4

    Just got Comcast and recieved their triple play but through my property management was presented with a promotion with comcast. For $89.99 per month I get DVR, HD, HBO, Starz and over 250 channels plus over 10000 on demand. The promotion allowed me to not have to sign a 24 month term but instead a 12 month. In the 12 months they will not increase the price or take away HBO or starz like verizon does after 6 months. I get high speed internet and a home telephone. The guy also waived my activation fee. I had Fios for a couple of year and I hated it! It was always slow and the on demand would sometimes say their was an error and I would not be able to view my show or movie. Plus they have the worst on demand compared to comcast. Now I am able to watch so many shows and movies on comcasts on demand that I could with Fios. Although if after 12 months I couldnt negotiate some type of deal I would probably find something else since I have heard comcast makes you sign 24 months terms with payment increases. But I might still stay with them since it would be worth it even if it did cost more than fios.

  • Wheiser1

    my name is Bill Heiser and I work as a comcast customer sales rep and I have Verizon. My apt in middletown Del does not offer comcast. Verizon is not a bad product, so far we are happy with the service, the HD, the internet speed as well as the price, however comcast in the area that i work and sell comcast (Bucks County PA) simply offers more for less…and beside all that I am the new customer service rep…no longer do customers have to be put on hold or wait days to have a tech come to the house..with the new and improved Comcast in this area it is simply a no brainer to at least give comcast 30 days to play with the product (at no cost mind you) before you decide..all the best GO PHILS Bill Heiser CDMF 215 303 1737

    • Irishguy44

      Unfortunatley wheiser i live in bucks and have had problems with comcast for 6 years now. 6 techs in 14 days and could never schedule the next day it was always two to three days away, with the money comcast makes there should be no reason i cant get that day or the next. I’m switching to fios next week for $110 cheaper a month for 2 years with more channels and perks.

    • Hallfam7240

      bucks county comcast means your either at ivyland or off the blvd. i was a d2d winback rep. they only way comcast is better priced is through a winback rep. and in no way even with xfinity upgrades do they offer more than fios

  • Geraldine Rushton

    I have had Comcast previously and then Verizon FIOS because the offer sounded so good. Unfortunately, talking to Customer Service at Verizon makes one want to bang their head against a brick wall.
    I called (again) today with five questions. One of them being why can’t we get any written confirmation as to what we purchased. For example, we have the $9.99 television protection and for one and a half years, have been asking for something, anything, that will tell us what we are protected against. Service representative said “sorry, we can’t do that”. None of my questions were answered today.
    What I find somewhat humerous, is when you ask about cancellation – the reps are so willing to cancel you immediately. What happened to caring, customer service. I cannot wait until my time is up to go with someone else, probably Comcast again.
    Note: We have had static on our telephone line now for one month. Sometimes it is so bad, we have to hang up and use our cellphone. Ya think we’ll be reimbursed? Somehow doubt it! Verizon makes appointments and then does not show up. (and I am not taking when strike was in force).
    To end, I really think these customer service reps need to be trained better. If one calls five times, we get five different answers.
    I know I am jumping around, but I just got off the phone five minutes ago, and am quite frustrated.
    Very Dissatisfied Verizon Customer

    • Tony Hall

      hey geraldine unfortunately the only way to get anything in writing from verizon is if you sign up with a door to door rep or go to full service verizon wireless stores who sell fios at a kiosk.

      • Red Sweep

        I refused Verizon’s special triple play option until they sent me an email confirmation so I had proof of what I was getting and paying for. At first they refused.

        So I went to my Directv provider and I asked if they would give me a free HD upgrade since I had been with them for 10 years. They said OK but when I asked for an email confirmation that my rates would not change they refused.

        So I go back to Verizon and told them if they would not confirm my Vios package and price by email I would look for another provider (Comcast.) This time the lady at Verizon felt that to get me as a customer she would send me a confirmation and she did exactly that. I was happy, got an excellent rate for the Fios triple play package and an email confirming it. I’m glad I got the confirmation email because they stopped one of my channel packages the following month and when I emailed them my qoute they restored my premium channel.

        Moral of the story: if a rep qoutes you a package deal and price, ask for the email confirmation showing what they have told you orally.

  • u2good

    I agree with SpoonieJ and painter33. I have Comcast right now and my biggest complaint is the price jumps. Every year they tell you they’re changing something, I know I have to pay a few extra dollars for it. What really angered me was a problem I had with the cable internet. I called a technician over the phone, spent about an hour rerouting, plugging, unplugging, restarting, etc. and it didn’t work. They finally had to send out a tech who barely fixed the problem (he just restarted it) and left. System was working but still slow and occasionally dropping out. Then Comcast sends me a bill with an additional charge of $39.99 for the service call! How are you gonna charge me $40 because YOUR equipment isn’t working properly? I will call them soon, and if they don’t take it off I’ll pay it and then go to FIOS.

  • cablehater

    While reading about the prices that everyone is paying per month for these services I’ve realized that WE are the morons for actually paying it. I cant believe how overpriced this unneccesary garbage is! Everyone is in such a race to obtain “the best” these companies have to offer that nobody even cares that they never even took the time to perfect the old product. Some are speaking of their $200-$300+ Bills!?!? Why would anyone do this!? Just because some people have the money to spend on these so-called luxuries should’nt mean that they should be dumb enough to do so. The prices, and way below average service will never change because the people that are willing to put up with it never will never change…

  • Att Uverse

    This whole fiber optic wave has all these TV companies going nuts trying to out do each other which is good for us (the consumers). I learned though that Verizon and AT&T don’t compete with each other but I was very glad t have AT&T Uverse available in my last apartment. The service is beyond awesome. Customer service could use some improvement.

  • Notme37

    The worse choice I’ve made this year was to switch to Fios. I beg comcast to drop their prices so I can return to them!!! I cannot put in words how UN-pleased I am with Fios is so many ways. The newest being the change in their guide. Its useless if you can’t see it!!! The internet is so much slower then comcast, the voice mail is more user UN-friendly then comcast. There are many more reasons I want my comcast back. :(

  • Dbbronst

    Go with Comcast. I’ve had both, and based on my first experience with FIOS, I long for the days of Comcast. Consider my FIRST ever encounter with FIOS customer service:

    I had a seemingly simple request: for FIOS to send me the same 500 GB DVR upgrade that half the people on my block were getting emails about. I have not gotten the email, so I figured, no problem, just call FIOS and they should be able to send me the box or, failing that, at least send me the email, right? Is that asking too much?

    Apparently, yes. NONE of the three separate divisions I spoke with (sales, billing and tech support) could do that. One rep gave me two separate URLs that I could go to in order to sign up for the DVR, and when I told them the URL they gave me would not work, and asked them to go online with me and walk me through it, they could not!

    WTH?!? In ANY other encounter with customer service for any other company I’ve had dealings with, if you had a question about their web site, they go online with you and walk you through the process. How the heck do you guys not get how frustrating it is for customers when you can’t do this?

    Or simply generate a darn email??? You can’t do that???

    Also, I’ve had tech issues with my existing DVR. So customer support says they will send out a replacement OF MY OLD DVR! Huh?? I tell him., if I can scale the 500-foot wall of your company’s horrible customer support and somehow figure out how to get the 500 GB DVR, I’ll just have to replace the old one you’re about to send me. So how about you just send me the new 500 GB DVR instead? After all, I’m paying nearly $200 bucks a month for service–I think I deserve that basic level of support, don’t you? “Sorry, sir, that’s a different division. I can’t do that.” So he transfers me to billing. Guess what? “Sorry, sir, I don’t know anything about your level of service, terms of service, what type of DVR you’re supposed to have, so I can’t help you with that.”


    Congrats, FIOS. You are officially one and done–the MINUTE my first year of service is up, I am RIPPING OUT your equipment and going back to Comcast. Or maybe I’ll just start reading books more. A heck of a lot cheaper and infinitely less frustrating.

    • HelloKitten

      If you don’t get the email, don’t you think you’re not eligible for it?

  • Lenny

    This review is either slightly biased or misinformed. First, Xfinity is not offered in all Comcast territories, because the digital infrastructure has not been put in place yet. So, Xfinity is not delivered via the same old cable technology. Second, an independent testing firm rated Xfinity’s internet service as being faster than Fios. Third, Xfinity triple play package offers more on demand options than FIOS. FIOS does not include 195 channels in the basic triple play package. Finally, in price comparing, one should also consider equipment charges. FIOS is a bit more. I have had both services. I personally liked FIOS DVR service better. I liked the functionality of the guide and search function more. But, I love Xfinity’s Internet service, mobile products, and on demand options. I am also saving $30 a month for the same bundle of services (I have all the movie channels and upgraded Internet service.)

  • Jay

    I currently have verizon FIOS. and they have the worst installation process. They mess up something all the time.

    When they installed cable, the installers came late and rushed out without finishing installation. It was Friday afternoon. I had to call the customer service and finished the installation myself.
    When I added my home phone service on top of FIOS, they made a mistake on their system and disabled my FIOS service. Of course, phone service was not added either.
    Also, they overcharged about $400 over a few months, and later reimbursed the amount when I complained.

    The FOIS internet works fine, but go ahead and sign up for verizon if you have extra hours to deal with their customer department.

  • GoldenRedd

    Initially my Comcast service was terrible, so when FIOS came to my area I switched to the triple play for $99. What they don’t tell you is the DVR is $15 per month and each adaptor is $3.99 per month so that took my bill to $130.00 per month. After the 2 yrs my bill jumped to $154 and now it’s increasing to $164 per month. No premium channels, just basic cable, medium internet and phone. I asked Verizon to reduce the bill and they said NO that was the best deal they had.

    When they installed FIOS in my development they cut several of the Comcast lines so Comcast had to repair and replace many of their lines. My street was one of them.

    So after the high bill, I decided to switch back to Comcast for their double play at $89.95 (no contract) and leave the home phone with Verizon. Big mistake, Verizon turned all services off and now says I can only have FIOS home phone eventhough I don’t want FIOS home phone because you have to leave the service plugged into your electric outlet. I asked to convert back to regular coaxial copper phone service and was told it is not possible. Technical Support and the Elite Team says it is possible to switch back and they are tired of customer service telling people they have to stay with FIOS. I feel if I once had a regular coaxial copper line home phone service I should be able to return to the same service.

    Now after 2 weeks of trying to get a home phone reconnected I decided to leave Verizon and their high bill. Now they want to offer me the triple play for $136.98 with a promotional $300 Visa Prepaid Card to stay with FIOS.

    Verizon has lost me as a customer … it makes no sense that I have spent 5 days on the phone between billing, tech support, the Elite Team and customer service trying to get a home phone reconnected. Yet, I get a bill for $38 for a home phone I don’t have. Totally crazy! The quality of the picture looks the same, I only have 1 HD TV anyway.

    In my area, price wise … Comcast is the better deal when you look at the additional cost of the equipment. FIOS is too expensive especially when your contract ends the prices soar.

    • mike

      yes. apparently once they install fios, they will not reconnect the old copper lines. they do not disclose any of this when you order the fios service. i really hate verizon.

    • squarebomb

      Thanks for the heads up. I’m switching to Fios because Comcast has no long term customer loyalty either. After being with them for decades, it’s time to jump on the promo hunter bandwagon. But I’ll keep the copper lines in mind when I have them install Fios at my house. I’ll request to have it in writing that they will not in any way disturb the existing copper lines that goes through my house. Thanks again.

  • Bert

    Are you serious? Contracts with Comcast(Xfinity)? Jason Steele, you have to get your facts strait. With TV service, though it’s 80+ channels, and you saying with the base package of Verizon Fios having on demand, you also have to mention that Comcast offers “On Demand” and 95% of the content is free whereas, with Verizon Fios, most of the material has to be paid for.

    Contracts! with Comcast(Xfinity) you have to be kidding me. Comcast has never said a customer has to have a contract to have a certain price. Verizon Fios, when it first evolved, was locking people into contracts. Get ;your facts strait and know what you are talking about and also list the sources from whence you got this information!

    • Reggie

      Straight to the point. That’s the way to tell him, straight with no bs.

    • Dick

      I always reject replies from spelling and grammar illiterates. Can’t spell, can’t think?

    • Photocrazy

      I live in Vancouver WA, right now Comcast has 2 promotions going here. Comcast offers both with/without contract packages. Of course they offer several upgraded versions.

      Starter XF Triple Play
      $99.00 per month
      for the first 12 months
      Package Details:

      Over 80 digital channels.
      Thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows – on TV and streaming online.
      Download music, share photos, and stream video clips at super fast speeds.
      XFINITY is the fastest Internet provider in the nation according to PC Mag!
      Constant Guard™ – the most comprehensive online protection (a $360 value). Get Norton™ Security Suite and much more.
      Unlimited local and nationwide calling, voicemail and 12 popular calling features.
      Backed by the 30-Day Money-Back Comcast Customer Guarantee.

      Online Exclusive For New Customers
      Showtime and Stars Included for 24 months
      HD DVR Included For 12 Months
      200 Visa Prepaid Card
      Act Now Offer Ends 3/8/12

      $99.00 per month

      for the first 24 months
      with 2-year agreement


      Starter XF Triple Play

      Package Details:

      Over 80 digital channels.
      Thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows – on TV and streaming online.
      Download music, share photos, and stream video clips at super fast speeds.
      XFINITY is the fastest Internet provider in the nation according to PC Mag!
      Constant Guard™ – the most comprehensive online protection (a $360 value). Get Norton™ Security Suite and much more.
      Unlimited local and nationwide calling, voicemail and 12 popular calling features.
      Backed by the 30-Day Money-Back Comcast Customer Guarantee.

  • None

    I’m a comcast service rep and just for your information, this is very biased and comcast does not have any contracts. Also verizon customers do have problems with Verizon technicians coming out late for appointments. Please do your research properly

    • PL

      About the best you can say is that FIOS may sometimes be almost as bad as Comcast. Comcast service is AWFUL. Comcast technicians are never available right away – the appointment is always at least two days away. If the problem is the outside line, they won’t do anything except refer it to the line crews, who make no appointments. You just wait and hope they address it. I waited for two weeks. And the Comcast telephone reps are so laughably ill-equipped to solve problems that I sometimes wonder why they even bother to have them.

    • Sarahliquid

      They were at my house, tonight, there is a two year contract. They offer a $150 credit off the first few bills and if you cancel before the two years is up you have to pay back a portion of the $150. It goes down by $15 for each quarter you stay with them.

  • Mobisofttechnologyindia

    Thanks for providing such a wonderful news and information

  • Verizon

    VERIZON’s product is OK, but their customer service can be a nightmare. Since they went on strike, the customer service is horrible. They take hours to resolve an issue because the majority of the people are not trained or they are in a bad mood. Their staff ill-equip to handle questions. I thought Comcast was bad, but verizon’s service is worst. Just pray that something doesn’t go wrong.

  • Nola0328

    Actually in reading this there is some information that is incorrect. Comcast does not REQUIRE a contract and their triple plays start at $69.99. As for actual service,it trully depends are where you are located.

    • Sarahliquid

      They were just at my door. $89.99 for the Xfinity triple play, two year contract and it goes up to $109 after the first year.

  • Mitch

    Fios isn’t available in my area, I wish it was though… my parents have Fios and it blows away Comcast as far reception and reliability…. When I am visiting them, I see none of the screen freezing I get with Comcast…. like right now, I am trying to watch a show and it keeps going in and out…. I am seriously thinking of switching to Dish or Direct TV

    • Red Sweep

      I have Fios and I get that “screen freezing” on live broadcasts. It’s irritating especially when looking at live sports events like my favorite football games.

      But my sister-in-law also has this problem on free local over the air broadcasts. I don’t think it’s a problem with the service provider – There must be some kind of transmission problem originating at the source. I can’t figure it out. Maybe someone with tech experience can explain why live programs are doing this.

  • Adotstud

    I went to the NEW Verizon FiOS store in Wilmington at the concord mall because a co worker told me they saved her over $55 a month by re- bundling her services and giving her new equipment besides the first bill prorated fees they saved me over $60 I have the Verizon FiOS ultimate package which is thier biggest package and a DVR and 3 HD boxes, 35/35 Internet and phone I pay 150 a month, just last year for half of the quality and service I was pay $210 a month to Comcast. I have to say Comcast didn’t have terrible customer service but Verizon does, but because I’m saving Money and getting more for my money, and the young ladies at the FiOS store in concord mall are always a pleasure, the girl there even signed my 72 year old mother up for service and walked her threw using the the wireless Internet. If you don’t want to call 800 Verizon go to your local FiOS store. -Satisfied

  • Chrisd253

    fios is available in my neighborhood but not on my street because of splicing issues. they told me it’ll take 3 months to fix so i just upgraded my service with comcast.they gave me a new dcx3400 hd dvr , HBO , showtime,starz and cinemax,.2 free digital boxes for bedrooms,home phone and their highest speed internet for $165 a was on time install went smooth(had all my wires centrally located and labeled in my attic and wiring ,wall jacks etc on top of a cabinet in my washer closet) no problems at all so far,have had issues with comcast in the past but maybe they’ve stepped up their game,at least thats what i’ve noticed in my area (philly suburbs-lower bucks)

  • Kandk

    Wfinity sucks….don’t use it. Don’t waste your money. Its too hard to come by.

  • Troy Hines

    I have FiOS in Wa state, used to be Verizon, now it’s Frontier. What I have works fine, but adding movie channels has been a nightmare. Their website won’t let me do it. When I call, they can’t do it, they say I have to call Verizon. I call Verizon, they tell me to call Frontier. After 3 weeks of this nonsense, it looks like I have to go with Comcast, Direct TV, or The Dish network to get Showtime/HBO.

  • IGnatius T Foobar

    I’ve had Verizon FiOS for about two and a half years and it’s been an absolute dream. The cable company here (Cablevision) has a service that is comparatively terrible. So what they do is offer “switchers” a ludicrously low price for a year if they switch back; then they run negative ads about all of the customers who “tried FiOS and switched back” (implying that they didn’t like it).

    There’s nothing not to like about FiOS. It’s fast and it’s awesome.

  • TomT

    I just switched from Comcast to FIOS, and I find FIOS to be much, much better. First, perhaps it’s my imagination, but the picture quality on HD channels seems to be a little better than with Comcast. Second, although the various menus and guides can get a little busy, they are light years ahead of what you get with Comcast. Third, I have the 35/35 Internet package, and although I don’t expect those speeds, I’m consistently getting near 30, which is ten points higher than I get with Comcast.

    Granted, in two years, after my promotion ends, I’ll be faced with a higher bill, but that’s also the case with Comcast.

    • Vferguson1991

      when your two years are up , you can rebundle your plan to get the lowest price that they have for new customers

      • Pauauotaku

        That isn’t true. Why would they have you go up after 2 years just to force you to call back to lower it? And they have to pay the people that take your phone call, so if that was true your price would just never change.

      • Fazool

        I have Comcast and have tried several times to find out what deals they have for existing customers, and every time i was told nothing. One thing seems to be certain with both of these companies is that they don’t seem to care about existing/loyal customers, and only cater to giving the new customers the best deals.

        • HelloKitty

          The same thing happens to everyone else, not only just Verizon FiOS, but I bet you most companies do the same thing. The start you off very cheap to lure you in, then the price goes up, and when you’re an existing customer, you complain about the new customers getting new deals? Don’t be selfish, you received those deals, or different deals when you signed up, you can’t get everything or else this world would be perfect, and perfect is boring. If you think about it, if you have Verizon FiOS, and you’re one of those customers that had their price increase, after 1 year, they probably saved you $100-$200 for that year. Have you thanked them for it? No, you just keep expecting more.

        • Donna M Scala

          call and ask for the customer loyalty dept. they may not lower your bill ( mine did get lower by $10), but they will keep you at your current costs. i do this once a year when the rate is set to expire.
          I have not had a price increase in 5 years.

  • DonnaC

    FIOS, customer service, what customer service? I was on hold for over an hour yesterday and it wasn’t the first time. At least with Comcast, I was always able to get a live person on the phone right away. As far as those 195 basic channels go, several are duplicates often showing the same show at the same time or repeating the show on another station during the following time slot, many are infomercials, and shows no body would ever watch any way, lots are local channels that show scrolling school and town information like phone numbers. I agree the picture is a little sharper, but it often freezes during live broadcasts like sporting events. I could go on, but….

    • Not a fan of verizon

      So true, I had comcast cable for years, then I got duped into verizon triple play by a “sweet” young lady that rang my bell. She even gave me her phone # and email. I tried contacting her because I had a problem with my triple play bill. I was charged for something they said they would give me free. Her # and email were disconnected, what a surprise. I was told they hire temporary works during promotion blitz and give them temporary #’s, Be careful, next time someone rings your bell and tells you they are from Verizon. I am going back to comcast!!!

      • Apohopper

        I just had a Comcast “sweet” young lady ring my bell today and push the exact same thing! She has promised all kinds of things. Don’t love Verizon Fios but not willing to start all over to save a couple bucks. At least with Verizon my bill doesn’t jump up the next year.

  • Jack

    Throwing my hat into the ring…After having a $190.00 a month Verizon bill, I had enough. Plain and simple, I go with the lower price in this case. Some things change, and in this case Comcast did the right thing, they revamped their Customer service big time. I even decided to be a representative, because I wanted to see it for myself. Now if someone signs with me, they call me, not an 800 number, not telepromt hell, just me. Thats how its done. If you want any information you can call me. I am always available to help.

    • Andrea

      Comcast’s customer service is still as horrid as it was before. I called them when all of my services went down and expected at least to get decent service, but I was still on the phone trying to get in touch with a human for fifteen minutes and then placed on hold before finally chatting with a woman who was incredibly rude and useless just to find out I had to wait three days to get a technician out.


    • Andrea

      Comcast’s customer service is still as horrid as it was before. I called them when all of my services went down and expected at least to get decent service, but I was still on the phone trying to get in touch with a human for fifteen minutes and then placed on hold before finally chatting with a woman who was incredibly rude and useless just to find out I had to wait three days to get a technician out.


  • Anonymous

    Please this is no competition… Verizon FIOS is must better. From the installation to the actual product itself.

    • Not a fan of verizon

      does your family work for Verizon. Customer service is non existent and hate to say but dishonest.

      • guest

        You have GOT to mean Comcast. Comcast customer service doesn’t exist. It must be your area, usually comcast is WAY BEHIND Verizon in EVERYTHING.

        • George

          Sorry folks to tell you this but it is seriously situation specific. When you call customer service you’re not talking to mr comcast or mr verizon. You’re talking to an employee. I have spoken with many reps, some good and some bad on both sides of the line. How exactly is comcast behind verizon? Pretty general statement.

  • Melinda

    FIOS is OK at most. Their customer service is not bad…it is HORRIBLE. I have been charged for services I did not even agree too…and to make things worse I have to call in EVERY month to have my bill corrected. FIOS Customer Service does not exist…its one guy named peggy handling everything.

  • Hank

    I signed up for Verizon VIOS triple play in March only with the understanding I could put it on ‘vacation’ in May and resume service in October. No problem they said, BUT then when my first fall bill came it was no longer $79 dollars. The triple play was unbundled and the charges were over $200 per month. I’ve made multiple calls to Verizon customer service(it doesn’t exist-except in name). They tell me the ‘price guarantee’ no longer applies and I “should have been told that” when I put it on vacation. They say when I take it off vacation, they charge whatever the current rate is. None of the special rates apply. What a fraud. Never, never sign up for a bundled package. Keep your phone, internet an tv with seperate companies if at all possible. Oh yeah, and never with Verizon!

  • Aasdfasdfasdf

    Comcast is epic failed

  • Unhappy with Verizon

    Verzion customer service is very poor. They promise to take care of a problem and do not. They do not honor their promises. I have spent hours on the phone trying to resolve a problem with my triple play. They are great for New customers, offer you everything, once you sign good luck getting someone to respond. advice: if you ever have a representative in your home, get their card, at least you will have someone to contact. Learning the hard way.

    • Jjomama

      I think you mean “Comcast triple play”, because Comcast advertises under “Triple Play”, not verizon. I had Verizon where I previously used, I droped comcast for it, it was wonderful, now I’m stuck with comcast again, and it’s horrible. Just horrible. Comcast needs to be boycotted, it’s a rather large shame that so many people supported the internet blackout for obvious reasons, but they turn around and vicariously support companies like comcast, who were in support of pipa/sopa, while verizon, with some actual integrity, did not support pipa/sopa.

      • Pauzuotaku

        Comcast doesn’t support sopa/pipa. Baseless claim.

      • Pauzuotaku

        Comcast doesn’t support sopa/pipa. Baseless claim.

    • Pauzuotaku

      Even after getting their card they don’t answer the phone.

  • damien

    anyone who wants more information about the xfinity 89.99 triple play call damien at (209)451-6425

  • paul

    If you have this Verzion product, ATT, or Dish I will bet I can lower your bill and give you more for your dollar. 860-333-7976 Paul

  • Sunflower

    Based on these comments it seems to me that both these services suck. Worthless pieces of crap. I have Comcast or Xfinity whatever you wanna call themselves now, and the channels don’t work, they come in pixelated and unwatchable, and when they do work on a good day the pixels come and go every 5-8 mins. It sucks we have to put up with these companies ripping us off with their poor service, lies, and fraud.

    • woody

      You have Comcast and you say they suck..You have never had Fios and say they suck too. Makes alot of sense

  • Sbc5

    This information is not correct. First off Comcast has had fiber optics for over 10 years on their lines. The difference is that fiber optics goes to the street lines, and then coaxial cable goes from the poles to the house. This significantly reduces the installation costs and time and is more economical. Also the issues with interference have dramatically been reduced on coaxial because its now double coated. Plus FiOS still uses coaxial to connect to the units because all of the units use coaxial analogue signal. 2nd off, Comcast does provide pricing w/o contracts and guaranteed prices. The 3rd thing is that Comcast has significantly more On-Demand. By comparison its over 80,000 choices to watch, and its free. FiOS has just under 25,000 OnDemand choices and has slightly more limited programming. 4th, In terms of outages, It is true that they have bad lines in certain areas, especially areas where they recently (last 5 years) have acquired the lines from other cable companies and are still in the process of upgrading the lines (like old Adelphia areas). Speed with Comcast or FiOS internet has pretty much nothing nothing to do with fiber optics, and more to do with how their nodes are split up in the neighborhood

    • Pauzuotaku

      I agree completely. Another piece of misinformation on this article is that you need internet for the phone. This is not true.


    I am using Comcast. I am from an Asian country. Compared with my previous service in my country, the service here is worst, slow, expensive, and no responsibility on interrupted service. I cannot be conntected my email servers in my country suddenly, but nobody can solve this problem. My servers, though, can be connected at my school or Starbucks. I was surprised by several unexpected bills at the first a few months. I try to move the internet service, but I found that the phone number cannot be kept. I think that many people here are slaves of big monopoly internet company.

  • Not saying

    Comcast sucked until xfinity it was much more better the internet can go to 100mbs depending on the package televison you can watch on your ipad iphone ipod and laptop for no additional cast thats why i enjoy xfinity more then fios

  • Dno1acman

    I have just been going through a most disturbing time with Comcast, after using them in 2 states Ga., and Fl, I still do not understand how lazy their Reps can actually be. I was timing my release of another service providers contract down to the exact day and ordered an upgrade on my triple play to Xfinity Hd TV. I have been using the basics and now I finally purchased a 50″ LG LED 3-D
    with all the toys and hook-ups. Received the Box on the 6th of Mar. 8 days after placing the order.
    Now nothing works. Not on the older SD TV’s nor on the new LG. It is a rarity to get what one asks for these days from any Service Provider. It’s like the world Of service, referring only to those comglomorites like the one I just mentioned, can feel anything for the regular hard working guy that just wants what he pays for. Media, Ha, what a joke. The world is definately warped. lol.

  • Darklotus30

    What bull Comcast does not require a contract but Verizon does. Get all the information before you right this crap. Also I will gladly pay more for faster internet. Fiber optics was big talk in the 90’s but the cable line still surpasses it with speed. Comcast for the win. I am a gamer and know many who use Fios and have lag issues that are not present on Comcast.

    • HelloKitty

      Verizon does NOT require a contract, you have a choice on whether to do a 2-year contract or no contract, and you get to have it for the same discounted price for 2 years, or one year, then up $10 more without a contract. The speed of the internet is depending on your location, and how far the central office is. I have the lowest speed offered with FiOS and I can play HD games, and get connected to my 360 as well as having 2 laptops on the web. No lagging. At least the prices don’t change monthly with FiOS, and the channels are ridiculous, you’ll have the lowest package offered for TV, and you’ll still have more than 100 channels.


      you could not be more WRONG!!! Fiber technology has come light years since the 90’s you tard! Why do you think govt. and big buisnesses no longer use copper at all? Fiber does it all (video, audio, and control) over two single pieces. you would need several pieces of copper to do what fiber does… Also lets not mention security you moron. Anyone can tap into a piece of copper and see and hear anything you are doing. It is impossible to tap fiber. Keep sitting infront of your XBOX and never learn anything again…

  • XLR

    After two years of having Verizon FIOS I could never imagine going back to Comcast. When I go to my mothers home (Which doesn’t offer FIOS) I realize what a train wreck Comcast’s STB software is. Just plain ugly for a company of that size. …And FIOS has the same STB and you would never no it if you compared menu systems. Shame on Comcast for not investing a small about of their insane profit to provide a better experience. It’s really sad when Comcast had to rebrand their company service due to poor consumer confidence. My FIOS picture quality is superior to my neighbors with Comcast. (Most have switched to FIOS now after our image shootout) Further more, I have never worked for either company, just a neutral observation from a professionally trained eye within the video/film industry for 35 years.

  • Mikestollov

    Fios wins every time. Comcast’s “HD” is over compressed, blocky & jerky, with poor resolution. It’s “HD” only in that you get to see all the digital artifcats in 1080p. When I first saw Fios I thought I was watching their HD channels but it was actually their SD channel. Their normal channels were almost as good as Comcast’s “Hi Def”. Fios HD is pin sharp, Comcast’s is just UGLY. I can’t impress upon yopu how much I was stunned to see the difference. I ditched Comcast that week.

    I also pay a LOT LESS than Comcast. In fact I get the Fios TV/Phone/Internet bundle & yet pay $15 less a month than Comcast’s TV/Internet (ie, no phone). Got that? $15 a month LESS for better TV/Internet & I get a home phone (another saving of $50/month).

    Fios Internet connecton speeds are also far superior. Comcast’s claimed speeds are a joke, sure they claim really good maximum speeds, but this is the very best you’ll see, like at 3am. In reality you’ll see a lot less, usually around 50% of the claimed maximum & upload speed is always poor. In practice I’ve found Fios to be around 90% of claimed Max Speed, being pretty consistent during the day & upload is matched by download speed which is really impressive.

    Finally we get a lot of power failures here in Winter due to trees hitting power lines. Comcast goes off air because they don’t provide backup for ther line amplifiers (the ones in the street NOT your home). So if you’ve got a generator (like I have) your TV, Internet & phone (if you have cable phone) still doesn’t work. The TV I can live without, but the phone??? During a bad storm may be when you call 911 so if your phone is not working it is a HUGE problem. I’ve had one power failure here so far this year & yet Fios kept working, so I could watch TV, cruise the internet & make phone calls without a problem.

    Game over, Comcast can go F itself with it’s crappy service, can’t give a toss “customer care” & ever increasing prices….& I mean “ever increasing”. It would take a lot for me to give up Fios & if I did I wouldn’t return to Comcast.

  • Geraldhulett1186

    I never had Verizon but I do have Comcast , xfinity whatever they are calling themselves these days. From my own personal experience Comcast is some do-do..The channels go out and on demand isn’t working at all as I type this. Let’s not talk about customer service. Hands down, one of the worst I have ever experienced in my life. I’m not exaggerating either. I called to have service transferred and they transferred it but tried to charge me an arm and a leg. My bill was 250.00 plus taxes and here is the kicker they tried to charge me for installation twice. They said that the tech had to hook up my cable and internet that is why they charged me twice for installation…Hahaha what!!!!!! I had to remind them that the cable and internet are running off the same line so get out of here with that cornball lie.

    Wait it gets better!!! My house was remodeled so one tech came out and said he couldn’t do the installlation because he didn’t have permission to drill a hole somewhere….Duh clown, this is my house!!!!!! Comcast tech and customer service are terrible , no horrible…All they do is lie and try to up t up the prices on their service and play dumb when you figure them out…smh……

    • yeah i said it

      Cable and internet are two separate products regardless if they run off the same line. Why the hell would there not be an extra charge. It obviously would take longer for the tech to hook up two services as compared to one. Time is money.

  • Hcrowley1

    All I can say is Comcast needs help, and I mean HELP! They are awful, all the reviews about the tech’s and customer service are true. They have been to my house no less than 10 times since I moved into my new home to resolve an issue with the telephone. I still drop calls often and do not get incoming calls. If you have a choice, Verizon is the way to go for sure!

  • Jubsonly

    Comcast is a horrible.. My screen blacks out every five min.They told me they need to come out and put a signal booster in my house when they already did that when the previous homeowners had it put it about 2 years ago.They told me that it must be a problem with my box. Well now i have been through 3 on my main tv and my other tv’s i have just given up on. I have no bundled and no contract plans and still my bill seems to go 5 to 10 dollars up every 3 to 4 months. Every time i call them they are rude and dont care about what i have to say. I even had one of them tell me to just cancel them if they give me so many problems and that they dont care. I had a scheduled appt. one time and my wife had to come home early from work to be home for it. Thats fine but they never even showed up and when i called them they told me that they cancelled the appt. I had just talked to someone the day before about confirming my appt. I can tell you verizon is better because it dont get no worse than comcast. By the way changing your name to xfinity doesnt make them any better they are still comcast. If you ask me the name change was just to compete because verizon has a cool name with Fios. How about instead of changing your name to something cooler fix your horrible problems within your product and customer service.

  • Merkmama

    Any company that provides service without lying through their teeth would be my choice, but that choice does not exist.

  • TheyAllSuck

    I am considering FIOS after a horrible Comcast customer service experience. I do have to say that my internet FINALLY works and hasn’t blacked out – but I was not happy to fight over a lousy $50 credit for the seven months of Comcast hell they put me through. I am not a fan of Verizon, but I am more disgusted with Comcast. Comcast offers crap to existing customers – not making it appealing to upgrade any services.

  • Jwhibley

    Let’s compare total price what does both charge for say 3 tv dvr on demand / phone / internet? I’m currently paying a total of 212.00 for comcast. What does VF charge?

    • Brig

      I was paying $212 a month for Comcast, and I just switched to Verizon, same package, for $170 a month. We shall see….

      • Jwhibley

        Thanks Brig. Personally, I have no hate for comcast. Although they use to be horrible service to us. However, I haven’t had a problem in 2 years I think. The only problem I’m getting it seems like that my price goes up and up and my channels go down. I’m seriously considering switching mainly because of the cost. I just don’t want to get caught paying as much or more for making a switch because of not being told of hidden cost.
        I just been told that I wouldn’t be paying for the 911 by the verizon agent, yet I’m finding that not to be true, hmm

  • Prakus

    Honestly…..they both are way over priced and they both have lousy customer service, verizon likes to shuffle you’re call from person to person and that pissed me of enough times that I’m going with comcast now…eff em

    • julieann72

      Before it became Verizon, Bell Atlantic used to cross-train their employees. When that stopped customer service went down the tubes, especially when they began outsourcing to foreign countries where the reps read scripts. They can speak the English language but cannot comprehend it. Companies that put their customers and employees first are the bigger winners. Companies that put their investors ahead of their customers and employees are the biggest losers.

  • Michaeljohnkessel

    I have verizon FIOS wired to my house and goes down the power lines which are on my property to the houses/camps on the lake . I have fios computer and telephone and was told when they were installing it that the tv would be available to me in a short time and they signed me at verizon for direct tv and it has been approx 5 years since then . When i call about getting fios tv verizon says my town has to sign a contract to get it . They only wired about 25 houses in my town with the fios and the other 3000 to 5000 people do not have the fiber optic wired to their houses. The one that do have optic are being refused by verizon to get the television and whats more they are refusing to make it available for the whole town. I keep getting some person saying the tv is not available at my house , but the verizon man said if i have fiber optic at my house it is only a matter of turning on , so to speak , the tv portion. I think verizon sucks because they mess with customers and there is ‘nothing’ a customer can do about it because you cannot talk to anyone except for people who do not know what they are talking about.

  • Irritated with Verizon

    Verizon is hideously unusable. Try finding their movie listings. Impossible through their website. AND THEN you have to sign in (!! don’t they want the geenral public to be able to browse their offerings to help them decide that Fios is – or isn’t – the service they want????) Setting / resetting passwords has many layers of authentication, followed by the promise to phone in a temporary PIN. That never comes. If you are considering Verizon Fios, pick something else.

    • Pizanojose5

      Sike Verizon is the best bitch

  • almondhead1

    I dont know why my comment was not approved but it is the truth comcast are thieves andif they can’t stand to here the truth,then they should’nt have asked….

  • shubee

    Customer Support:
    Wait time: Comcast – 2 mins, Verizon – gave up twice after 30 mins.
    When switching to FiOS they lied telling me that since I’m their customer copper phone line will stay, no VoIP, but the battery was the first thing they installed (you loose your phone connection after 8 hours of no power, and you have 24/7 hog on your electric circuits)
    Some FiOS TV options, like Subscribed, just don’t work.
    FiOS bills is unreadable.

  • Falana

    I have had Comcast for 17 years. I do pay a price of $179.00, with fees, taxes the whole ball of wax is $202. I have the top tier. I do not have 3d.
    Anyroom DVR, with2 TVs hooked. I have never really lost my service unless there was a power outage I have had a few glitches with DVR and on demand. I call customer service with usually a few minutes wait. I talk to Americans and the problem is fixed with that call. They did overbook when installing anyroom DVR and I was credited $25. I read about the terrible customer service and have to say here in W PA that is not usually an issue. I have no comparison on picture quality but I have a great TV and enjoy my viewing.
    Everytime I think about going with Direct TV I hear stories of problems.
    Fios is not available in my area.
    Comcast customers might want to contact Customer loyalty

  • Choice is good

    From my own run in with FiOS and Comcast, I can tell you that FiOS does have a clearer picture. This is due to a newer network vs an aged Comcast network. Comcast also uses fiber optics. They just don’t run it to your home. They run fiber to nodes that transition it to coaxial and then use amplifiers to keep the signal up down the cascade of taps.This is known as an HFC network. Now as far as internet goes, Comcast was named the fastest ISP of 2011 by did a test of all internet providers nationwide and Verizon actually ended up in 6th. Fiber is cool and all, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be the fastest. Comcasts customer service has had a change. It has gotten better but it isn’t perfect. From what I have been told by a lot of people is Verizons customer service is far worse. Plus the days until completion on a Verizon call is roughly 10-14 days. Comcast is currently at 2-4 days. Phone service is a whole different card to pull. Comcast is gaining ground and looking to try and take the top notch on that as well. They are the largest cable and internet provider in the nation. Its just a matter of time before they reach that status on phone too. I have Comcasts phone and have no issues. I have their triple play actually and it all works fine. My parents have had the triple play longer than me and this is after being faithful Verizon customers for 17+ years. All in all, its going to vary from person to person. Best bet is to try both out. Comcast has a 30 money back guarantee so you get 30 days to try it and if you don’t like it, give it back.

  • Rosemary

    Customer service at Verizon is a nightmare for me. One person promised you something. When you realized that Verizon did not keep that promise and called back, they told you unfortunately that is the way it should be. The promise is nothing!

  • WhatWhat

    Hey, I live in Maryland, DC, Va region. Bad service is a theme of the region. It must have taken me a week to get my Verizon phone service turned off. Some Vz people just hung up on me. Now it has been a month trying to get a Comcast phone. People running the web service at Comcast act like they don’t know the web site deals. The phone techs don’t show and then report you as a no show. Typical New Dehli, NYC, DC Manilla, stuff. That’s the way it is. Even my doctor’s office screws things up and sends bill for collections after charging the insurance provider. What do you do? Try turning off the TV service for two months every time there is a problem. BTW, Comcast is not very good if you live in an apartment. Sometimes you have the entire cable and most times you share with everyone else. Why do people have to mess up things to have more work? If things are too bad, switch service. Ok, here is what you do. Randomly call in to dispute bulls. Always claim a deal that the technician told you about. Hang up and blame it on bad cell service. Join the club.

    • Nik Bertino

      It’s people like you that get employees in trouble if they did disclose everything. If I was your customer and said untruthful things about you that caused your job to be in jeopardy–how would you feel?

      • Whatwhat

        Nik, where do you live? It’s pretty much known here that if people are hating and lying on you all the time that is an indication that you are doing something well. People see through obvious “untruthful things.” A lot of people hate Microsoft and we all know that they are good. Don’t worry, be happy!

        • Nik Bertino

          PA. I like the last comment about Microsoft. Just in my line of business if it’s my word against a customer’s–the usual maxim is that the customer is always right when in most cases they may not be.

  • Stuntman Mike

    Comcasts’ internet speeds are a complete joke. I have never had better than 5mbs and they supposedly claim to rate at 25? Laughable. I live in Sarasota, FL so it is not like I am 50 miles from a McDonalds and I have a single family home in a centrally located neighborhood. My bill jumped 30 per month and when I asked why the price went up I was told “We typically raise our rates twice a year…..” and that was it. I was able to nab FiOS for an average of 122 a month after taxes and fees, no DVRs with an Extreme channel lineup. I paid almost 185 after taxes and fees with Xfinity. Almost 700 a year cheaper. Maybe it was because my home was wired when I moved in.

  • Mikemaj1

    I have used both of them. My Opinion is that FIOS has the best product in the market. Their technology is far superior then that of XFINITY. Comcast’s TV Guide is annoying with Commercials and their Menu is boring. However, having said that, Verizon has the most terrible Billing System. After disconnecting them, it took me 4 months to settle the final bill. I had paid them in advance and they were looking at me to pay them after the disconnection. It took a complaint to FTC, BBB and the highest management to resolve my issues. On the other hand, Comcast in my area has a reputation for terrible Customer Service. They are now working on it and are probably improving. Although, FIOS is not cheap, I would still go with them for Product Quality.

  • Alan Einhorn

    JJason, you’re right on about Verizon being the better overall provider, particularly with their fios service. It’s far superior to Comcast. Comcast can’t compete with them as far as picture quality is concerned. I think that when Comcast decided to rename their tv experience Xfinity it was out of desperation that they were losing customers to Verizon. They wanted potential customers to think that they were offering them something new, but really they were just providing with the same mediocre cable experience when compared to Verizon.

  • Kadem622

    Nobody seems to even know what they are talking about on these stupid reviews I am reading. Fios nor Comcast even broadcasts in 1080P period.1080i is as good as it gets. How do I know? I work for Comcast and my friend is a FIOS installer. And then for those that say oh I switched from Comcast to Verizon and my bill is cheaper. Well duh of course its going to be cheaper you are getting a new customer rate which is an introductory price which of course will eventually go to a normal rate which will be much higher. The term we use in the industry for these bargain hunters are “promo hoppers”. And hey, it goes both ways. I am not downing Comcast and I am not dowing Verizon. I think both products are good. Your gonna see mixed reviews no matter what topic your speaking of. Cable, cars,music albums,etc. Comcast does have 24/7 customer service, good luck getting that with Verizon. Xfinity represents changes made within the companys product line. More HD content, more ON DEMAND choices, newly added multi-cultural channels. And just like any business you are going to have good customer service experiences and bad customer service experiences depending upon the person you speak with. You also have moron customers who say the customer service is bad simply because they are cheap skates and dont want to pay for extra premium channels when they want them, therefore if someone calls and says I want free hbo and the rep says no I dont have it for free but I have it on promotion for 10.00….suddenly its “poor customer service” to them because they are a tight wad. NEWS FLASH: companies are in business to make money, not give away the house.

    • Chrispeck765

      Ha nobody knows what they are talking about, really? Considering your buddy works for verizon then you should know that our picture quality is in 1080I and comcast is in 720p, not only that but comcast is on a shared network, each family shares their internet with the rest of the neighborhood, with fios you only share the internet within your home and our speeds go to 150 mps, yours a measly 15 haha, technology is advancing rapidly and fios is moving it along, if comcast doesn’t improve itself( which it really can’t considering they use copper and not fiber optics) then they are doomed to bankruptcy extremely soon…

      • RobL

        What’s the difference? It all goes to copper once it enters your house…

        • Bartybart

          The difference is fios is the speed you ordered to your door and is not effected by the amount of other demands like cable. Cable speed is based on traffic. In other words FIOS speed is not affected by traffic while cable speed is determined by the amount of requests at any given time.

      • luckey

        you are right Mr Chris i worked with Comcast

        and Verizon is 100 % better at speed and everything :)

        • julieann72

          I think it depends on where you live. I live in a building where I have always had Comcast high speed. These others are hitting it up on the FiOS bandwagon and all I ever hear about is complaints. The CO (central office) is quite a distance and plays a huge part of why service is not what they expected. As a matter of fact, my neighbor and I decided to have a race on downlods and uploads to prove a point. I WON…I mean, Comast won!! The problem is that they figured they were paying far cheaper for similar service when in fact they were getting the lowest service possible from FiOS. I am still on the same service with Comcast as I have been for 13 years even before it was Comcast (high speed cable was formally @Home Suburban). In fact, the Verizon CO in the next town over is closer (1 mile) to where I live but the CO for this area of town is located 2 1/2 miles away. Having worked for Verizon (formally Bell Atlantic) I kn ow where the CO offices operate for the surrounding areas. I used to manage tech support for the 3 stacks.

      • Average Joe

        Firstly, you are right; Comcast doesn’t deliver 1080i but 1080p where “i” is interlaced and “p” is progressive . The HD TV I watch clearly says 1080p.

        I have Comcast and though Comcast is a shared network and let it be known that at the street hub both companies use a coax and fiber optic-hybrid technology. The only difference is from curb to house where FIOS is fiber optics and Comcast is copper but within the house it’s all copper and therefore impedance for both services. I have always had consistent speeds and never notice the shared network mentality that people claim. For FIOS to be completely fiber optics they would be out of business due to how expensive the technology is.

        Comcast now reaches a 305 mb/s speed tier which is faster than FIOS’ 150 and showing your lack of knowledge, FIOS is up to 300 mb/s but Comcast is still faster.

        Please be a bit more educated in your responses. Comcast will not go into bankruptcy per they are going to be providing more quality services with an internet/cable hybrid content watching all the while procuring content and being credited along with having NBCUniversals catalogue of content instead of renting and paying retrans fees. Verizon innovated with DSL, Comcast overcame with cable, Verizon introduced FIOS and the pattern only goes to show they’ll trump Verizon again which is not to say they’re behind. Look at the footprint of Comcast to all other providers and one’ll see Comcast is the largest cable, internet and most likely media conglomerate.

        Respectfully Speaking,
        Average Joe

    • McBowflex

      You are right about people bitching about a service no matter what. FiOS internet, however, is far superior to any other provider out there. Hands down. There is not another ISP out there that can offer Verizon’s top tier package of 300Mbps download, and 65 Mbps upload. Docsis 3.0 may be capable of download speeds in the 300 Mbps range, but are the cable operators networks capable of it? I highly doubt it. Having worked for a cable company in the past, and I may or may not be a Verizon employee now, the network that Verizon has to offer is far superior to any other offering out there. I can also tell you that the amount of dispatches that are required on a Fiber network compared to a coax and or hybrid fiber coax network are miniscule in comparison. Fiber optics are simply far more reliable. I rarely hear about signal issues in a fiber network. I did however hear constantly about modems dropping offline on a coax network from simple weather changes. As far as picture quality, I believe that FiOS takes the cake due to the amount of bandwidth available on the network to deliver that picture to the STB. As far as phone goes. When you’re on FiOS your dealing with a company that was divested from the original phone company. The one who started it all.

  • Davescott17

    Verizon and Comcast have the same damn poor customer service across seas, Both rates go up over 200.00 bucks, and fios is faster. If you are going to get fucked by either cable internet companies mine as well be fios for it’s faster 40 mbps!!!

    • Davescott17

      Even if you had dial up, you would get fucked over after a year contract. It’s called GREED PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • peppy

    Verizon FiOS TV is great as long as you don’t have aby Cisco equipment. It’s junk. Audio and skipping issues. And NO ONE Verizon can’t fix it!!

  • very-rip-off

    Verizon most expensive! After their promotional offer be prepared to pay more than what Comcast offers.

    • rico

      There’s a reason why you pay more!

  • Mgarman

    I am mainly reading this to decide between Verizon vs Comcast for phone and Internet.
    I have had Direct TV Television service for many many years and absolutely love it.
    Their service has always been one of their strong points.For example,one of my High Def DVR’S just crashed..Hey, I got put through to a tech right away and I know it’s promotional public relations but they made a big deal of me being a long time “valued”customer and sent me out a newer state of the art one over night for free.When I got it they walked me through the set up and I learned how to do a few things I didn’t know could be done.
    You do occasionally get interrupted during heavy storms but my Comcast used to go down at least as much.[That’s when I use my DVR].

  • Sleepbeachcindy

    I would like to know why verizon does not have the same episodes on demand as fast as comcast has them? Sometimes the newest episodes disapear faster than the older ones. we watched out masterchef at my house on comcast 3 days ago and verizon still does not have it listed past july 2 or 3 .

  • squarebomb

    Wonder why my comment wasn’t approved. Anyway, I’m switching over to Fios after being a Comcast customer for couple of decades. I can’t believe that after being a customer for so long, I get treated like garbage only for inquiring if I could get a better rate than what I’m currently paying. Anyway, I will have to join the promo surfers club in order to get decent pricing for cable nowadays. I would have stayed with Comcast if they employ people who actually understand their customers and who sees their most loyal customers as a secured source of revenue. Thank God, Fios is available in our area. My two brother-in-laws have been using Fios for more than a year with no problems so I think I’m ready to switch. We also have Fios at our family restaurant now so I’ll see Comcast again when Verizon decides to jack the rate unreasonably. I have friends who actually work for Comcast but their technicians and could help me with my Comcast problems.

  • Sleepbeachcindy

    Well Verizon , here we go again! I love my reality shows , Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. I didn’t get a chance to watch Master Chef due to a tv show conflict so I watched Hell’s Kitchen and waited on Master Chef I reviewed the on demand section a few days later and Hell’s Kitchen had both July 23 and July 24 which i had already seen, so i went to master chef and they only had the 23rd so we watched that and waited and waited still waiting for the 24th to show up. as of this am the 24th is still not there and the 23rd has disappeared now but the 2nd and so on r still there!! Comcast is better for on demand and their guide is better and easier to use that verizon This is awful yes the price for the 3 package bundle with verizon is cheaper than the 1 i had at my apartment for the 2 bundle with comcast but i had more channels and the guide was a breeze. What happens now? who knows anyone else with the same issues?

    • Amazed and P’d Off

      Verizon raised the price for telephone of $5.00, but the worst part the notice of the increase was on page 3 of the bill. I consider that a deceptive practice.Comcast sends separate noifications of price increases.

  • Pizanojose5

    Verizon is way better than Comcast they suck my cousin has xfinity and his Internet is down So much if you want to get the best u need to get fios

    • Tigin

      Other way around. Nothing is perfect. Comcast is a good company with excellent service and a fantastic product. Unlike their right wing “competitor”

      • Chad Brock

        No he’s right Comcast blows….

      • Johnbrown012

        Comcast is the worst. They will continue to raise your bill, then when you call to complain, they lower your price a few bucks but don’t tell you they slow down your internet speed by demoting you to a lower service. $170 for internet and HD cable with no premium channels and no phone? Are you kidding me!!! Even the Comcast customer service rep was shocked and thought that was a rip-off. It was all a part of their ploy to get me to sign up for their Triple Play® as an attempt to put the hurt on Verizon by taking their telephone business. Wonder why Comcast has lost over 400,000 customers in the last few years? I’d rather have the channels that come in over the air with a rabbit ears antenna and dial up internet then give another dime to Comcast EVER! They’ve lost me as a customer FOREVER! BTW the “right winger” is Comcast, check out their founder/owner Ed Snider, who brought Sara Palin to drop the puck for the Flyers in 2008. Only a total tool would get behind stupid Sarah Palin. ‘Nuff said!

  • Karen J.

    Is it accurate that you can watch “catch up” shows (such as hell’s kitchen, royal pains, etc) free on comcast but you have to pay 2-3 dollars an episode on verizon? If this is the case and you like to watch shows you missed from a series, verizon is going to end up being quite a bit more money. Am I just missing something or is this really the way it is? I just recently switched to FIOS.

  • Amazed At Fios Audacity

    The problem with Verizon FIOS is that recently a rate increase of $5.00 took effect for Telephone. I called customer service at Verizon. They said notification was sent about the increase. Only problem was it was buried on page 3 of the billl for July 2012. Who reads these parts? it’s worse if you do not sign contract. At least Comcast send a noice of rate increases,in he mail. Not Verizon.

  • Fios vs Comcast

    I live in Pittsburgh and Fios is reletively new in the area so after doing further research on Fios I discovered they realized they had very poor customer service and billing problems, so they do not outsource anymore and have put in $6billion into cutomers service. I decided to stop using Comcast and went with Fios and absolutely love everything about the picture quality, internet speed, and even customer service

  • PissedCustomer1xxxxxxxx

    I don’t know how this company is still in business, the customer service is horrible the equipment is cheap and they continue to make and break empty promises. This company either needs to be dismantle from the highest parts of management on down to their very disrespectful floor managers or it needs to just go away all together. The very worst part of this is nothing will happen, they will continue to make money and thrive even though they continue to screw people over. Comcast in my eyes represents the lowering expectations and greed of today’s American society. If you’re with them, leave them, if you’re thinking about getting them, DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save yourself the headache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will even put my contact info on here so that if Comcast wants to know how to get a customer back I will gladly tell them. [email protected], I’ll hold my breath. (*Taking a deep breath*).

  • Redphilly

    There should be more choices than there are. Comcast is bad. They really overcharge. Especially if you are a minority. They hear that Black voice and the prices jump. I am proof of that. I was paying $141 and they raised it to $170! I don’t know about Fios, but Comcast is a thieving company.

    • WOW

      Are you really saying this…

    • Sdf

      Stop being suck a victim, its kinda pathetic. Just because you get treated badly, pulling the race card is not only just bad form, it hurts your community and the voices of those who are actually victims,


      Damn knee grows always tryin to pull the, “WAAAH, it’s because I’m black” card. It’s gettin really old… Maybe you should learn how to talk like a normal civilized person…

    • TabbyAbby

      I agree they are sure a rip off and they need an attude ajustment and need to make there service better and lower their costs and fees.

    • Donna M Scala

      they hear a black voice and charge you more? that is just crazy. easy for you to prove if it is so.have you fiked chages against them for charging black people more then whites? Pfft

  • Kate

    I switched from Verizon to Comcast, in order to save money and to just show out of principle that I won’t stick with any particular provider unless they lower prices. I am sorry I did. I regularly use subtitles, for example. What a ridiculous way Comcast has set up the subtitles. I won’t even describe my efforts to figure it out–it would take too long. I did end up calling tech help. When the tech finally went to talk to his supervisor about the issue, I had some time on my hands and finally figured out a fool proof–but terribly inconvenient way–to turn subtitles on and off. TV on and Cable Box on. Turn Cable Box off. Quickly press first menu and then guide, and then release at the same time. A white menu will come up and then scroll down to enable CC. Then turn the Cable Box back on. (I have to press the power button on the cable remote control twice.) Another issue is that the Comcast guide function is not as user friendly as Verizon in how you can scroll through channels, and the On Demand function for the latest movies is a lot nicer on Verizon. You can see a whole array of movies (like DVD cases) on the Verizon function.
    The things they don’t tell you…

  • cdeea

    I have verizon and I want to switch to something else. My bill is a different amount every month. I wish it was cheaper, but not it goes up every month. Cable/internet should be the same amount every month its not like a cellphone bill where if you go over your minutes you get charged more. I am still looking to see who to move with cause I hate verizon customer service.

  • Penelope

    Either way you look at it, customers will always find something to complain about, the companies will never do everything they say they will, you’ll be over-charged, bounced around, and in the end pissed off. Everyone has different experiences – if you don’t like it than don’t pay for it/buy it. I have had DirectTV, Comcast & Fios. I’m sticking with Fios because I have never had a problem and the two times I’ve called customer service because of a mistake I MADE, the problem was resolved within 10 minutes. No big deal.

  • tonyd23

    Within the past 2 months i have switched from comcast xfinity to Verizon fios because i bought new tvs and i am beyond thrilled i have. Fios tv quality is so much clearer and faster than comcast xfinity. The customer service at Verizon is a lot nicer and are happy to help you with any problems i have. The technicians explained everything throughly and was happy to explain the difference between comcast and verizon since before working at verizon he had comcast then switched and told me about how verizon fios is in 1080i not 720 like comcast. I will not go back to comcast again.

  • kat

    joined verizon fios march, 012 with free multi room dvr for life and no contract as it said on my flyer in my door. have added the sports package spanish package, etc. and also switched between triple play and doubel play, because i never used the phone line. while doing all this i ended up with a 2 year contract and also lost the privilege for the free dvr for life. if the customer servicxe rep had mentioned that i would be losing these privileges, i would never have switched. they said they have my voice authorization and also sent an e-mail. checked and no email and they wont play me the recording. I have verizon in my business for telephone and have had verizon wireless for over 10 years. everytime i changed my service plan or upgraded, verizon wireless and the telephone rep would advise me the pros and cons of doing so and tell me the best deal going on. but the fios reps seem to be different even though it is the same company. in a week i am getting fios disconnected and off to comcast even though I have to pay the disconnection fee. hope they treat me better.

  • kestrel

    I have used Verizon ever since cell phones were. I figure I have spent over 10,000 with them. Recently I moved to New Mexico from NY, and had to obtain wireless services. I did so through Verizon, but there were complications, admitted by them, that they could not figure out or correct. Therefore, the service did not work – ever. There is a data package, 10mb, which they said at the store would be more than sufficient. I reached my limit in three days! I literally used my computer to email and that is it. The company researched usage, and could not figure out why or how, and ascertained that someone must be jumping on my password secured connection. They do not provide unlimited data, so I had no choice but to get different service. When I had to go back and cancel service which never worked, I was told I have to pay an early termination fee! For breaking a contract. But the reality is the contract is null and void if the service does not work! I have spent days of time and effort to correct it, spoke to countless reps all the way up the line. I will need to pay hundreds to discontinue that contract, and will discontinue phone service as I can not abide by their practices, and will have to pay more, because they are a terrible company. The most disturbing part, is that every “human being” I spoke with, I pleaded with – “Tell me if what I am saying is incorrect, or wrong.” I never get an answer, just a drone response – as if I was speaking with zombies. Logic does not work, they look down at their cue cards and tell you they understand your perspective. But refuse to do anything different. I have never complained about a company in my life, but this has bowled me over – and the reality that they can continue to be so horrific because no one stands up and says how absolutely soul sucking crazy it all is. I have spoken to others in just 24 hours, who are going to discontinue services even though they have to pay. Already their mistreatment of my situation has cost them hundreds of thousands, as my associates have spent what I have and would continue if it were not for their commitment to speaking out against this treatment. The problem is that this company gets away with this because people do not stand up.

    • Sbarnes

      Verizon has a known glitch in its recording of data usage, per the comments of the Verizon tech I have on record. I’ve had this trouble since changing my plan in August, as have many other unfortunate users. I just changed my plan again to try to stop the problem, since Verizon has no fix as of 11/9/12. I’ve spent probably 20 hours on the phone in the last month trying to sort out the problem with 90% zombies and 10% thinking individuals, and still have exactly the same problem. Today Verizon “accidentally” turned off all of my service — land and 4 cell lines and internet — hard to run a business under these conditions. When I got through to billing, the service was restored within an hour, and a different technician agreed that there was really no way I could have used 54gig overage in two billing cycle days. The Verizon customer service needs massive improvement, as I guess is the case with most huge companies. I spent 2 hours at AT&T today, evaluating a switch…

  • why must you know

    Comcast is the worst services you could ever get.Ive only had my service for almost two weeks and Im having more trouble then a little bit.When you call in nobody ever seems to know whats going on.But there quick to shut your service off when you dont pay your bill.Fuck you COMCAST

  • Ray

    Well, these reviews were great but didn’t help much. I never had Fios but am a long time comcast customer. I looked for reviews because I was considering a switch just based on frustration over the comcast bill (nearly $200/month for the TV, Internet & phone). I’m hesitant to call because I don’t want to prompt a sales pitch and constant callbacks from Verizon. What I can tell you is this… I live in south New Jersey and Comcast has always been good with customer service for me. I find their service call schedule an issue because they do schedule an appointment several days out if you have a problem. Fortunately I am technically savvy and usually able to fix a problem myself, but I can see where it would be annoying for those who cannot to have to wait two or three days for a tech. There are rare outages but that will happen with any service so I don’t hold it against them. Guess I’ll just call Verizon and see what they have to say.

  • Jedcseybold

    I had Comcast for years and then four years ago went to Fios. Was Happy until 3 months ago cause seeing service and quality dropping drastically. First upgraded to their new box with larger box nearly 8 monts ago. Then 3-4 minty have hade continuous with slowness in switching channels, accessing on demand. Resetting or rebooting has little impact. Then Wifi 3-4 weeks wifi kept dropping off. Asked for new router which have had 4 years and all I got is it was neighbor fault cause the got new router and was interfering. Then said wifi only guarantee for 10 ft . Okay neighbors house are over 100+ ft from my router, both have verizon with no new routers. My contact is up in Feb. but will demand new Muiti room dvr and router plus better deal or go back to Comcast who I had for nearly 18 years without thes type of problems. In my opinion Fios was goo but quality and service dropped as they got bigger on Fios service in the PA areas.

    • Guy who makes sense

      you’za crazy… you’za real crazy…

  • Average Joe

    When people complain about price and service, I laugh. I have 2 DVRs and a standard set-top box with all the premium channels and for internet I have 50 down and 10 up and for a lifetime price of 30 dollars I laugh at all of you. I have had problems but most is user based. Comcast for life and Verizon sucks.

    • JOE’s a MORON

      Sure you do

    • JOE’s a MORON

      Sure you do

  • Joes490

    I live in Sewell,NJ and have had Comcast for 25 years. The price keeps increasing every year, and you are screwed if you miss the anniversary date of your contract. Service is always late and they do give a credit on your bill for a late technician, but when you wait for there window of an appointment, you don’t want to waste a day waiting.
    The internet service is very slow , unless you want to get online at 1 or 2 AM to get your 15/3 speeds. They provide a wireless router, but it can not cover my house, even when the router is placed in the center of the house. The original installer put the router in the garage, so I had another service call to move the router. Although the signal is better, it will not reach my whole house and I live in a modest 2500 square ft house.
    I am considering Verizon, as the speeds are much better, and when my cable was out before, so was my alarm, as I had no phone. I had a separate verizon line installed and buried to handle alarm system. I understand the verizon TV service is 1080, so I can use the abilities of my TV instead of a lessor signal.
    I am concerned about next years prices, but I am starting at $55 mo less with Verizon than comcast plus applicable taxes on both. Everybody has hooks and then in the next year they violate you. Some day customer retention will mean something. If Verizon is offering a 2 year contract with a 300.00 Visa, they are expecting mush more competition or they are tired of reinstalls every other year and make money on various upgrades.What ever happened to plain english comparisons with prices and cut the BS instead of all the hidden fees and hidden differences in service.I am paying 179 mo. for basic 3 way bundle with Comcast with no fancy channels, 15/3 internet, and phone service. Without a phone it may be 10-15 less. Of course we all have cells.
    Sorry if I am rambling, but I am confused with the 2 services and I feel like Comcast is not trying to retain my business as I did call to tell them I am considering a change. They offered me 10. mo off. Lol.
    Fios here I come. Is it worth going for the 2 years or is that a gimmick also?
    Thank you for any ideas.

    • Ann

      I’m in Rutherford NJ and have the same question, which is why I’m reading this post. Comcast duped me into a special package a year ago with premium channels. When the year was up and I wanted to remove the premiums, the bill would actually be more money. So they gave me $10 off my bill for 6 months. In the meantime a FIOS rep knocked on my door and sold me but then I realized I needed the premium channels to get DIYnetwork and FIOS does not offer virus protection for free. That’s another $10/month. So as far as cost goes I’ll probably pay about the same so is it worth the aggravation of rewiring the house and getting used to a new email/TV line-up, etc.?

  • Vecoll

    My switch was from xfinity to fios. I had the triple play before & now have it on fios. The switch was completely based on internet. My connection had problems with uploads, resets, slow speeds. No amount of service calls corrected the situation. I was about to run a special electric switch to make it easier to reset the modem when I decided to at least give it a try. The internet on fios has been fast, there have been a couple of brief interuptions, but they seem to clear themselves before I can get to the modem. The phone is fine. Seems pretty much the same, but the TV is a whole different can of worms! The family is beating me up over the boxes. You must pay for each box. If you want to get a box that displays the guide, be ready to fork over $11.99/month! The next issue is the guide. Very hard to work through & the print on screen is VERY SMALL. So if you climb into bed to watch the tube, make sure you keep your glasses handy (if necessary) or anywhere else for that matter.
    I’m afraid of what all this will cost when all the 3 month/ 6 month & 12month specials run out. Since i’m new to FIOS, I opted for the no contract, it only saved $5/mth. I plan on giving the current set up about 6months & then determining if I might possibly break up my service between both companies. TV on Comcast & Internet & phone on Verizon. At the moment we don’t have HD at home, so I don’t believe I could tell the difference that others are talking about on the Fios fiber.
    It’s ashame there’s still no other competition in Delaware to drive prices down!
    Thanks to those who posted before me, your discussions helped!

  • Shuterlijy

    xfinity isn’t as good as they say!i’ve had it for a while and the internet connection sucks really really bad!

    • JoMama

      shut up

    • TabbyAbby

      I agree with you on that. I hate comcast. They just need to learn how to improve their services like Bresnan.

  • savenow

    I think they must be in it together with AT&T to make us all crazy. But I guess I am not allowed to complain unless I’m going to take action (beyond contacting the BBB). If I quit my cable and internet at the end of my contract, in twenty years I would save around $50,000. (considering I’m paying $140 now and prices are always going up).

  • Torch64

    Verizon sucks period

  • Jeanne McEnaney

    This article comparing Xfinity with Verizon Fios was excellent. It was exactly what I was looking for. It contained the essential information for both services. After reading the other comments I think I will stay with Comcast. The only reason I wanted to compare was the price I pay for the bundle and from reading the comments I don’t think I will save very much with Verizon because of the hidden charges. Also, people seemed to have problems with both services. Now I will read about RCN.

  • Mark Leva

    Articles or postings like this should be dated. Always.

    • Stephane A.

      It’s from at least a year ago I haven’t seen them mention Quantum from FiOS and good luck getting 79.99 for FiOS now.

  • Magic Mike

    Great article, but the realty is, that they both SUCK. I can speak from my own experience, because I had them both. Verizon FiOS did have a better quality picture, more channels and faster internet, but my bill was always higher than what they initially promised (79.99 + tax). It was more like $115.00 each month. Customer service was good tho. At least they try to explain and help you with the issue at hand. Few times they have given me credit on my account for bill service inconvenience. On the other hand, Comcast Xfinity was more expansive with less HD and regular channels, slower “shared” internet connection which gets very slow at times. My bill was ok most of the time, but when I did have issue their customer service simply stinks! They could never explain to me their so called “Total Partial Month Charges & Credits”. I have talked to customer service agents and supervisors on few occasions, but stillI could not get my issue resolved. More specific they could not explain to me where/why these additional charges are here. Math simply did not add up. They had this verbatim “Sorry sir, but unfortunately there is nothing that we can do” What!? I don’t give a crap if you are sorry, just fix my darn problem, or at least provide a rational explanation as to why are this additional charges on my bill. Geeeezzz! Also, if you tell them you are dissatisfied with services provided and you are going to switch to another carrier they do not attempt to keep you as a customer. LOL! Call me crazy, but I think I’ll go back to Verizon. Unfortunately, I don’t have a third option in my area or I would seriously consider.

    • S Wang1906

      how did it come to that much? im in nj amd my bill always comes out to $82 and some change. 79.99 + tax

    • Djthomas512

      I agree….they both have terrible service! We had Comcast and switched over to Verizon FiOS a year ago because of issues with Comcast service – long waiting times, no good solutions, etc. We’ve now had Verizon FiOS for a year and their service is lousy. We have a condo in FL and a home in MN, so we suspend service when we leave FL. When we come back sometimes the service is not all restored and it took me 2 days! and 6-7 phone calls this time before they got it corrected!….and, I wasn’t being rude to them (it’s probably because I told them that if they didn’t get it fixed the last time, while I was on the phone, then we were switching to Comcast!). We were thinking of going back to Comcast, but they’re no better. BTW – we also had to straighten out the bill. We were billed $280 for one month! We finally got that taken care of and were told that we had to mention that our service should be ‘bundled’ when we called in to restore it! I mean, shouldn’t it stay the same?! Thanks for letting me vent…I feel better..:-)

    • shaaronie

      When you upgrade a service, they prorate you, or charge you for it by the day because they bill you for your service a month in advance. It’s like the movies, you pay before you see the show. If you add a service after they’ve sent you a bill, for the upcoming month, they charge you for each day until your next one month bill. The next bill will reflect this prorated charge for your new service along with increased monthly rate due to the new service. Tack t upgrade fees and taxes and you have a whopper of a bill. I used to work in the customer service dept. for years.

  • fvar

    I’ve had Comcast for years and never had a contract. Always on a promotion. But we recently got rid of the cable TV and just have Internet with them. Netflix and Hulu and public television is the way to go :)

  • Petloverjim

    I totally disagree. I have had FIOS now for a few months. I experience screen freezes at least 4-5 times a day, reboots daily and flickers of sound several times a week. To beat that, I just learned that I have a 24 month contract. Also, if you downgrade your TV service, your downgraded internet service slows down and frequently freezes until you reboot. So you can keep FIOS. for me, it has been nothing short of frustrating and angering. You can keep FIOS…I am going to Comcast.

  • S Wang1906

    im in roselle park nj and i have had verizon month to month no contract tv plus internet combo for a while now. my bill is always the same every month. 79.99 + tax which comes out to $82 and some change. overall its good i guess. the bad… no nfl or nba tv but other than that what do you want for basic? i tried their premium package for a month which is every channel and every movie channel for i think $129.99 + tax. its pretty good but im not home much to watch tv so after the month i went back to the $89.99 deal

  • Guest

    Do Fios and Xfinity both offer DVR?

    • ML

      Stay away from Comcast. I had FiOS for three years with great reception throughout my large house eith zero dropped signals. I’ve now had comcast xfini for three months and the modem drops the signal multiple times a day. Have great non-Comcast routers-the problem is in the modem and Comcast is helpless in resolving the issue.

    • Kpz15


  • where in the world is FIOS

    waitint for Fios to come to my neighborhood for over 2 years … still not here hence Fios is equivalent to 0. Rather have anything than the “best” nothing …

    • former verizon patsy

      yea – FIOS is a fraud. Also waiting for it but never available. False advertising !!! I think the FTC should go after them for fraudulent claims

  • Babsoconnor

    wrong! xfinity has no contract but verizon does, u had it backwards

    • Guest

      I’m sure this an old thread but verizon does not require a contract.

      • J Crew

        Verizon does require a contract. I just bought my home in Dec 2012 and I tried to get FiOS. They want you to sign a 2 yr contract for 89.99 for first year and the reason I said tried because the past owner owed them and instead of tracking him down for their money or sticking it on his credit. They told me they will not provide me service until I gave them my bill of sale and a copy of my deed. So I said screw u. Comcast can be cancelled at any time NO CONTRACT. Prices are high for xfinity true.

  • Tabby and Abby my cats.

    Comcast service sucks and there call center help sucks too. I’ve gotten lied to by the call center. I keep getting a bad internet connection with them. If they don’t start improving their service and lower the cost then I maybe braking my contract and switching because I’m tired of it all with them. I maybe braking my contract with them when I move downtown in that house and getting DSL or a different cable internet service. Anything is way better than Comcast. There internet is just as bad as dial up. I’ve had to yell and chew them out over the phone a few times and never get hardly anything accomplished. They disconnected my cable TV and internet once before while they where setting up my nabbors cable tv and internet when we were still paying them and it took them a day or 2 to come back. They told me that they would send someone out that same day I got disconnected and they never showed up until a day or 2 later. So anything is better than Comcast.

  • ML

    Verizon customer service / installation is a joke. I moved across town recently and they want $60 just to come out and flip a few switches to move my service over. On top of that, they’ve already missed three separate appointments for a total of 12 hours over 3 weeks that I’ve had to miss work just to have them cancel after the four hour window was up. Each time I’ve called the customer service line to be on hold for almost an hour just to be told there’s nothing they can do about it but they’ll be sure to make the next appointment because “rescheduling is rare”, and a second time is “unheard of”, let alone times number 3, 4, and 5. So I’ve been sitting here in my new place for almost a month now with no TV and the only internet I can get is taking my laptop down the street to McDonald’s.

    I also strongly suggest not ordering via Verizon’s website. After you enter your address, it will advertise a bundle at one price, but as soon as you click on it the price jumps $20/month (and that’s not including the $15/month for a DVR or the fact that after 6 months the price will jump another $15/month making it $50/month higher than what they advertise).

    I was originally trying to stay away from Comcast because I’ve always heard bad things about their customer service, but I’m not sure how it can be any worse than this. If I’m going to get this abysmal level of service either way I’m going to just save the $25/month and go with Comcast instead.

    • julieann72

      It is not a matter of flipping a switch, ML. They have to come out and make sure your pair lines are matched up because when they become opened after another customer leaves or if there are no pairs they will have to add them due to population growth. I used to work for Verizon…customer service, tech support and the fraud department. You are no different than most customers…ignorant because you do not understand the process. The next time the technician comes out, ask him/her what she has to do to bring you service…that my friend is called “educationg yourself”!!

      • homasapiens



        • julieann72

          If educating yourself is not classy, then what do you call it, homasapiens? Education is power; there is no room for ignorance. I used to work for the phone company therefore I am aware of the process to get a service up and running.

        • homasapiens

          Work on your bedside manner. There is no need to tell people they are ignorant, even when you mean well by it.

          it sounds presumptuous and patronizing, people don’t like it, and I am sure you have exemplified exactly the kind of customer service people are talking about.

        • julieann72

          First of all, this is a blog! Second of all, you are misjudging my demeanor for my response. Most people are ignorant about what goes on behind the scenes of utility companies in general. So by me making the comment that people are ignorant is true. You just happen to think I am putting people down in the process. You could not be more wrong. I used to be one of those people to until I worked for the phone company, the electric company and the cable company. With all the knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes is what makes me so good in my current job on Wall Street as the customer. Most people cannot say that because they do not know what goes on behind the scenes.
          By the way, who put you in charge of POLICING of what people write in blogs?
          As for my bedside manners…you only wish you knew!! Ta-ta!!

        • homasapiens

          No, I am saying THEY think you’re putting them down. I said I know you don’t mean to.

        • julieann72

          Thanks for the clarification.

        • Shut up Julieann72

          Wow, interesting dialogue here as you attempt to show how ‘educationg yourself'(your words) can make a difference in your consumer experience.
          Even more interesting are the copious amounts of spelling errors in too-numerous posts by someone supposedly “working toward my doctorate”. Sheesh, is this a reflection of a quickly texted response, or are you, in fact, the ignorant one?
          Please give others a break and stop posting here just so that you can see yourself in print, will you?

      • Ryan Donovan

        Actually…”educating myself” on a company’s service isn’t my problem. If they want to offer a service and have me pay for it, then they need to do just that…offer something so I can pay. If that offer requires set it up..again, not my problem. That’s like paying to pay for a service. Moron!

        • julieann72

          You should not put yourself down. You are not a moron, just ignorant. You get what you pay for…I am sure you know what that means, right? I am not being faticious, just asking if you even know what you are talking about. Price will determine what you actually get and from whom. Do you know the difference between FiOS and Cable? How about ILECs from CLECs? Do you know the services Tiers 1 and under (1 being top-rated anything under and quality is decreased); Tier 1 service is only available through ILECs. Also, ask the technicial what the distance is between the CO (central office) and your connection point.

        • Forky Witherspoon

          Do you give your Johns what whore services they pay for??

        • julieann72

          Forky, you have issues. Your attitude and kind of comments are not meant for these blogs. None of my comments were addressed to you. Your intimidation of intelligent women shows.

          Also, I don’t see where I posted that I offer services to Johns, so what gives you the idea that I am a whore? Actually, I am a Sr. Business Analyst for one of the largest Global Insurance providers and currently working toward my doctorate.

        • suri

          Julieann72 you keep missing the point! I don’t need to know the diff between FiOS and cable or ILECs/CLECs. I actually am pretty savvy when it comes to technology, but that’s my profession. I’m also an intelligent female. These two companies need to stop confusing customers by hiding information in fine print. They need to clearly communicate to consumers what is needed and how much it costs. And they need to have patience with customers that are confused and frustrated as a direct result of their sneaky tactics. To imply that consumers need to educate themselves on the technology is ridiculous. The customer service reps don’t even know. Your comments ARE condescending. You should be on your knees every night thanking our youth for choosing first to protect our country after high school as opposed to going directly to college. You should be thanking sanitation workers, construction workers, steel workers, assembly line workers and all of the other blue collar workers that make our country what it is. If someone has spent a hard day doing physical labor or mentally demanding work, such as teaching or policing our streets, they should be able to come home and relax and enjoy their family without having to educate themselves on the technology that goes into internet, phone and television services. I don’t know what you’re getting your doctorate in, but shame on you for thinking that makes you better or more intelligent than others! You do not have to have a degree to be smart or classy! Or in your case, I should say a college degree doesn’t mean you’re smart or classy!

      • Forky Witherspoon

        Be silent, whore.

  • Carol Taylor

    I have been a Verizon customer for less than 2 weeks and wish I could
    get out of the 2 year contract I signed – because it’s been a total
    nightmare for me. I initially looked into switching over to Verizon from
    Comcast to save some cash. I called their 1-800#, gave the customer
    service rep (CSR) a list of exactly what I was seeking – cable w/hbo
    & showtime, internet service & land line/telephone. She told me
    that their top line (aka most expensive) Fios product would provide me
    with all this & quoted me a price that would shave approximately
    $80/mo off what I paid Comcast. Verizon installs my new service & I
    notice I cannot access HBO & Showtime – so I call them, and they
    tell me that’s extra. When I protest that I was told it was included in
    my initial service/price quote, they told me I should have read the
    follow-up email more carefully. They record their phone calls, so I
    asked them to revisit my initial recorded phone call – and they told me
    that couldn’t be done. The follow-up email was very generic in nature
    & did not give a rundown of every station I’d be provided, so how
    was I to know that HBO & Showtime were extra? I trusted their sales
    person & was given misinformation. I spent an hour on hold with
    their CSR’s trying to resolve this issue & have called 3 times,
    requesting that a Supervisor call me back – to no avail. Furthermore,
    they gave me call waiting (which I hate & specified that I did not
    want) and it took several calls & 2 weeks to remove call waiting
    service. I am not impressed with their sales staff, customer service
    staff or wait time to speak with a live agent. These are my very first
    impressions with this company, and they are not good ones. I wish I had
    never subscribed to them – and wish there were more options for
    cable/internet service in my area.

    I like the formatting of the Comcast remote & on screen tv guide much better-
    easier to view & follow. Also Comcast allows you to access HBO &
    Showtime movies and shows more easily. I still haven’t figured out how
    to access available HBO & Showtime movies or shows. With Verizon, I
    tried “recording with options” my favorite shows, indicating that I
    only want to view new shows (no repeats) and it keeps recording repeat
    shows, so I have to go in & hand-delete all the unwanted shows on my
    dvr, which is very tedious.

    All in all, I think both companies are overpriced with terrible customer service. I wish they had more competition in the area (like RCN) so we had 3+ more options for cable service. Maybe then, these monopolies would offer better pricing and customer service.

    • supernet2

      I feel your pain, thats why i record my phone calls, so when they pull some crap like what they did on you, i just say “hold on let me replay that recorded log for you”. Its a good idea, and worth the extra $50-100 on a phone recording unit, that can be bought at any local technology store, examples like radioshack or bestbuy.

      Otherwise i dont use TV service period. To much ads, wayyyyy to much.

    • smart azz

      You can get out of their contract since they ( Verizon) Have not upheld the level of service you pay for…….. simply they broke the contract with poor service, you have enough documented to prove this. Tell them this, ask to speak with someone to remove the contract.. if all fails report to bbb.

  • ajr

    We have had Verizon Fios, internet and digital phone for over a year. We can honestly say that we have never experienced such terrible customer services. They find every way to squeeze a few extra shekels from us. Their tv guide and dvr access are cluttered with their ads for up sells. Their customer service times are long and reps are untrained and rude. Their website is slow, frequently down, and focuses more on upselling vs. service. They make frequent mistakes, and it is always us who pays the price. All in all, I think some of what they are doing is plain illegal. But who is to fight a goliath like Verizon. STAY AWAY.

  • hooya splat

    I recently switched to the Verizon Select HD package after using Comcast for 10 years. I refuse to pay more than $100 / month for video and Internet (I don’t care about voice but end up with it because the bundle price is better). Some elements of the HD signal are better with Verizon however Comcast has a better overall picture in the US mid atlantic region anyway (from my observation and that of my 14-year old daughter as well). 1) I had to mess with the contrast settings as all HD channels looked dim and not very sharp 2) The video image is better for things like uniform fabric or some details in the picture though overall, Comcast’s HD quality is better without question 3) I wouldn’t have switched but Comcast will no longer give me the competitive pricing they had for years :/

    The one thing that is still killing me is trying to figure out which groups of channels I can access without manually going through and trying them.

  • Monique Boyd

    I agree with those that say they both stink!! 3/1 had comcast by 3/23/ cancelled, called to give them a second chance and although they advertise 24/7/365 service I kept getting message of closed & this was after being on hold for 36 minutes of nobody answering just music, hanging up calling back again & 40 minutes of the exact same starting at 7 PM. Installer was rude, insisting there was no service coming into the house, told us to call ourselves to have remotes programmed b/c he didn’t know how, when I called had to call 4 times to try this, had to argue with 1 rep b/c she said they don’t send people out for remote problems, I had to tell her “you do when I paid installation fee up front in full and this was suppose to be part of my install” the installer should have called & had comccast walk HIM through it, come to find out he gave me remotes for B’more County and I live in Harford. Then programing was different from upstairs, installer had to fix that. Internet blinked out twice almost causing me not to be able to do homework assignment (online school). Bill was higher than quoted, fixed it but only for that month. I log on to pay the adjusted bill that was due 3/26, and I see a bill for double what I had and that says due 4/12 not even 30 days later!!! That is when I call Verizon OH MY…
    Verizon gives me this great bundle for $79.99 + tax= 93.90. Never told me what bundle they put me in and I never asked. A few days before installation I thought to call & ask if I would have 5 of my “must have” channels and was told I would have 2 but not the other 3. During 1 of my many calls trying to figure this out, I was asked if I knew about the deal for premier movie channels (all of them for $21 a mth), I said no it was explained & I took it. Before that I was told my old Comcast telephone # could port over. Somehow with all of this there were 2-3 different tickets created 1) Prime HD, 2) Extreme HD, & 3) I don’t even know and neither did they but it was showing as a 3rd order. The day of installation it was a hot mess too, I just happened to ask the guy since I’m suppose to have multi room DVR I should be able to record upstairs and see it downstairs? He says not with the adapter you have downstaris, you won’t, you don’t have that service according to the order I have here on my tablet. I showed him the confirmation invoice that had come to the house days earlier, which he didn’t want to see b/c he said he can’t go by that, so on the phone again I am with Verizon. We got it straight, but the lady stated you have so many credits on this new account already I’m not sure how many more I can give you. I said as many as it takes for me to get what you promised me, b/c my Comcast is not disconnected and I have not turned in the equipment yet, just like this guy took all this time to hook this mess up he can unhook it and take it with him NOW all of a sudden I can have all the channels I need to make me happy, with the extra DVR box, and the upgraded Quntum speed 50/25 instead of 15/5 internet speed what a lot to go through just to watch tv. So they both stink, its just a matter of which stinks worse.

    • supernet2

      Sounds like you aint bright. It depends on how you handle the representative. I work with Verizon and comcast sometimes through contracting, installation setup, and repair of their fios boxes, and all that “fun stuff”. Just gotta know what to ask, because when i had my verizon tech come out, i just said “no BS, i know what this is, this this and this” and pointed out multiple things and told him what i already did myself when it came to the wiring, so all that was needed was the box, and all worked. My only kinks were, that verizon had db (database) hickups that caused my server to black out a few times (some idiot on their end i suppose misconfigured the “greenlight” for my unit and it got turned off due to being stuck in a pending status on their system) but that was easily fixable, as i just said “you sure its not related to being stuck in pending on your system?” a few minutes later i ran into no more hickups with verizon. I mean unless you count mother nature, power outages that knock out the hub that my FiOS is pumped outta, going out causing me to get new ips on my unit itself, forcing me to update and modify my DNS settings for portforwarding when it comes to hosting webpages/games, then yeah, thats another gripe. Otherwise yeah…

      P.S. A bit of respect goes a LONG way, crappy body language only supports and gives someone less reason to give a crap to help you other than to just “get it installed” and make sure it works. P.S. i use the highest tier they offer, 300mbps+ on their FiOS network, and everything in my place of residence is FiOS optimized, to add a little hurt to you, i also provide free internet to the majority of neighbors who live around me, capping them at 100mbps total shared bandwith per second using a cat5 as the “weakest link” on a 100mbps port to cripple and limit the bandwith they use on my network (of course on a separate vlan).

  • Monique Boyd

    Cont’d: Not to mention in all the contact that I had with Comcast NOBODY ever told me about the 30 day money-back thingy. I read it in my packet and that prompted another call, I ended up with all the HBO channels for 6 months instead of 3. And in the end I ended up writing a nice letter to the Senior Vice President of Customer Service of Comcast. They responded and wanted to take money off from my bill and stated when I would begin to see this reduction, but by the time of their response (about 24-48 hrs later, which might be standard time), it was too late I had already switched to Verizon.

  • Robert DeRosa

    I agree with most comments, esp. that both companies suck. My solution is to stay with Comcast internet (since I already have it) only and use a Roku Streaming box to watch movies and TV shows. I’ll sign up with Netflix or Amazon (or both) for 8 dollars a month each and watch as many movies as I want.

  • Cheryl

    As far as my two cents. I have never been closer to getting rid of Comcast as I am now. I have been a customer for close to 20 years. I recently received a letter from Comcast stating that I can upgrade my old Modem to their newer one free of charge. I completed the order and received the new modem in the mail. I followed the instructions and set up the new modem and activated it with the help of a Comcast “customer executive”. Well since then, I have had NO phone service. I started to receive a message when dialing certain numbers that “the number cannot be dialed due to your account being restricted” Well, an easy fix right…..WRONG. Over 24 hours later now I have ZERO dial tone and NO service. I keep getting the same run around from everyone I have spoken to…..Their fix…. sending a report to an “Escalation team” to take care of it ASAP. But they have no idea who this team is, and when they should work on my problem I have ZERO faith in any of them actually knowing what they are doing. As of now, I have no phone service at all and as sure as I am sitting here, I will NOT be paying for it. Their guarantee is useless and I am sick and tired of them “understanding my frustration” and apologizing for the crap company they represent.


    • Hey

      Hi. I have same situation. No tone, no phone working. Internet is working on same line as phone and is OK. Phone not. Calling ( Skype ) and waiting and looking for something new, different, bot working. Is Memorial Day 2013 and no chance to talk with mam . AT&T become .. different. :-(

    • mare

      I agree cheryl. They did the same to me. They lied and told me there was no rental fee for the modem, I too got a letter. Then I buy my own modem, it has no phone jack and it was one that was on their list to buy. Their modems and routers are horrible. They drop, I have no phone or dial tone. I hate comcast. Then on Christmas eve they kill a lot of the customers boxes in order to giverify them crappie boxes.

  • Greg

    I am seriously considering leaving Comcast as well. They had an online offer that included X-finity double play with a promotion of a $100. gift card. They now tell me that was only available with a contract. I copied advertisement showing $100, fine print didn’t show contract. Claim denied anyway. Greg

  • Jeff

    I started working with computers in 1979 (34 years ago). I seriously doubt the average consumer, or even the average “tech” person has little more than the barest of clues how things really work and how complicated everything is. I certainly won’t pretend to understand everything. I understand less with every passing minute. There is no such thing as an “expert” anymore who really understands everything. It takes a room full of “experts” to track down even moderately difficult problems. The technology and complexity continues to grow exponentially. I guarantee you that service techs and customer support people are not “experts” except perhaps in their tiny area of specialization. You can debate Comcast and Verizon until you are blue in the face. There almost certainly is no ‘right’ answer. The competition, however, is critical to us continuing to improve. FYI, it’s not as simple a Comcast is not fiber and Verizon is. First, that’s not even true. There’s plenty of fiber in Comcast’s networks. What kind of wire runs into your house is the least of what you have to worry about (and don’t get a kink in a fiber cable). Good coax cable is more than adequate. There are economic and environmental reasons to get away from copper though. There are things out there like the “internet” and routers, and switches, network protocols, line cards, NICS, clock schedulers, switch fabrics, head of line blocking, client & server processing parameters … memory, disk speed, cpu, paging, SSD … less than optimal coding for threading, concurrency, load balancing, fault detection and fail-over, HA architectures (and trade-offs), variations between hardware and software vendors, and on and on and on. All those factors combine to get a bigger picture. And no provider has a completely homogeneous environment as you move around geographically. Different people in different locations & situations are going to have remarkably different experiences for any one of hundreds if not thousands of reasons. Sadly, compared to some other “developed” countries, like many things (education, medical services, etc.) our broadband services cost more and you get less for it. Now you begin to get into politics, propaganda, and those ‘damned’ statistics. If you want to get fast, “cheap,” service — you could move to another country. It does exist. I believe we are currently positioned 8th in the world for *average* speed (and we won’t even go into how useless “average” is as a measurement tool). That does not consider the value you get for your money – just ‘average’ speed. Don’t get me wrong, we have made a remarkable improvement (investment) in our infra-structure and capacity. But it is a rapidly evolving landscape and constant moving target. Then there the whole mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) landscape and the order(s) of magnitude of complexity that adds to everything. Frankly, just have a rudimentary understanding, I’m quite pleased anything works at all. But like everyone, if I pay for it I want it to work!!!

    • Tre

      So, which service do you use?

  • Bostonbeachguy

    I am considering moving from FiOS to XFinity. for less than the same price of FiOS which gives me not much Xfinity will give me 2 Movie Channels, Streaming movies, Up to 50Mbps download, and free antivirus AND Free DVR upgrade for 2 years no contract and 30 day back out. FiOS charges me for everything and the options are slim, asked them what they can do and they just offered certain services free or discounted for a few months. Xfinity is even providing a credit to cover my early termination charge from FiOS.

    • Nope

      You’re likely a Comcast plant, but in case your’re not,Don’t do it! Those prices are bait and switch prices. Your bill will almost double in 1-2 years (at least mine has).

  • DCNative

    I just went through another round with Comcast. It seems like every month there is a dispute I have to address. Representative have no clue (maybe a general script) because each time I call and get a different answer. They don’t seem to care much what you do. They went from boxes costing 5.99 to 11.99 in one month then changed to price of the bundle with no notice and one rep. told me that the rep should have told me the terms of the bundle. NOPE. They didn’t care. My bill went from $150 mth to over $180 mth in one billing cycle (WHAT). They basically are deal with it or your free to leave. Had to call 3 times and one was rude and the other two going with the script of answers. This sucks! Why can we not have dependable competition? These two have grown to big for their britches. They also are cocky because they know there will be no regulation or watch dog, or over site to answer to. Someone needs to call them on all of this. They don’t disclose things and then they flip it on you and tell you they should have told me. Oh Yea! It’s always the same. Just checked Fios out and I would be getting less for what I would be paying Comcast as is now. I might consider going to streaming since half of the stuff isn’t watching and I’m not home enough and I don’t watch half of the stuff anyway. I could go on and on….

  • randy

    Comcast customer service is the worst I’ve experienced in any industry. I’m seriously considering switching to FIOS.

  • usasusie

    FYI – for those having trouble with Comcast customer service – in particular – technicians arriving at your house – please note that Comcast has two types of technicians – in house and subcontracted. Subcontracted are paid by the job and therefore motivated to get in and get out as quickly as possible. I was about to switch away from Comcast after several bad experiences with technicians (seeming like all they wanted to do was rush through the job). Then I had a great experience with a Comcast tech. He spent a lot of time assessing and fixing the issue, as well as explaining some other things in great detail, and helping me fix some other small things. I subsequently learned he was an “in-house” technician. I have since asked specifically for an in house technician, and have been very happy with the service.

  • annoyed in ABq

    We just attempted to upgrade to Xfinity system from our old Scientific Atlanta boxes; here is some advice for anyone considering this. Don’t do it.
    First, they only give you one main DVR.. This is the only unit with a pause and rewind function. We have four other TV in our house that a “slaves” to this main DVR. We can no longer pause or rewind at any of our other sites. This is a serious downgrade from the old system.
    The new single Xfinity DVR has a total storage capacity of 500mb… our three old boxes had a total combined storage capacity of 1000mb.
    Also, the peripheral slave units do not have clocks… I didn’t realize how much I relied on the clocks in other rooms.
    My wife called Comcast to get another DVR, unlinked to any other TV –we were denied.. Sorry only one box per household was Comcast reply.
    The first instillation was a nightmare taking 3- 4 hours -the first technician was surley at best.
    We also needed to upgrade our modem… for now that went smoothly.
    Bottom line.. if you have more than 2 or 3 TV with separate DVRs, the new Xfinity upgrade is a downgrade. We are having the Xfinity upgrade removed from our home this week. We are going back to the older scientific Atlanta DVRs..

  • Bob Masters

    The truth of the matter is: they do both suck. But in a different way. I was a comcast customer for 10 years and we often had internet outages. So I switched to FiOS Internet the moment they became available. That was 3 years ago. I reconfigured the router to make it a bridge and ordered Dish for my TV – that was cheaper than to have TV service with Verizon. Two month ago I was contacted by Verizon customer service because they wanted to upgrade my 10/2 to 50/25 for $10 more. So I said OK.
    A week ago I decided to try their TV bundle, I figured it would be less expensive than the Internet and Dish plus I could watch the content on my phone and tablet. Also I ordered multi-room DVR. So it all came and I installed everything. Now: you can use multi-room DVR only in one room. You need to get a set-top box attached to your second TV in order to watch recorded shows and live TV. Second: you can watch the content on your tablet and phone only in house, not anywhere where you have wi-fi or 3G/4G internet. It is easy to overcome by installing Remote Access Server on your PC and VPN-ing to it from anywhere, though, but still. Third, after I connected my DVR, it kicked off the internet. I power cycled their main box, their modem and my router – did not help. Made a call. Technician was kind of not friendly and he said the problem is on my end, not theirs. After I called second time – the second tech was better and all he needed to do was releasing my IP address from their DHCP server. After that I got the Internet back but my DVR would not show guide and there was no on-demand available. It appears that TV box HAS to be connected to the Internet through Verizon router, not through mine. There are workarounds, but I did not feel like doing it. Forth, I bought Samsung Smart blue ray to use instead of set-top box with my second TV, as it was advertised by Verizon. Well, the app was available only on older models and when it came – HD movies were not bearable to watch due to freezing and lagging. SD movies were OK. I have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and this has never been an issue. All of them were working just fine on that Samsung player. So, since when I ordered the service I was told that I have 30 days trial period, I returned the DVR and called to revert to my old plan. Guess what? Not happening. They don’t have that plan and I cannot be put to it. And the rep was extremely rude at some point saying that it does not matter what I want, what matter is what Verizon wants. Well, I called to another rep and she was helpful and we could get it down in price, but still $20 more than it was before I tried triple play. I am switching to Comcast.

    • Jason Weishaupt

      You watch way too much TV.

  • Mick938

    I concur with the notion that they “both suck”. Just took the bait last week and switched to Xfinity after about a 7-year run with FiOS. Didn’t hate FiOS, but was lured by the lower pricing and premium channels of Xfinity. Needless to say, install/set-up was a total clusterph-ck. WiFi is apparently a big problem for the junk Arris TG862 “gateways” that Comcast rents you for $7/mo to get the “bundled” service. Tech support is a mess and they actually will charge you to access the “U.S.-based” tech support. Bottom line is I was able to get everything working with Xfinity by purchasing my own hardware (separate modem and router) and was working with one of the subcontracted sales people noted in a previous post – this guy was on the ball and kept adding free channels and bandwidth as my problems mounted. All in all, Xfinity was a major pain in the a-s to get set up, but “if” things continue to work as they do at the moment, I will actually end up with a much better deal than I had with Fios.

    Internet speeds are very similar, perhaps a slight edge to Xfinity at this point, but it’s probably too early to say definitively.

    Having dealt with both Comcast and Verizon extensively, it really is a toss-up. If you have functional system at the moment, I would play the 2 companies off each other and try to stay with whatever company is currently providing service – just squeeze more from them. Switching services is a real nightmare and takes away from the upside of money savings and more features.

  • Cable Employee

    I work for a large cable provider and I always recommend that customers call any support issues in before 7PM. This rule includes all cable companies and Verizon. Most of the in-house people work during the day and when you call at night an outsource company takes the overflow of calls. Those outsourced people are not half as good as the in-house people.

  • realistic outcomes

    so you really believe that prices will fall? maybe those in congress or a classroom would come up with this but not in the real world.

  • Caster91

    Bottom Line? All providers suck, BUT I can say this, Comcast has more value. IN THE PAST they had a horrible customer service reputation, but their in house policies are incredibly stringent now, and any bullshit from their agents (all US based) and they get fired. The service is far more reliable, and as far as dollar for dollar, speed to speed, you get more for what you’re paying.

    IF YOU NEED INCREDIBLY FAST INTERNET: FIOS FIOS FIOS… seriously, but be willing to pay the $2-300/mo JUST for the internet. (3-500mbps down)

    IF you need decent speeds, and want better TV selection and On Demand: Comcast wins by far, with more free content, and cheaper premium content than Fios…

    Source: Previous customer of both companies, current Comcast Employee (Business, not residential so don’t ask me stupid questions)

    • Nope

      LOL, I just called your customer service department again (10th time in last 3 years). You suck, you keep raising my bill constantly to absurd amounts, and your service goes out constantly. I had to switch to a tivo dvr because the ones you give customers break constantly (I went through 6 of them before I went for a tivo instead). I’m looking into verizon now because you’ve raise the prices on me for the last fricking time.

  • Jjaassoonn Kkeennjjii

    I am getting fios installed today. Cutting comcast.

  • King

    I prefer FIOS over Xfinity by far. I’ve got the same plan for both services. I had FIOS first which ran extremely well and the connection problems from their end were less frequent. I would call it non exisistant basically. Xfinity appealed to me after showing my the lower prices on the Cable and Internet but I realized the mistake I had made. The connections on their problems happen atleast twice a month easily. Their customer support is bad compared to FIOS. I’ve ran speed tests from both sides and guess what? I was getting better upload and download speeds from Verizon.

  • EntropyMan

    The secret in my town is to NOT call Comcast Customer Service but go in to the local brick and mortar. When I have called in the past I get some yahoo from across the state who says how I’m not eligible for this or that. I then went into the actual Comcast facility one day and had the greatest experience ever. The folks there actually told me that the phone guys cannot offer this or that or do upgrades for free and do not have access to the best deals. The lady not only got my bill down to 98.00 (albiet for 12 months) but it included 30/5 internet, ALL HD channels, the premier tv package and she said she would turn on HBO and Showtime for free for 6 months for my hassle.

    $100 a month for a year for 30/5mb internet, 2 HD receivers (living room and bedroom) the premier TV channel package and free HBO and Showtime. I own my own router so that’s $7/mnt less, too. I now don’t even bother to call the customer service number any more. I just drive the 8 minute drive and talk to the reps in person. I always get a great deal.

    • Nope

      I shouldn’t have to do this everytime one of the weird “promotions” changes.

  • Jason Byrnes

    If you want a bad cable box and a router than you have to reset all the time because of failures on comcasts end.. then by all means get comcast.

    If you like spending your weekends returning faulty equipment only to receive non-tested faulty equipment and have to sit in a waiting room blasting rap music while getto chicks yell at you (next.. next yo step up cuz)

    Then get comcast..

    If you want your internet so reliable that your router has an uptime of over a year then get FIOS.

    Ever since getting fios I have never reset my router. I had 1 brief 3 hour outage once during a storm.

    Comcast gave me faulty junky equipment and boxes, gave me terrible customer service and in the end they told me I never gave them back my crummy boxes that never worked. They charged me 400 for a box I returned on top of giving me terrible internet service. All for 150 a month.

    My fios is so reliable that the one Time I couldn’t make a logmein connection to my house I thought i was being robbed. Thats how reliable it is.

    Also You can get much faster speed. I am getting 165 down and 75 up and I really get about 200 down and 100 up.

    Granted I pay 180 a month but the fastest net and I get some good channels tv.

    I have nothing but good things to say about FIOS and nothing but bad things to say about Comcast. You really don’t know how bad comcast sucks until you try FIOS

  • Shane Piskur

    um i work for Comcast and we don’t have contracts? so I’m questioning this article because of that misinformation.

    • Liam Horner

      yes u do read your own info pleas this just makes Comcast look even worse because you don’t know what your employer offers. This is why people hate Comcast ill informed employees.

  • Dorothy

    I was interested in all of these comments. My Comcast cable has been laying in the street for 5 days — since the last ice storm. I’ve called 4 times. They keep giving me appointments that never happen and promises of calls from technicians that never happen. I run my consulting business via interent. The only way I’m on this post is because I’m piggybacking off my next door neighbor’s wifi. I know that there are lots of downed lines for Comcast to deal with since the storm, but I would like them to at least call me or show up when their customer service people call. One advantage of switching to Fios is that I wouldn’t have that long cable line that comes from across the street under my trees through my front yard. The line is too low and is vulnerable to the weather.

    • Michelle

      I have had a temporary Comcast cable line run from the main box in my neighborhood to the back of my house for TWO YEARS in spite of repeated attempts to get Comcast out to fix it. This and other reasons are why we are switching to FIOS after 11 years with Comcast.

  • Jon

    Comcast was a nightmare. I was calling almost every month because my bill was different. I’m not exaggerating…I’d say 10 out of 12 months I had to call. In 5 years we had to swap equipment 3 times, every year the bill went haywire when the “promotion” ended and then that was another call of arguing through 3 tiers of people to get a fair price for the mediocre service. Finally…when I moved, Verizon was available. It was a no brainer to switch..especially since Comcast was expecting me to pay an $80 transfer of service fee. It’s been a little over 1 year and I have never once had to call Verizon for anything. My service never slows down, never goes out…to my knowledge anyhow and my bill has never changed…not by 1 penny. Something is seriously wrong with Comcast and I feel for their customers.

  • Paul Spagnolia

    Ya know, I’m moving to my new house and they offer FIOS. I’m caught up in the dregs of Comcast at the moment and just got the 30 buck increase after 1 year. NOW beyond the obvious customer service stuff like ‘You had a discount the first year’ and things like that, FIOS internet has a definite advantage over Comcast in one major category no one seems to list. Comcast internet is a serial connection which means that you have great bandwidth until every kid comes home from school and hops on the PS2 or when 8:00 hits and everyone starts streaming off of Netflix. FIOS is DSL I believe (or it used to be) which is fast due to the fiber optics however your bandwidth stays the same all day and all night as it’s not running in serial with other users. THATS HUGE!!!!

  • Gannon

    Xfinity x1 platform is the brand new much more high tech version of Comcast. It is Much better and easier to use then FIOS. Also, the boxes are brand new and they have great picture quality, better then my mothers FiOS. I have 105 Mbps Extreme internet and the speed is always reliable. Comcast DOES have fiber optics by the way, they run Fiber to neighborhoods, and then run coax through the neighborhood instead of each individual house. All in all its a better product then Verizon. I also hate Verizon customer service. People said Comcast is bad? Comcast policy says you can’t be rude to a customer EVER. Verizon charged me 400$ for two months of service when I no longer lived at my apartment for those two months and charged me for two boxes I returned. I disputed it with proof and they put it on my credit score and into collections…thinking about filing a law suit. FiOS sucks!!!!

    • Brian

      Same thing happened to me when I returned my POS fios boxes. Right on my credit report because they have no record of receiving them even though I have receipt. At least comcast has locations where you can bring back or exchange equipment! Where do you take your fios box when there’s a problem? Ever tried to get fios to your home for service?

  • Alicia

    Xfinity is better than Fios and let me tell u why………………………… who wants to be wasting/ spending their money on some internet that doesnt work both internet are great but they are not balanced money is important in life it prepares the ones you and your family need its not like we have gold that u just toss in a well where as your spending money on a sukish internet bizz when you can be spending it on something much more important in life some of us are spenders and some of us ain’t so this might change the minds of spenders . As the PRICES get higher and lower thats how your customers get confused on what company to use if your gonna lower your price don’t pick it right up again and also, no one wants to spend there money that the internet doesn’t work on them AT ALL! somethings are just rip offs don’t always believe what you see on t.v. because some ppl r liars and use camera tricks to cover up what really is happening some ppl are dumb enough even they don’t know what their writing in there description that they lose customers just like that. I must been a FOOL befor going online or getting the true results that bizzness are hiding if you do some good research in what company your using than you might think about changing your mind and switching or staying in Xfinity’s company. But at the end of the day whos paying the bills thats right US!

    • Dave Daves

      An exemplary application of sentence structure and grammar into a stunning display of linguistic gymnastics. The argument is compelling and thought provoking. Would read again. A++

      • alicia


    • J

      This is just so confusing, I cannot even began to fathom what you are trying to communicate. Just attempting to follow this makes me want to get Fios, since you like Comcast. But I will read other comments first before I take the plunge.

  • Alicia

    Plus Fios puts all the money together taxes,fees,charges and lots more then u end up with boom 1234,09764 are u serious that much money (sarcum) like for real cut me some slack and by thta i mean LOWER THE DAMN PRICE!

  • sssssss

    what the who caree

  • sssssss

    comcast sucks’

    • alicia

      OMG everyone has there thoughts and now I’m starting to think u only came on this website to find someone to tease i think were all grown up or dont u know so?

  • joe

    I’ve had both. They both SUCK at times. They’re both awesome most of the time. Personally think Comcast is overall a little bit better.

    • Alicia

      Joe Disagree, but I cant also agree with Comcast is a lil bit better

  • Alicia

    Disagree, but I can also agree with that Comcast is a lil bit better

  • getFIOS

    Why Comcast is pretty bad if you compare it side by side:

    Comcast has problem after 5 pm – 6pm not enough bandwidth
    you run speed test it even drops packets…

    Comcast speed is not as advertised I could not
    get timeframe where I would have ok speed and bandwidth, the boost works only temporarily,
    but regular use might not notice it….

    Comcast does back end routing changes without warning
    if you wonder why XBOX does not work but your computer does you might need to
    reboot that router they gave you so you can get current IP. (IP is not guaranteed)

    Comcast has high latency compare to FIOS do not
    know why probably depends on how they route and compress.

    Comcast: I could not get Interment only option
    from Comcast where Internet is reliable (who needs Comcast phone if you can get
    VOIP TV is available over internet as well)

    So get FIOS
    and you do not have to deal with CS and wont have problems above.

    • missm2u

      i’ve been noticing the same service issues and if you contact customer service, they won’t acknowledge that it’s their problem. but lately i’ve been wondering if they are deliberately doing this because they have announced that they will be offering higher speed broadband for some plans. perhaps a marketing ploy to make people feel that they need to spend more if they want reliable service.

  • Chris

    Personally I think Comcast was okay… My problem with them was that every once in a blue moon they would take our HD channels off and minimize our channel selection. My mom will then have to call customer service, which they were really not that great handling it, in order to get our channels back. And speaking of customer service, I have not seen any awards for their customer service which is really sad. My digital adapter in my room brings really poor, poor quality of TV to my room, so therefore, this is why we are switching. Comcast service was okay, but I hope FiOS is better.

    • alicia

      You just had bad luck mine works all the time full screen at night to am and HD. Sorry u didnt get that chance

  • Tom

    I’ve had both and I used to work for a company that sold Fios. From a strictly quality standpoint, Fios wins hands down and you can’t really argue that anymore. I can break it down into the categories:
    TV: Fios offers 1080p Blue-ray quality HD picture unlike the DVD quality that comcast has. That’s an debatable fact that can be measured in pixels. Verizon now offers more on demand titles, more HD channels as well as more premium channels than Comcast if you look up current information. Fios also has a unfiltered digital adapter which allows you to watch all channels subscribed to, including HD, on non HD tv’s they just don’t display in HD. Comcast only gives you channels 1-99 or so.
    Internet: Hands down fios is faster and more secure being that it is on a dedicated line and not a shared network. Kids coming home from school and jumping on their XBox’s in the neighborhood doesn’t slow you down and your speed is much more consistent as well as same upload speeds as download speeds most homes use 50/50 mbps i personally get their 75/75 mbps service.

    If cost is your only concern Fios does offer competitive prices but neither company will win the price battle in every case. As a gamer and an avid movie streamer I had to go for quality so I chose Fios i think I’m paying like $10 extra a month but it’s so worth it.

  • DJ

    Thanks for the post. I joined FiOS few years ago, it was a welcomed upgrade from my previous provider. HOWEVER….

    I have to mention that Verizon FiOS is not really interested in keeping customers. The package/ price I had a few years ago was excellent and competitive. Now that my contract is up…the potential “upgrades” and “discounts” are almost insulting. The only option provided was a $10/ month discount from the regular package price (zero channel or internet speed upgrades). PLUS, the costs for live TV pause/rewind capability is hidden with FiOS. I have to rent separate DVRs for multiple TVs to have option to rewind/ pause live TV; which costs approx. $20/mo per DVR. For a TV without a DVR, the pause/rewind function is not available and costs $12/mo to rent.

    As a note of caution. I had major pixilation on a certain TV on specific channels. The result of (several months of trouble calls) was the DVR is receiving interference from AT&T cell phone towers. The frequency of a section of channels is near the frequency range of AT&T wireless…every time my phone reaches out to the tower…I get major pixilation on the channel.

    I hope this helps. The base price/ speed may be good for a single TV and limited internet users……but if you look for returning customer discounts or have multiple TVs….make sure you take an extra look at the “shiny” deal that Verizon FiOS offers.

  • User

    I don’t know when this article was written, or if the writer is secretly on the Verizon staff, but I find it incredulous that the writer praises Verizon for it’s customer service. I have NEVER had anything but HORRIBLE, horrible customer service: wait times of 25-40 minutes on the phone; preceded by multiple forays through their frustrating phone menu maze. I am quitting Verizon immediately when my two-year contract is up in 34 days & have already started lining up different service providers. I would never, EVER recommend this company – they are the most aggravating service provider I have ever encountered. Save yourself from ulcers & go ANYWHERE but to Verizon.

    • Terri Oliver

      few seconds ago
      You don’t have to wait 34 days. If you speak with an Xfinity Direct Sales Rep, they can assist you with setting up a bundle that is not only better than what Customer Service can offer, but also as a thank you for coming back to Xfinity, a $150 credit to your account that you will see after about 4-6 weeks. Your pro rated early termination fee with Verizon on their contract, with it only being about 30 days.. Is only going to be about $10. If you have any pricing or service questions, just let me know.
      0 Edit Reply

      • patty

        terri, how do u get ahold of an xfinity direct sales rep? is this the same as calling the customer service number? i am a long time comcast customer. finally looked at my cable bill line by line and was appauled. called verizon and they can significantly offer better for 2 years. called comcast (my contract has expired) and they did lower it, but still $15 bucks a month more. and then in 1 year they will be $30 a month more. called back and spoke with the cancellation dept and they said they cant match and sorry to see u go (after 18 yrs of being with them)

        • Terri Oliver

          Let me know which City you live in. I can look into finding out if I can locate a Supervisor in your area. They may not be able to get your bill where you want it, however they may be able to speak with you about options, and I am certain the customer service in your local market is always better.

        • patty

          thanks! stoneham, mass. since my contract expired, they dropped my bill when i called them. but still $15 higher than verizon for 1st year. and then $30 more next year. doesnt sound like much but it adds up. been with comcast for 18 yrs. and they said they cant do matching prices. and wont bring it down any lower. but will throw in a dvr for free for the 1st year. which no way do i want. because i will forget after a year and everyone knows the drill, u end up forgetting and paying for it going forward.

        • Terri Oliver

          I’m on it Patty. I hope to get some info back to you within 2-3 days. I’m glad you’re on East Coast. If you had been on West Coast.. It would have made it a bit more challenging!

        • patty

          hi terri, thank you!! im not glad right now that im on the east coast. we got a whoppa of a storm coming!

        • David Furniss

          Terri, How do I find a Customer Service Rep to get new internet-only service in Lincroft, NJ 07738 (Lincroft is a borough in Middletown, NJ)?

        • Terri Oliver

          With Internet only services, you can actually often times get the same deals online as with a Direct Rep. The Direct Reps are going to get you better bundle pack offers. The focus (fortunately or unfortunately) because of the cost overhead to place them in the field, is full service packages. If you look online, Xfinity really does have quite a few competitive Internet only offers.

        • David Furniss

          Thank you, I’ve had Verizon DSL for several years and it’s getting worse and worse (dropping out for a few minutes at a time daily). I’m considering switching and am just starting to look at the alternatives. Being retired, I’d like to “get it right” with a low cost, reliable service provider. I’m wondering about a VOIP service such as Ooma to get rid of the (Verizon) land line, too. Now if I could find reliable cell service other than Verizon, I could dump Verizon completely.

          Thanks again.

    • Sandee Warner

      Frontier doesn’t have contracts and since they’re the one that bought out Verizon’s fiber optics, how could you be on a contract?

  • elinor

    They both suck. I moved from one Comcast area into another 9 miles away, keeping my machine, and they wiped out all my recordings after two days; they wouldn’t let me keep my phone number, which caused all sorts of problems with my customer service calls. My new neighborhood is lower priority than the old, probably because, although upscale, it is less dense; the service people are contractors. That said I can’t stand the short On Demand period on my son’s FIOS. It would be a deal breaker for me. Comcast released their X! boxes before they were ready program-wise, but the programmers have finally started catching up with what they should have done in the first place.

    • Terri Oliver

      You don’t have to wait 34 days. If you speak with an Xfinity Direct Sales Rep, they can assist you with setting up a bundle that is not only better than what Customer Service can offer, but also as a thank you for coming back to Xfinity, a $150 credit to your account that you will see after about 4-6 weeks. Your pro rated early termination fee with Verizon on their contract, with it only being about 30 days.. Is only going to be about $10. If you have any pricing or service questions, just let me know.

  • Wish there was another option

    yes — they both are far from ideal. When we had Comcast, I was happy to have an issue, because they had the $20 if we don’t come on time — and they NEVER did.
    I just had a huge issue with a sales person changing my “services” under Verizon, and customer support refusing to fix it. I’m ready to dump them.

    • Terri Oliver

      Contact an Xfinity Direct Sales Representative. They can assist you with all the new services available through Xfinity, they have promotions available that aren’t available when you connect through customer service, and they become your personal connection whenever you need assistance. Xfinity is making changes to give the personal touch.

    • Boris Badenov

      Verizon…big advertisement presence, but the worst even compared to AT&T….COMCAST in 7 states has been super…Xfinity is wow…

  • Terri Oliver

    Your info is incorrect. The Triple Play bundle includes the blast Internet at 105 BPS and Xfinity is not standard cable service . It is upgraded fiber optics. It is NOT the same Comcast product and Comcast has poured multi millions of dollars to completely update their entire infrastructure. The DVR capabilities are more advanced than any provider in the industry. (Record 4, watch live tv) The Xfinity apps are also unlike any other provider in the industry. The DVR is cloud based, so you are able to watch your recordings remotely. The new X1 platform equipment has been designed by Intel, unlike the traditional Motorolla equipment still utilized by Fios. Fios fiber optic was implemented over 8 years ago, and Verizon has not invested anything into new Technology within it’s Cable and Internet services. Would consumers continue to give patronage to other technology providers who neglect to invest in advancing their products and services? Verizon spends multi millions of dollars on their cellular infrastructure, yet completely neglects to spend anything on their Cable and Internet. Yet, consumers and critics alike give opinions on which is better. Clearly, the company invested in advancing the technology in Internet speeds, more HD channels, better mobile applications, and advancing DVR capabilities has the consumer’s interests in mind.

    • Boris Badenov

      This is technically and financially a true statement. The problem is customers are too lazy to negotiate their service pricing, and do not understand how to connect their toys in their residence.

      Tasting both as an engineer, the speed and signal quality is COMCAST hands down.

      Why pay for fiber when your home is not fiber???

      That is like the morons buying sports cars made for high speed roads that are banked in Europe when you cannot go over 65 here on straight roads often clogged with traffic.

      • MightyCash Gerente

        What do you mean that your home is not fiber? After I finishing dumping my cable ISP (cablevision) because they jacked up my price to $220 a month for 3 cableboxes, one cablemodem with the 50 mbps boost plan (at 5 a month xtra) and phone service. Last month bill was at $188 on prior months we noticed that they kept on rising our bill slightly, but 220 was the last straw before we made the switch to fios.

        Anyways, Verizon bought a fiber optic directly to my house, all the way in my living room where it got plugged in to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and from there its just regular coaxial to the two cable boxes in our house.

        The Verizon Fios plan we picked was the double play package for $54, I fixed the phone issue by porting my landline number to Google Voice (after first porting it to TracFone so that Google accepts the port since Google doesnt allow porting direct from a landline number). Then I went to Amazon and purchased an ObiHai 100 VoIP to connect our Google Voice number to ring our landline handsets (like a regular house number) so this effectively gives us free home phone service and helps us save $20 in phone service.

        So, the bottom line for you here is that Verizon WILL run a fiber optic cable directly to your house Because thats how they did it for mines.

  • Steve

    We just switched because Comcast Service was terrible. After repeated calls to fix the internet connection which was only good in the same room as the router, the switch to FIOS was on. There is a world of difference. The FIOS signal is strong anywhere in the house. Do not believe the XFINITY groupies, we have had both services over the years and FIOS was the winner.

    • Boris Badenov

      Illogical….I own my own cable modem…sounds like a bad modem or instillation or you did not have it set correctly.

      Even my remote devices scream a BLAST speed of 50 minimum…educate yourself as to how these things work.

      A little research would have saved you from a 2 year contract, and a bill that you could have lowered by asking.

      • Skeptical

        Wonder how much Comcast pays this guy?

        • Boris Badenov

          Nothing, it is based on measurements using instruments, not conjecture or observations.

          FIOS signal strong everywhere….it should be as your cable should be…you had other issues … unless you had fiber in the house??? So it was the wireless unit…same location…or did you have an older single band wireless modem? My guess is both.

  • Boris Badenov

    BS…as a engineer let’s face facts, not statements without sources.

    Do you really think they have dedciated lines out there for each company?

    Second, COMCAST prices and speeds are far better when actually measured, not observed….their 50/50 is rock steady unlike Verizon.

    Engineering 1010 – imagine a pipe filled with water about a certain diameter that all of your neighbors are sharing…that is your FiOS or cable networks transmission lines…what actually limits your speed other than poor cable boxes or modems, is the number of users, and whatever speed they have set for your connection, and whether your video, cable, voice signal characteristics are correctly set back at the provider end.

    If you line from fiber to the house is copper, well that ends the high speed advantage. SO you are paying exactly for what? If you have a fiber modem, you make out with FiOS, and if not, throwing money away.

    Advantage is FiOS channels seem to be more, but you pay for the added channel count that comes with COMCAST.

    Now the truth to lowering your bill and increasing your internet speed…NEGOTIATE !!! I just lowered my COMCAST bill by $60 a month…you are paying for a service and you can switch providers, so like buying a car, use the brain and if you do not like the price, switch.

    And you do not need a contract with COMCAST-think whether you want a 2 year contract with penalties over your head for switching later.

    • getFIOS

      I do not understand what you are referring to when saying that copper cannot support Comcast or FIOS residential speeds… you might want to use specification for types copper you reffering to…. so 1gbps not good for your home where you do 50/50mbps? (Also as an engineer keep your mind open and be flexible it will help you to move up)

      Second you should not insult people, but simply publish performance numbers side by side, yes Comcast has ok throughput and latency for business owners, regular household who cares about security does not need 50mbps upload so i assume you run a small business from your home.

      just to compare: FIOS; I pay $34.99 for 30/5 including taxes; I use internet only option, my phone and fax connected via ObiHai; phone number transferred from Comcast to T-Mobile to Google very useful for spam filtering. I stream everything form internet; only contact customer service to reduce price, i have FIOS for years now and monitor throughput and latency to make sure i am satisfied. By they way i switched because Comcast had a limit of 300MB a month (as an engineer you should be able to count how fast you can saturate it with 50mbps) …and was not reliable.
      it is funny…Now you have Comcast representatives on this form they spend time and money on these forums but do nothing to improve service.

  • klbpreston65

    Terri, I agree with you and know how to contact Comcast Direct Sales Rep.

  • Rodger Thomas

    It helps to put a date after the byline. This article is 5 years old. (as of 2015)

  • Michelle Gaines Singleton

    I think the other one is better every two years. *shrugs*

  • Coyote jodie

    Fios sucks. Anytime I watch something on demand HD it breaks up and the sound goes in and out. Save your money. Dish is even better

  • B Got It

    I just made the switch from Comcast to Fios mainly because of pricing. After the promotional period the price jumped up another $20/month. To me it’s not worth that much I’m going from 170/month (4boxes 25down/5up) with Comcast to 145/month for Fios (4boxes 50down/50up). I’m getting double the internet speed and more channels. Also X1 boxes are painfully slow responding to remote button presses and installers refuse to wirefish so they just drill a bunch of holes in the sides of your house. Thanks Comcast.

  • arrow

    verizon sucks most tv shows are $4 comcast most are 0.00

  • Contractor

    I have posted on this forum before. I own one of the largest cable contracting companies in New England and currently sell both services in various states where I am contracted to do so by each company respectively. Again this article was absolutely written by someone STRONGLY advocating Verizon making sure to point out every flaw with Comcast some of which are not even true and leaving out just about every flaw Verizon has, while I won’t mention those so as not to shoot myself in the foot in certain markets, I think it is comical how people are allowed to post this Verizon sales pitch as though it were unbiased.


    a negative review for XFINITY / COMCAST. I don’t know from where to begin, but briefly I advise all users not to deal with Xfinity – Comcast Internet provider if you wish to safe your time, nerves, Health and Money…. It is the worst I have ever dealt with and the worst service, Internet not stable, it fluctuate, the Billing is ALWAYS ALWAYS HIGHER THAN IT SHOULD.
    They seem to be helpful and supportive but in fact it is nothing but a cheat just to so called, offer support that does not solve any issue.
    I came to the point that i would even stay without internet just for the sake of not using what they call internet service.
    I recommend everyone not to use XFINITY- COMCAST!! IT IS JUST SOOO DISAPPOINTING…

  • dog lee

    Comcast / Xfinity has a nice little Monopoly going on in Seekonk Massachusetts 02771 and no one will do a damn thing about it it’s around my hometown all of the internet around the surrounding towns it ain’t who you know it’s who you know I don’t need to tell you

  • dog lee

    I tried sending this to ABC WPRI 12 everything as you can see my post in they charge outrageous prices because they’re the only internet in this town but of course the TV only does things just got to do it the government

  • Sean

    DO NOT USE VERIZON. I just got off the with a Jen R who was from their CEO’s executive relations team. It’s a shame that Lowell McAdam has an employee on his executive team with such horrible customer service skills. I have been fighting w/ Verizon for a month now over charges on my Grandmother’s account that we discovered when she became sick that she was unaware of (such as cloud storage which she never used a single KB of) I asked that Verizon waive her outstanding bill of approx $330 as restitution for the cloud storage they unethically added to her account and because she was paying over $165/month for their lowest speed internet and home phone. They offered me a $50 bill credit and then after another week of fighting offered a $120 bill credit courtesy of Craig Silliman’s office. I will now be cancelling my personal FIOS account and switching providers ASAP. If you would like more information on the dozens of phone calls, emails and live chats I had to endure just to be told that they had to continue charging my Grandmother’s account after she passed away because we didn’t notify them immediately and that a small bill credit was the best they could do please send me an email, I would love to elaborate. I have a 3 page word document w/ all of the headaches in detail for when I file a complaint w/ the NJ division of aging and NJ AG office later this week. Do not give Verizon a dime. They do not care about their customers (or employees appratantly- google Verizon strike). They would have made enough off of my personal account’s next two bills to cover what I was asking to be waived on my Grandmother’s account. Seems like a smart business decision right? Lose a loyal customer who pays on time every month because you would rather charge a grieving family for ridiculous fees and extra charges on a deceased person’s account who you had been ripping off for years. Verizon is a bunch of criminals and should be ashamed of the way they treat the elderly and their customers. This was the worst customer service experience I have ever endured in my entire life. You are better off with Xfinity, cablevision or even just a Hulu/netflix account than you are w/ Verizon. DO NOT RISK getting involved with such a deceitful company.

  • Not interested in Fios

    I am a Comcast customer, and have been for a very long time.
    Recently I have been visiting two Verizon customers and noticed something simple that is missing from the Verizon Fios service, a channel guide.
    These customers do not have HD service. One recently had a Fios service tech out for a problem, and questioned the tech as to why there wasn’t a channel guide. The tech said it wasn’t available on the basic box, and they would have to upgrade to HD (he just happened to have a HD box on his truck). Of course, he would have to notify customer service and they would have to increase the cost of their service.
    Strange that you can’t pull up a channel guide when you don’t have HD service.
    It’s even stranger that with Comcast I have used this same basic cable box and they have always had a channel guide available.
    The channel guide has nothing to do with the box, or the type service. It has to do with the program they download to the box.
    So, what it really tells me is the Verizon eliminates this very basic item in order to “upsell”.
    Not very ethical if you ask me.


    DO NOT GO WITH VERIZON!!! UNETHICAL, DECEITFUL AND HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I felt it was important to let consumers know what a terrible company they are. I spent 1:07 yesterday on the phone (wasting my life!) to get nowhere with 3 customer service people who told me lies and talked to me in their confusing language. “thank you for your patience, but here’s what we can do for you. [proceeded to tell me with confusing numbers and deceitful ploys] that they were not able to do anything that I asked. Worse, they tried to deny my request and lock me in for a 2 year contract! I just don’t think that people should me made to feel stupid. It’s not good business. After being a “loyal and valued” customer for so many years, they could not honor my simple request. That is not acceptable and as a consumer, we are powerless to do anything against this monopoly provider except to tell the world truly how awful they are.

    1. One hour on the phone with 3 unresponsive and incompetent customer service people is not okay.
    2. Confusing us with “options” and numbers that don’t add up is not okay.
    3. Deceiving us by trying to lock in a contract is not okay.

    They treat the customer like idiots and unfortunately, if you try to escalate it, you get more of the same and you just have wasted more and more time. We are cancelling and while it’s harder for us to transition providers, on principle — nobody who has been “loyal” should be made to feel like powerless idiots. It’s not okay.