Craigslist Will Soon Replace Ebay As The New Website To Find a Good Deal

If you have not checked out your local craigslist website on, then you need to go do it right now.  The chances of there being a craigslist pertaining to the city you live in or a city near you is VERY high. is a classified ads website with literally thousands of ads for anything and everything. 

My wife and I are addicted to the orlando and tampa craigslist sites.  Recently, we bought a pair of full-size leather couches that were in great condition for $500 to buy the pair.  It was a great deal, and we love the couches in our new condo.  We have also sold an old leather chair for $25 after about 6 hours of it being listed on the gainesville craigslist, and our dog’s old training crate for $30.  My favorite sections to search on craigslist are electronics, household, furniture, and cars.  Craigslist is unique in the fact that most of the site is free to post ads and you can post up to four pictures for free.  Traditional classified ads never post pictures, and if you are like me, you do not want to go and visit 20 different houses just to take a look at a couch or a television. 

I love Ebay, but it has really gone down the dumps lately.  It is almost impossible to find a good deal on ebay, anymore.  There are still hard-to-find products out there that you can find for a good deal on ebay, but the marketplace has been flooded and the quality of products on ebay has gone down as well.  Craigslist offers a great alternative by allowing consumers to surf for items, see pictures of the item, and email questions to the seller or buyer.  it basically eliminates the auction, the shipping fees, and some of the hassles that go along with buying or selling on ebay. 

If you have an old piece of furniture, appliance, or electronic device, try listing it on craigslist.   I guarantee that the response rate will surprise you.  Do you have a good or bad experience with Craigslist that you would like to share?  Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about it.  Also, comment on any great deals that you found on Craigslist. 


  • Mac

    Craigslist is an awesome resource, especially for larger items that are too costly to ship via eBay. However, for popular items, eBay is still King as there is a much larger audience willing to bid on there. Then again, you’ll then be forced to pay the ever-increasing final item fee, AND the paypal fee, AND the shipping fee. Ouch. With Craiglist you have to meet with people, sometimes MANY people to sell your items and must be careful with that as well.

    More options are better though!

  • b noles

    to sell two story log home and twenty four acres in graham,alabama with flowing creek
    four bedroom, two baths pine hardwood flooring great buy!

    located in graham,alabama near lake wedowee.

  • Stacy Kelly

    Ebay sucks…CL is the best!…Not only is CL better pricewise…but you can go view the item to see if is what you want, negotiate and deal done!…This bullshit with EBAY and the feedback sucks out loud…They are biased and unfair…They let the buyer leave feedback and not the seller…..When they are involved in a “resolution”..the buyer ALWAYS win…no matter what…so there is no such thing as a resolution..the hassle is not worth it…it is far better to take a little less on an item on CL…make the customer happy and have cash in hand…none of this paypal (an EBAY company) crap….i LOVE Craigslist…and love to sell items. I deal with high end everything ….from TREK bikes, to UPPA BABY carriages, EMMULJUNGA….Christian Dior, Northface, COACH clothes and bags…and tons more…and enjoy giving very steep discounts to make people happy…Everyone wins!…

  • mik

    From a sellers standpoint…craigslist is a bust.. I’d rather sell on amazon and get a more realistic price for what the item is worth, rather than craigslist where everyone is looking for ‘new and expensive’ at garage sale prices. And craigslist is pretty limited
    to your local area.

    Nothing against CL… its a good place to dump stuff at very low prices… just not a place to sell anything at a reasonable price.

    Ebay sucks… it always has, always will. Too much BS.

    I love Amazon both as a buyer and a seller…. customers are customers with money to spend rather than the bottom fishers on craigslist. That’s a good marketplace !!