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When it comes to the world of cable/satellite TV, I am a firm believer in “jumping around.” Switching from one provider to another is usually pretty easy and can save you a great deal of money. Most companies have no early cancellation fees, some require no contracts, and they always have great deals going on. In short, you should not hesitate to switch companies if there is a better deal to be had.

While looking for ways to save money on my monthly television service, I considered all the major players in my area: Comcast, AT&T U-verse, and a few others. Consequently, I am seriously thinking about jumping back to DIRECTV. I left them several years ago over a minor dispute with their customer service, but it seems like they have figured things out. And even with that bit of history, I can’t deny that they offer the best deals out there.

Here are a few reasons why DIRECTV is one of my top picks among television service providers:

TV Packages and Perks

The two major questions on your mind when searching for a new provider might be:

  • What can I get for free?
  • Do they have the right package for me?

DIRECTV answers both of these with flying colors.

1. Basic Offerings

Probably the biggest advantage DIRECTV has over the competition is the list of basic perks they offer with any package. Here is what you can look forward to if you decide to switch your current service to DIRECTV:

  • No Equipment to Buy. They waive virtually all fees for any equipment you might need to buy to initiate service.
  • No Start-Up Costs. Initiation Fees? Start-up Fees? Installation Fees? Forget about it. All of this is done without charge.
  • Free HD. With my current provider, I pay an extra fee for HD service. Not so with DIRECTV. HD is included in all of their packages.
  • Free HD Receiver. An HD receiver is basically a device that receives and decodes high-definition TV signals. If your TV doesn’t come with a built-in HD receiver, DIRECTV will include one at no additional charge.
  • Every Premium Channel Free. Sounds hard to believe, but by signing up now, you can receive premium channels like Starz, Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax free for three months. For all you movie lovers out there – how can you beat that?
  • DIRECTV Cinema. If you sign up now, you can get access to 400 of the newest movie releases, and over 6,000 additional shows and movies at no extra charge.

2. Available Packages

All of these benefits are available in a lineup of different packages you can choose from to fit your viewing needs:

  • Choice. 150+ digital channels, free HD or DVR receiver upgrade (currently $29.99 per month after rebate and 2 year contract).
  • Choice Extra. 210+ digital channels, free HD and DVR receiver upgrade, free HD service (currently $34.99 per month after rebate and 2 year contract).
  • Choice Ultimate. 225+ digital channels, free HD and DVR receiver upgrade, free HD service (curently $39.99 per month after rebate and 2 year contract).
  • Premier. 285+ digital channels, free HD and DVR receiver upgrade, free HD service, every premium movie channel included (currently $83.99 per month after rebate and 2 year contract).
  • Business Options. For those of you looking for options for satellite TV for your business, DIRECTV has you covered there as well. Whether you have a small start-up standalone business, or one with multiple locations, DIRECTV has the right package for you. They can give you access to over 160 channels, exclusive sports packages like NFL Sunday Ticket, and they even have international programming options.

If you can’t find something to make you happy in this list, then you are a very tough customer indeed. On the other hand, if you do like what you see, remember to take any possible concerns into account before switching.

Additional Considerations

Now that I officially sound like the new DIRECTV spokesperson (they’re not paying me, I swear), let’s take a look at a few issues you’ll want to consider before making your decision.

1. Cable vs. Satellite

Those of you that currently have satellite service (i.e. DIRECTV vs. Dish Network) may be wondering if cable is a better deal. Obviously, you’ll want to do some comparisons yourself, but in my opinion, satellite wins hands down. I’ve found no significant benefits to going with cable. There is no notable difference in the number of outages between the two, and DIRECTV simply gives you more to enjoy.

2. Drawbacks

Of course, no product out there today is perfect, so I would be remiss if I did not mention what I see to be the main drawbacks of DIRECTV:

  • Weather-related issues. I do recall losing reception during some rain storms and periods of high wind. The outages were usually short, but it was pretty annoying nonetheless.
  • Customer Service. When I was a customer of DIRECTV, their customer service department was decent, but always seemed more concerned in me upgrading my package than addressing the issue I was calling about.
  • Equipment. Keep in mind that if you leave DIRECTV, you are responsible for disposing of the old equipment. As a matter of fact, I still have their old dish on my roof.

Be sure to consider whether you will get enough “bang for your buck” with whatever television service provider you decide to go with. If you spend your leisure time doing other things and really aren’t into movies and sports, then obviously there are less expensive alternatives out there. However, if you’re a movie-junkie, hardcore sports fan, or simply an avid television viewer, DIRECTV will be just the right fit.

Final Word

As I said in the beginning, when it comes to TV service, I am a firm believer in “jumping around.” There aren’t too many industries that offer no contract cancellation fees, or free start-ups. Luckily, the world of “pay TV” does. Therefore, it has always been my best advice that you switch whenever and wherever you can as long as you can save a buck.

Taking that into consideration, it is definitely worth noting that DIRECTV currently has some of the best packages out there, at some of the most competitive rates. Those of you in the market to switch TV companies should keep DIRECTV at the top of your list.

Have you ever been a DIRECTV customer? Was the experience good or bad? Feel free to share your stories and best tips in the comments below.

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  • lee henry

    HI WHY CANT DIRECTV HAVEa web site to go to when we have troule with the signal to just punch in our account number &get our signal that way???

  • Floratropica

    When was this article written? No contract?? I had to sign a 2-year contract to obtain DirecTV and boy I wish I hadn’t. They have the worst customer service of any company I’ve dealt with. They will never put anything in writing by email, their telephone CSR’s continually put one of hold for lengthy periods of time, and unfortunately some of the CSR’s are clearly not in the US and they do not seem to understand what is being said. I’ve been a customer for 1 year and am dreading the increase in rates which I foolishly agreed to in the contract and can no longer afford due to job downsizing.

  • mdphd1960

    This is a commercial disguised as an article. There is a 2 year contract with a 20 dollare a month penalty for withdrawal. So if it is installed poorly (all installers are contracted, not employees, so there is variability), or it doesn’t work well, you must spend a minimum of 2-3 hours on the phone and with technicians at your house to avoid the penalty. If you are a professional, this is an expensive proposition; you must miss work. Contrary to commercials, the cable does go out frequently, on a weekly basis, if not more. Cable is more expensive, but there is a reason for this. It is a far superior product. I am spending 420 to get out of my DTV contract just so I can switch back and have TV that works.

    • Davidbakke

      Sorry to hear about your experience, but thanks for sharing with our other readers.

  • mdphd1960

    Sorry, I mean DTV goes out on a weekly basis. Cable only goes out if the cable is cut, which for me has been once in 10 years.s

  • Carrascomoises48

    No Way! Direct TV is the Worst cable company I have ever tried. They find one way or another to scam you. Unless you like having your service interrupted on a daily basis, don’t buy into the scam! Never received any reward for referring someone as promised. Never received a working DVR, they kept sending a used one to replace it. I regret ever trying DTV, never will return and will inform everyone I know the truth about DTV!

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  • Bjoshua2001

    My FB Comment:

    HELP NEEDED! So DirectTV has been harassing me on a mistake they made on my bill. I have gotten anywhere from 3-5 automated calls a day for the last two weeks, which results in the machine hanging up on me. I have spoken to numerous reps and supervisors over the last three days and I still keep getting called. Mind you I received an actual bill 5 days ago. After telling them that I am going to pay it and leave me alone, I still keep getting calls. Sadly there is nothing I can do to stop the harassment. So please take my comment and post it on your page. If at a bare minimum I keep one person from contributing to their CEO’s 6 million dollar/yr salary then I have done my part!

    • Davidbakke

      Sorry to hear about your experience, but thanks for sharing it with our readers!

  • Margo2475

    They fooled me even before i signed a contract, so I never became their customer. And they do not seem to care that they lost a prospective customer. I called to sign up for service, they even set me up with account and charged $20.71 fee. They quoted me for $59.98 for Entertainment package+Internet. Agent on the phone was all nice and cheerful until she transfered me to their bundle department to finish my set up with verizon for internet. That was when I learned that I had to purchase phone+internet from Verizon for additional $60, making it total of $90 ($30 for Tv and $60 for phone+internet). When I inquired why this was not communicated to me I was told that “agent probably was not aware”. Their words exactly. I canceled everything and told them tat they just lost me as a customer. They said that was fine and our conversation ended on that. I called Time Warner cable is got cable Tv and internet fr the same price Direct Tv initially quoted me $60/month for first 12 months. And no contract!

    • Davidbakke


      I’m glad you figured it out before they sucked you in! Our readers will appreciate your feedback…

  • Pensacolaray


  • Mad Mick

    We had Direct Tv installed and it was a huge mistake. We should have had the tech just leave. He wasn’t going to get his ladder off the truck for anything so he mounted the dish to our deck. I asked if it was high enough because of some trees in our neighbors yard. His answer was it would take them years to grow tall enough to interfere with the signal, well he was wrong. Next I asked if he could run the cable over the deck supports so they wouldn’t be seen,well that didn’t happen either. He cut the existing cables coming into the house which I thought was just spitfull (must be someone else had canned him. Then the installation of the equipment in the basement is another joy to behold, he didn’t think he had any longer cables so everything is just hanging from the ceiling, he had to leave a ceiling tile out to accomplish this mess. When we called customer service it was basically “Oh well”.

    • Davidbakke

      Wow–that sounds like the worst of the worst! Thanks for sharing with our readers.

  • Vinnie J

    Directv is starting to suck!!!!!This recent channel take back is the last for me.When I first got directv, I had the basic package, But my son had to have his channels.long story short,I had to pay for those extra channels they took away.Guess they dont mind if i change the contract on this end!!!!!!!!!!

    • Davidbakke

      I think you’re starting to see a lot of that with DIRECTV and a few other companies…thanks for sharing!

  • Klaussen9

    Directv is horrible!!!!! They are losing their channels and you never know when you turn on your TV if you will have the same channel line up. The billing is awful, no one bill is the same. The customer service sucks, it is by far the worst service ever, all they want to do is sell you new packages and not fix anything. I do not recomend them at all.

  • Klaussen9

    Directv is horrible!!!!! They are losing their channels and you never know when you turn on your TV if you will have the same channel line up. The billing is awful, no one bill is the same. The customer service sucks, it is by far the worst service ever, all they want to do is sell you new packages and not fix anything. I do not recomend them at all.

    • dude

      boy, my experiences with them have always been positive. their customer service reps have always helped me out. I’m sorry for what’s happened to you, though!

  • Hmans_2000

    Direct TV are a bunch of thieves who like to just randomly charge your card even for products that you never ordered, and will refuse to give you a refund saying all they can do is give you a credit which they will never honor because the person who said they will give you a credit will never put it in the system.

  • Watobin

    Just talked with DirectTV customer service. First off, the rep reminded me to submit my rebate offers, and when I said I had, he said, “calm down,” it’s just a reminder. Don’t need reminding for something I’d already done. I’ve been a subscriber for a month and asked about changing an existing box for a HD box. I was told it would cost an additional $170, and a two year contract. I talked to the manager on duty and she says that there is a 2 week window to make adjustments, but admitted that they don’t make that known when a new order is signed. If that was the case I would have done that within the timeframe. Don’t want a new box, just a trade in for the existing box. Never had these issues with Time Warner and will not be continuing my service with them once my contract is over. This is one customer who will be gone over $170 when they’re getting that in one month of service.

  • Explorer555

    Don’t waste your time! If you have a problem. the people at Direct tv are stone-face and cold-hearted, unable or unwilling to understand and work with you concerning a DISABILITY!

  • suzannekh

    Their employees just hang up the phone on you after hours of being transferred all around. The worst EVER. I will disconnect my services.

  • Peter

    Direct TV SUCKS. Do you want to know why? Unlike Service Electric Cable TV Direct TV makes you pay for sports even local sports games. Service Electric Cable TV always has the local sports on and a lot of sports games that arent local for free. That is why I would Pick Service Electric Cable TV over Direct TV any day.

  • Peter

    Direct TV SUCKS. Do you want to know why? Unlike Service Electric Cable TV Direct TV makes you pay for sports even local sports games. Service Electric Cable TV always has the local sports on and a lot of sports games that arent local for free. That is why I would Pick Service Electric Cable TV over Direct TV any day.

  • Carla

    Direct TV used to be a customer friendly company but they are greedy now and they don’t care about their customers at all. There is an opt in option for those who want to pay their bills automatically. I can also allow my financial institution to pay my bills which I do now that I am ill. But charges were taken off my credit card without my authorization. They took advantage of information I provided in good faith . Now I know why they insist on having it, but that doesn’t mean they can use it whenever they want to. That should be illegal. These corporations keep talking about to much government, well they start treating citizens unfairly and we need laws to protect us from this kind of thing. I had to reverse the charges with my bank and cancel the card they were using to prevent them from doing this again. It scared me. They took money I didn’t even expect to come out and had no bill for. I don’t want anyone to use my card unless I authorize it, every purchase, that’s how we keep track of our accounts and money. I don’t care if it’s in the very fine print of their contract. They are vultures and I don’t recommend them to anyone anymore. In fact I posted this on my website so those visiting are warned about this company. Also their contract makes no provision for people who have unforeseen circumstances either. They only care about getting our money and that’s not the kind of business we need especially in these times.


  • Gerry

    Yes, I’ve been a directTV customer, and it was the absolute worst experience of my life. This company is the worst of the worst, lying and cheating customer service, and frauds. These people should be ashamed of themselves for what they do to people. Whatever you do, do your research on this company before signing up and you’ll find countless others with my opinion. Stay far away, and choose Time Warner, Cox, ATT, DishNetwork, instead and be glad you avoided this despicable company.

  • Very Dissatisfied

    STAY AWAY!!!!! This is the worst company ever! If you give them
    your credit card information they will randomly take money out of you account
    even if the satellite bill is not in your name! They claim they have the right
    to do that without your authorization and/or knowledge? Are you kidding me? They withdrew ever dime from my daughter’s
    account, leaving her without a dime and she has a baby for which she cannot buy
    food or diapers and they could care less!!!
    And, they have the worst customer service and management team EVER!!! Do
    no do business with these people, they are the worst. Stick with Time Warner or
    Dish Network.

  • DISH over Direct TV

    This company requires a contract and has early termination fees that are almost as high as those charged by cell phone companies. The only reason I have a satellite is the DVR. Mine has not worked for more than a week and they still expect me to pay for service. When a technician finally came, he determined that the problem was the DVR, yet did not replace it. So after the wait, I am still paying for a service that I did not receive.

    Their advertising about the whole home DVR is deceptive. While you can stop a recording in one room and pick it up at the same point in another, only one tv other than the dvr can be watching a recording at any given time. So if you have three tvs in your home, only two at a time can watch a recording.

    Their charge that DISH increases their fees after a few months is hypocritical because they do exactly the same thing. I had DISH before and can’t wait to go back – even if it is a little more expensive. With them, they happily and without question credited my account for interruptions in service.

  • Jdiddy646

    DIRECT TV is the worst company I have ever dealt with. After the first year the service is not worth the price you pay for it. Also ensure you request enough receivers for your whole house up front or get ready to get screwed over. I only had one tv at the time I purchased my service, so I only got one receiver. Some time goes by and we get another tv and ask about buying another receiver and this is what they offered
    $99 for the receiver
    $49 installing fee
    $6 per month for the receiver
    24 month extension to you contact
    All this to just purchase another receiver for your home without any discount,rebate, or upgrade to you service. My opinion STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  • Cindy

    HD IS NOT FREE!!!!!!!! There is a $10 monthly charge to receive the HD signal!!!!!! The HD receiver and signal are TWO SEPARATE line items!! This article is WRONG!!! “Free HD. With my current provider, I pay an extra fee for HD service. Not so with DIRECTV. HD is included in all of their packages.” HD service IS NOT FREE!!!!!!! The first receiver is free and additional receivers cost, but the HD signal is $10 no matter what!!!

  • John M. Johnson

    Good deal if your a new customer, bad deal if your a current customer. I have been with them 15 years and when I saw the latest offer of free Nfl Sunday ticket for new signees I called to see if they would give an existing 15 year customer the same offer. I spoke with a gentlemen who offered me the ticket but only if I agreed to a one year commitment . On top of that he said that it would automatically renew unless I called to tell them I didn’t want it. I consider auto renewals gotcha policies as most people will forget to cancel . I just don’t get why big companies like direc tv can’t recognize where their money is made, it’s made from the loyal customer. Drop the stupid policies that run people off.

  • Unhappy Customer

    When I first enrolled in DirecTV I was quoted $29.99 a month for a year. I was excited! Then after the first month, the bill I recieved was $35.00. Not what I was promised, but still, not too bad. The next few months it seemed to increase 10, 15 dollars everytime. I am positive they nickel and dime you and all the while, we are clueless because they convince you to sign up for their auto draft system for $10 off per month, yet another lie. And don’t get me started on the “Free HD for Life” what a crock. It dissappears and can never be reinstated if you downgrade a tier. I dropped ONE tier and *poof* it was gone. So much for free for life. I have been on the phone with them at least once per month since I became a customer, and cannot wait until my contract runs out. The customer service reps can put any discounts they want on it, it just depends on their mood when they answer your phone call. This month, my bill is $96.58. Just for tv, not internet, no DVR. Just Choice package and HD. Don’t buy into their lies, it’ll break the bank.

  • pamltj

    I was with comcast before Direct TV. Comcast is so much better. Direct TV mislead me about recording 2 shows at once. This can only happen if you are not watching tv at that time. I decided to just tested the sales staff telling them exactly what I wanted and they also told me I could do what I want, but you can not. They will tell you anything to get you signed up for a 2 year contract. In order for me to record 2 shows at once and watch something else all at the same time I would need another DRV box on other TV and that cost $200.00. Direct TV Sales teams must be on commission and will tell you anything to get you signed up.

  • jdharshfield

    Directv sucks!

    You can’t watch on demand shows from any TV without
    recording the show on the DVR first!

    On demand show are downloaded via your internet connection forcing
    you to upgrade your bandwidth!

    If you have the average WIFI router in your home you’ll have
    to buy one that pushed out more bandwidth or no other devices can is the WIFI.

    Directv has the worst customer service I’ve even encountered!

    On 14 September 2012 we had Directv installed in our home. We
    are big on demand fans as we enjoy watching TV on our schedule not the
    networks. When directv was installed they did not install the Home Cinema Kit
    which lets you access on demand shows. We called Directv and they sent us the
    kit but to the wrong address twice, taking over a week in a half for one to actually
    get to us. I hooked it up and we could now get on demand shows but only on the
    DVR not the other 3 Directv boxes. I called Directv for the 10th
    about this issue and was informed for the first time that only the DVR would
    allow us to watch on demand shows. But if we wanted we could download the show
    via the DVR and then watch it on any other TV. We were sold this system under
    the impression that it would work just like cable, which it doesn’t! To resolve
    this Directv will send us another DVR for $280 or disconnect for a huge fee.

  • mike

    wow…this “review” is so one sided, you must be backed by direct tv, not one bad thing to say? I find that very hard to believe.

    • Chelsea Smith

      Ive noticed that….dish network isent as great as they say as well…i mean they say they dont take channels away, they took away alot of channels that i liked for months an i tried to cancel my moms account so i can make my own an they wont let me for 3 months….So now im stuck with this huge bill that mom couldent pay off…

  • Wendy Franks

    Direct TV is the worst ever. I used to have Dish Network and I decided to bundle with AT&T who uses Direct TV so I had to switch. I have had nothing but problems ever since and I never had problems with Dish Network. I have had billing issues several times, spent hours on the phone because they keep rising my monthly amount from what I was quoted by AT&T. AT&T quoted me $60.99 per month. I had the billing included on my AT&T bill. They kept cutting off my Direct TV service even though I was paying my AT&T bill ontime. Direct TV then blamed AT&T and AT&T would then say it was Direct TV. I do think it was Direct TV because none of my other phone services or internet were ever shut off, only my TV service. Then I threatened to cancel and a girl named Kelly ID# 100626874 at Direct said she could set me on a separate billing with Direct TV which would prevent the billing issue. I specifically asked her if doing this would change my monthly amount from the $60.99 and she said no it would not change it, that it would remain at the $60.99. So she set up the billing separately which I thought would solve everything. So I get a bill from Direct TV this month for $102.18. I called again and they said the higher bill is correct. I asked to speak to a manager and they switched me to Mike customer service ID # 455184. He told me that the bill was higher because I had lost my discounts when Kelly switched me over to the separate billing. I wanted to scream. I told him that she had promised me my bill would remain at $60.99 and he said it had to go to management and he could not correct my bill at this time. I told him I would write a review about how terrible there service is and that I have never had such awful service with any company in my life. I told him to listen to all the conversations I had with Kelly and others so he could see what I was told. He brushed me off and said nothing he could do. Worst company ever. Also, now they say the price is only good for the first year with them. When I signed up AT&T never told me the price would change after one year or that there is a $400 early cancellation fee with Direct TV if you cancel. I was never told this either. Totally unethical and deceptive. I am going to cancel and go back to Dish Network or get cable because this company is HORRIBLE and I will not pay any early cancellation fee because I was never told of it and I never signed anything and their service is the worst I have ever experienced. Do not sign up with Direct TV or bundle with them through AT&T if you want to keep your sanity and your money.

  • Yelena_1720

    i signed up a year ago with directtv.. since i didn’t have a credit i was told to deposit $400 which i will get back.. (i decided to go through with getting it only because i was told i would get the $400 back.) its been a year so i call customer service. the Representative asked me if i deposited $200. i looked through my bank statements and told him it was $400. After that he tells me he found it. i asked him if i can get the money back on my bank acct. or does it have to be credit. He told me credit only. And that i will be receiving credit on my next bill. So my next bill comes and i see its not credited from the $400. so i call customer service again.. I spoke with the representative and told him my case. He told me he couldn’t find anything on my account. he does say though that if i did get credit back it would be on a card of credit. so i asked him to check my last call. he said he found a note on the call that i did call about the deposit a month ago. but the note didn’t have details. (how convenient for DirectTv to use that excuse) I got really upset because i was already told twice i would get my deposit back (when i signed up and a month ago when i first called about the deposit.) So i asked to speak with the supervisor. She had me tell her my case and i did. She tells me they cant find anything. so i asked her if the calls are recorded. She told me they are but not every call. so i asked her to see if ANY of my calls where recorded. Because i know what i was told and i want it to be honored. So she put me on hold for awhile. When she comes back she tells me NONE of my calls where ever recorded. (wow how convenient for DirectTv again) She tells me “im sorry but our policy doesn’t return or credit deposits” So i told her the only reason why i went through with DirectTv was because i was told i would get it back. But all she told me was that i wont get it back no matter what. ******So im really upset and HATE the service i received. i got lied too just to sign up with DirectTv. I will NEVER refer any neighbors, friends or family to DirectTv.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE AFTER MY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless they do honer what i was told i will make my experience be known.

  • Skmoyer1

    direct tv is the biggest joke i have ever seen. It is just shamefull how they operate

  • Maria T Hebert

    Lol u guys have got to listen carefully when the csr read your disclosure. If u are a high risk customer with a 400 deposit you DO get it back. When I say high risk I mean bad credit. You get the money in $5 increments on your bill every month. Also if you were quoted a price of 29.99 and ur price goes up 5 or 6 on your bill the second month it’s because u were not listening when the csr read you the disclosure saying ” I’m going to enroll you in the direct tv protection plan” billing for that happens on ur second month. It’s really 19.99 but if u question it they drop it to 5.99.

  • Jer

    Trash,Trash. I got robbed. I signed up for a $49 a month Direct tv and after three months my bill is $120 a month. Triple. The CEO of this company got a $80 million dollar bonus plus his salary. Don’t get robbed like I did. Read the fine print

  • MSilver

    I do not recommend DirecTV. If you have a choice between Dish Network and DirecTV, choose Dish. DirecTV added an NFL package to our plan without notice. It was under the guise of a free trial offer. The scam is it comes with an auto renewal so DirecTV added the expensive NFL package to our plan without our consent and charged us $32.99 extra every month. Our bill went up to $197 a month! When I noticed it, I called to cancel the NFL pkg. I didn’t ask for a refund for the past charges, I just asked to cancel the $32.99 pkg from that day forward. They said I couldn’t cancel because I was bound by contract. They said I should have called them within days of the first charge. How could I be bound by contract when I never authorized the extra package in the first place? I wish I could switch to Dish Network but I can’t for another 7 months without paying a hefty cancellation fine. I did an online search and DirecTV has a ton of negative reviews and complaints about unauthorized charges. Now I have to check my DirecTV bill line by line for unauthorized charges every single month in case they try and do this again. A DirecTV call center employee anonymously posted on a blog that every customer needs to read ALL of the fine print on their DirecTV contract. The employee stated it is the customer’s own fault since it is perfectly legal to add packages to a customer’s bill. I had Dish Network for over 10 years and they never added anything without our consent. I will switch back to Dish as soon as our DirecTV contract ends in 6 months.

  • Chgoguy

    Direct TV has Shady Business Practices..
    I chose to cancel my service with Direct TV for numerous reasons of bad service and Shady Business Practices used to attempt to get more money from their customers. Because there are several to mention, I will write on the one issue I found the most deceptive and Unethical!!
    I called Direct TV to cancel my subscription. Direct TV does not want to lose its customers, but I wished they would spend the same effort to fix their practices as trying to save its customers. When I called I was transferred to a “special” group that spends a great deal of time trying to convince you otherwise. With each new person I spoke with, I had to explain why I wished to close my account. This took at least 30 minutes. When I finally got to the last person, he had me on the phone for a long time again while attempting to get me to change my mind. During our conversation, I told this person several times, “please just close my account”.
    It was the winter time and my wife came yelling to me, our water pipe broke and water was pouring in through my ceiling of my finished basement.
    I told Direct TV, “I’m having an emergency, please just close my account” and I hung up.
    Now at the time I hung up, I was on the phone for over 1 hour at this point and one would believe they would have canceled my account, but much to my surprise, I continued to receive bills.
    I called and spoke to a supervisor and explained the story, and she basically said, Ohhh well, you have to pay because I did not stay on the phone for the duration of phone call despite the fact that I explained I was on the phone for close to 1 hour and that we had water pouring in our home….
    I can’t believe Direct TV resorts to such unethical business practices; just a sign of their desperation!!!!

  • Bertie

    You must be a pimp for direct tv. How much are they paying you??

  • Max Picco

    Direct TV is very dishonest! They trap you into new contracts every chance they get. Example; their equipment quit working so I contacted them to get the receiver fixed or replaced. They did replace it, but with another one that didn’t work. Then they upgraded my receiver and at the same time, extended my contract without my knowledge. Today I canceled my Direct TV for many reasons, but I was shocked to learn that I needed to pay Direct TV $360 to end my contract that I never extended, but they did when they upgraded my receiver (to one that worked, I know that’s a lot to ask for).
    If you are thinking about Direct TV, save yourself and go with someone else. Don’t just take my word for it, read others. I don’t think you can find a good review anywhere for this shady company.

  • Sjsunning

    Direct Tv is not honest about products and what is compatable with Century Link. I was told all would work together. I tried to hook up Cinema direct kit. Direct Tv told me it was Century link problem even though all other wireless devices in house worked. After 4 hours with Century Link and several pass key changes cinema direct kit finally accepted security code only to give another error code that it was still not connecting to internet . I call Direct again to have then tell me I needed to now call the manufacturer of the moden to open a port to get their direct cinema kit to work. I have been on the phone 2 days for 5-6 hours each time only to have Direct say there is nothing they can do, call someone else. They are not compatable. This is why they require contracts, because I am done after this and I will not recommend them to anyone. Century Link was helpful at least. I jknow all cable and satelite companies are awful but I have never had the crappy service that Direct gives.

  • Vagabond

    Direct TV is a joke. All i want is 5 channels and can’t get them. Plus not european package( no french/german package) So if you’re into international programming just forget it.
    Direct tv is only good for people that watch american football and silly reality shows.
    They just starting to realized that there’s a soccer enthusiasts in the states.
    It’s time to give people what they want, all channels A LA CARTE.
    Don’t need 300 useless channels. I want five good channels for tennis, football (world), and euro news/cultures.

  • Karens2020

    Thanks to these comments I cancelled before payments and installation took place. The initial cost would have crept up above to what I was paying DISH after 2 years. Lots of extras didn’t make it worth doing.

  • Jdjones87

    I feel like i was deceived: I was sold the product under the bases that if for some reason (or any reason) I need to get out of the contract that I could talk to James Froam (the satellite salesman) and he could get me out of it without having to pay anything. A Summary of he said would be: “they will try and give you a hard time, but just get ahold of me and you won’t have to pay anything to cancel.” He seemed like a great guy. But as it turned out I started a new job teaching at a University while I am pursuing more education, and frankly the product didn’t work half the time, so I decided I wanted to cancel. I couldn’t get ahold of James, I called many times. So I called up direct tv and they told me it was going to be a $380 cancellation fee. They didn’t care that it didn’t work, I kept on telling them that the dish wasn’t accessible (it’s up about two stories high on the side of my building) and ice would get on it. So i realized that I wasn’t going to get reception for months (because there is ice for months here, also they said that something else was wrong, they man said it was a funny error signal they were getting.) So they were going to send someone out to fix it, but they said it would be $50 dollares or I could sing up for an extra $8 a month for free repairs. I didn’t want to sign up for anything more and I didn’t want to pay the $50. So I cancelled and paid them the money, I thought it was interesting how they added the last month’s bill into the cancellation fee when for a month and a half I didn’t have service. The worst part was that I received phone calles from the salesman telling me to package everything up and send it back or it was going to be another 200 and something, but it wasn’t him… IT WAS A MACHINE!! with that classic machine woman’s voice.

    I also got tricked into paying more because they bump up the price if you don’t cancel after 3 months. So for a couple of months I was paying 70 something dollars without until I went and checked. I hate having to aways check my bank site to see if people are taking the right amount. Anyway it was a bad and I lost a lot of money, but I’m glad I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

  • rick simonds

    Direct TV was a overall good experience! My wife and I bought
    a house in

    April 2012 and have had it since. We had to sign up for a
    two year agreement but we had a couple friends that were referred so we cut
    down on the bill. Tell me another provider that would allow this?!?

    The tech came and installed all the equipment in about 3
    hours (4 receivers in 4 rooms) and did not leave until the job was completed. The
    only downfall is when you have severely bad weather the connection may cut out.
    Happened once to us, but once I wiped
    the snow off sat dish it worked perfect and was up in running in about an hour.
    Would recommend this but you should take advantage of benefits. If I are
    interested use me as a friend. You get $10.00 off your invoice for 10 months

  • CelTinJ

    DIRECTV is the worst company I have ever dealt with. A representaive approached me at Walmart. At that time I was a Comcast customer. They convinced me to switch stating that the NFL sports package was included in the special deal they were offering at the time, and that when the season started we would automatically receive these channels. Of course, the season started and no NFL package. I called and spoke to a representative and was told that I did not have the package because I signed up a few days before the special was offered. I was livid! I asked to be let out of my contract and was told it would cost me about $380.00. That was about 6 months ago. Some other experiences we are having is that we keep losing programming. A couple of months ago we lost BET for several weeks, and now we are getting a message that we will lose Fox, as their contract with them is currently under negotiation. Of course, you get no prorated bill or discount for any of this. Now I am noticing that my bill has increased without my consent. When I called to see why I was told the costs for my package, movie channels and receiver had increased and they sent me notices in the mail and by email. Then I get a call from them stating that because I am such a great customer that want to make me a special offer to upgrade my package and it will only cost me an additiional $13.95/month. My response to them was “no thank you, I HATE DIRECTV, and as soon as my contract is up I am switching.” You know what……I don’t think i’ll wait. It is going to cost me $260.00, but I think it is worth it. At a monthly bill of $132.00 a month I think I will come out better, and I will be free of them forever.

  • thumbs down

    Horrible programming. direct tv synchronizes commercials for all channels to break at the same time. They repeat the same episodes for months.

  • lpepper2007

    of using Direc TV as your cable provider. I recently terminated my
    subscription with them. On Monday morning I woke up to find that they
    had withdrawn $294 from my account for termination fee. I did not
    authorize the withdrawal. They simply used my card information that I
    used to authorize my monthly payment.

    So if you want Direc TV to pilfer money from you without your permission, go ahead a be a subscriber.

    Shame on you Mike White CEO of Direc TV. I told you that I would send a
    blast out letting as many people as I can about your companies sleazy
    behavior. If I cause even one person to choose another provider then I
    have done my job well.

    If you would like to let Mike White know how you feel, here is his direct email address:
    [email protected]

  • Paul J

    DirectTV used to be GREAT about 10 years ago. I say “used to be” because, unlike then, they now want to lock you into a 2 year contract (deal breaker for me), and, unlike then, their price skyrockets after the first year (an even bigger deal breaker). I give them 1 star out of 5.

  • Randy Butler

    In Dec Directv agent came to mom’s home, sold her a package. (78 years old on
    social security). I (son, on ss also) agreed to pay the up front $50 up for her. Used
    my ATM with agreement, no auto billing.(Not my account) Billing to be moved to her
    (mom’s) Centurylink bill next month (Jan.) Promised would not be charged for premimum
    channels following trial period, turn them off.

    The install, a fiasco. System never worked correctly. What hardware that does work,
    extremely buggy. Called them about a bad network interface. Tried to bill for it,
    $25 for the device plus shipping. 3 month old device. Ordered one, eBay $17 free shipping.
    When installing, found my 5v power supply plugged into the interface. It needed 12v. Thieft,
    from me and Directv. Now I have two interfaces. I’d bet, these guys are selling stolen
    stuff on eBay, I found some. Left trash all over house and yard. Obviously no testing,
    no explanations (installed late Friday) Smoked a hand rolled cigarette in the drive!!!

    Billing with Centurylink never happened. I was good guy, paid January bill online
    because they billed ME online (not my bill!). February’s, they illegally hit my ATM.
    In March, illegally hit my ATM, including cost of premimum channels. March withdrawal caused
    bounced checks and to miss Easter with my children.

    Ruined my weekend, kids are hurt. The junk doesn’t work. I am out big bucks! They refuse
    to return money they stole from me for somebody else’s bill.

  • Kaarle

    NEVER USE DIRECT TV!!! I ordered the “Genie” which they advertise for $39.00 and even quote this over the phone. When you get your bills they are well over $150!!!! They even tell you when they sign you up there is no contract and can cancel at any point in time. I called to cancel since they did NOT follow the quote they gave me. I asked for a manager to call me on 4 seporate occations and the last manager even confirmed no one made an attempt to contact me!! They then told me it would cost $450 to cancel my service and they sent me a contract, which they never did nor did I sign! I disputed this amount and they automatically took the amount out of my account! I have filed with the Better Business Bureau and recommend every one does the same! Crooked business and will scam you out of hundreds of dollars!

  • kari

    I like the direct tv channels but as far as the company goes it is the
    worst one ever. The customer service tries to help but they dont follow
    thru and dont have common sense. I have had them 3 months and have had
    to call over a dozen times to get things straightened out. Something new
    comes up every month. I wasnt getting my bills at first then they
    charged me an extra $5.99 for something and when i saw the automatic
    payment on my credit card was too much i called and they said oh it was
    stated on your last bill they were going to charge for this – but they
    didnt even have my right address! So I did get the fee off any further
    billing but still had to pay for the time period b4 (if i had gotten the
    bill first i could have called b4). Now the bill i received in the mail
    is a credit for $-27; but i get an email that my payment is due – I
    ignore it b/c I know i have a credit. Then I start getting past due
    notices in my email so i call – they say the bill they sent was done b4
    they added my monthly charge and my new balance is $22. Now how do I pay
    a bill I dont even have/ They want to take payment over the phone so i
    dont get a late charge – you mean you give me NO time to make a payment
    when it is your stupid mistake? Well I write this to tell you they need
    watched like a HAWK. i stopped auto pay so I can read over the bill
    each month – hope i get them as requested. I like the stations (fairly
    cheap AAA deal until it expires and then i get full billing the last few
    months) I dont like the 2 year contract and the upbilling near the end
    of it so may go back to time warner -` at least i didnt have to call
    every month for their stupidity -Or should i say their thievery tactics?

  • Frank

    Use account number: 65150518

    Name: Frank

    call Directv at 1-800-496-6089

    Get $100 off now!!!!

    Football is coming!

    • Dawn

      When people do this they just want $ off their own bill. You get $10 off a month if you refer people to directv & the person has to give your account # and call a specific #

  • Dixon Walsh

    I cant wait for our contract to run out, Dish Network has got to be better than Direct. We started out with a bad install. The installer was great, we agreed where to mount the dish but after he was done it was on the wrong side of the house facing into the roof, now every time it even starts to rain the cable is out. We also were promised free HD when we signed on, but that wasnt true. they want to charge $140 for the HD receiver

  • jason

    I was a loyal customer to directv for 4 years… they gave me great pricing and awesome technology while I was with them. Install was prompt and on time and it seemed it would be a great relationship. Then we broke up… they say they have all the sports. They don’t have the pac-12 channel. This is the reason I opted out after so long. Once I asked to be dropped they made things very difficult. They don’t pick up their equipment. They don’t even want the satellite or the smaller boxes. They only want the dvr and hd boxes back. They are supposed to send you boxes to send them back in. My disconnect date was a mess and they tacked on an extra month of service which I called them on to get reversed. Then they see that I wasn’t shipped the box for the dvr yet so they send that out. 3 weeks later they charge my bank account for the total left on my account with them. I still haven’t received the box at this point. And no notice that I was going to be charged for the account. Now in order to get my money back I have to send in the dvr box and they will credit me back. So I have to wait for a new box to be sent to me and then I wait another 10-14 days AFTER they recieve the box back to get MY money back that I wasn’t even given a chance to keep in the first place. Filing a dispute for poor customer service and other issues not listed here with the BBB. Simply unexceptable.

  • Dozen a Day

    Attention homeowners and landlords – consumer alert: Don’t let satellite dish companies install satellite dishes on your roof. Landlords should have clauses in leases forbidding roof installation of dishes as well. Dishes can be placed on decks, poles, or on the ground or you can get cable instead.
    Our tenants had 3 dishes installed on our house without our permission. One dislodged and blew over leaving open holes on our roof which resulted in damage to the roof and interior walls and ceiling. Damages were more than $3,000. The tenant and the DIRECTV assumed no responsibility and we had to pay for the damages ourselves!

  • DAH


  • DAH


    • persw

      Really? They literally said they were happy that you were dying?…I find that very doubtful. “Those Mexicans”? Oh i see where this is going, just sounds more like a racist rant now.

  • Russ

    Direct tv sucks! They will in fact steal your money. They will charge your account with out notifying you and with out your authorization. If you leave them, cancel your bank account and start a new one.

  • DS

    Don’t waste your time or money. Their NFL coverage is bad! Their equipment is cheap junk and their employees bad mouth them. Its like they work to make you not like them! Would NEVER get them again.

  • Brenda O’Connor

    We live south of Boston and have been without Direct TV service for over a week. We called and after a very long time talking to a robotic like voice, we were connected to customer service. We were told when the ice melts it will come back – we lost service Feb 5th are we supposed to wait until Spring for service again???? We tried almost everything and finally called to cancel service. This rep was even worse. She said “if you go up and brush the snow off you’ll have TV. My husband is in his late 70’s, just had heart surgery, and is supposed to climb a 2 story ladder?????? I think not. The rep then said “Well I live in Georgia, if you lived here you wouldn’t have that problem!” so a lesson for all New Englanders – DO NOT USE DIRECT TV!

  • Dalton, MA

    This is a transparent advertisement for Direct TV, not an impartial review. All of the widely-known negatives are ignored. If you like to switch often, as you profess, Direct TV would be the worst option. They lock you in for 2 years and charge a hefty penalty for canceling early.

  • Shannon Nash

    I’m trying to find reviews from people who live in the Houston-La Porte TX area about their experience with Directv. Specifically pertaining to the number of outages that have occurred since there is such a high number of storms that go through this area. I’m trying to convince my boyfriend that Directv is the best choice for us over Infinity Cable.

  • Jacob

    I have enjoyed my service with directv. If you need a refer a friend code, please use mine. Account #76712826

  • Paula Sujkowska

    DirecTV is a money-hungry company that will do anything to steal your hard-earned money through hidden fees and gimmicks. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever engage yourself in a contract with this terrible vendor, and I will tell you why.

  • Edwina Wyy

    So I just finished getting my service straight. Thanks to Warren P. my service is on and now I am able to watch the news and get my assignments completed.
    I’ve been with direct tv since February. The service was bad, I had a number of techs try to fix it. Still bad service. The. Today Warren P. Comes and and start working on the situation. I find out today that I’m paying for two accounts, and I’m only pose to be. Liked for 1. When I called Warren P made sure that I got the proper service and help I needed, he even spoke with the Repa on the phone when he seen they was giving me a hard time.
    I think. He went over and beyond to make sure I was treated right, and that I got the right service. Plus he seemed like he was ready to go, but he stuck it out. I was the last call.
    I really appreciate Warren P.’s service and help.
    Well he. Luke of a Ted like the others and give me gab and be on his way. However, Warren P. did just the opposite.
    I have a different opinion about Field Reps now.

  • Jack Campbell

    I really have been disappointed with the high cost of DirectTV HD service for some time. Paying an additional $20 a month for a receiver until the end of time seems unreasonable. They are really good at advertising their number of HD channels but their channel line-up promotions never advertise the HD surcharge.

    I also find their interface and the organization of their channels to to be clunky and really counter-intuitive.

    Switching to streaming and free local channels. No more scrolling through hundreds of pay-per-view, and channels that are not accecessible. I was already paying for Netflix and Amazon. Even after adding Hulu I am going to save about $60.00 a month.

  • Em Anne

    Direct TV is terrible, they promise you one deal on the phone, when the bill comes and it is not what was promised, the give you the run around and tell you that they can find ‘no record’ of what was offered. If you cancel they will charge you 400 dollars for the ‘return of equipment’. WHAT! And you are trapped in a two year deal.

    And if you are an existing customer, they can still raise your rates during the time of your contract.

    They will not send an email or snail mail which details your offer, so you have no proof of what was promised. Also beware of hidden costs. Just because a representative tells you it is ‘free’ doesn’t mean it really is!

    Once out of this contract we will never get Direct TV again.

    • Elevator_Insider

      Amen, they are lying crooks

  • Paul Behnken

    I was generally pleased with
    DirecTV until yesterday…although I had called to complain about the ever
    rising monthly fees several times and had gotten nowhere, I just figured that
    the cost “is what it is”, and they just don’t offer any type of
    discount or relief for current customers. I was wrong…called to cancel
    service yesterday after “going off the grid” with an outdoor antenna and
    internet based programming and was offered free NFL ticket, a $75/month credit
    if I did not cancel my account. Why this wasn’t offered before…apparently my
    fault as I wasn’t complaining to the right person, I was voicing my displeasure
    about the cost to my account rep and not the “cancel service department”. What a
    load of crap! Sorry…too little too late. But for those of you still
    subscribing to DirecTV, just call to cancel and you’ll be offered the world!

  • jwayne59

    true price for the 19.99 package thru direct tv is per rep at direct tv = James: The price for first 12 months would be: Select package $19.99 + $15 (DVR fee) + $13 ( 2 TV Fee)= $47.99 + taxes.
    The price for 13-24 month would be: Select package $49.99 + $15 (DVR fee) + $13 ( 2 TV Fee) = $77.99 + taxes You: thought 1st tv was free on the fee — rep James: There is a monthly TV fee of $6.50 for each receiver
    so not really 19.99 two tvs first yr 47.99 plus tax over 50 second year 77.99 plus tax around 80 . something to think about also they might go up anythime during the 2 years like all of them do

  • ktholyk

    I was a customer of Direct TV over 10
    yrs. There was a time when they made several trouble service calls
    and finally installed a new cable (which was not done at the
    installation). A few months ago the remote stopped auto flipping to
    the program channels Direct TV did nothing about this. In October I
    made a payment which Direct TV failed to post to account. My bank
    recommend I stop payment which was done. They said this happens when
    the web site is working slow which Direct TV was. In fact I couldn’t
    even get to the page to pay the bill, so I called the auto pay
    number. In addition I also sent them an email which they choose not
    to respond to. They did give a 5 day extension, which 2 were on the
    weekend and my bank required 3 business days. Direct refused to work
    with this and could not explain why payment was not credited to
    account. Their response was to blame the customer. Beware when
    dealing with Direct TV for payments not being posted accurately and
    non-working equipment.

  • chris whitfield

    As the title states this is to inform people about how Direct T.V REALLY is . This is going to be long and a bit redundant however it must be that way in order to correctly tell the story.

    I recently moved to Lake Havasu City AZ from California. The plan was to RENT a house while i was actively looking for one to BUY. I moved into my rental house at the end of 2014. The house had already had direct t.v prior to me moving in. ( nicely installed dish on the roof etc. We went a couple of months just watching Netflix and DVDs but around Christmas we decided to get Direct T.v. I called Direct and explained my situation (rental house but looking for a house to buy) and asked the sales person “what happens when i find the house i want to buy here in the next few months? the answer and i quote :”no problem at all sir , we here at Direct T.V want to make your move as painless as possible… simply take your receivers and remotes to your new house and leave the dish on the rental house… we will come setup everything and get you going again FREE OF CHARGE with a 2 year agreement”. Great!!!! so i thought!! When i found the house that i was to buy .. i did EXACTLY what i was told and took the receivers and remote with me to the new address. I then called Direct to have them come set it up.Direct T.V then told me it was going to be $214.00 to move my service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I explained calmly what i had been told when purchasing my contract …. directs response ” sorry sir there is nothing i can do ” … i then talked to a manager .. same result !! I HAD BEEN BOLD FACE LIED TO AT THE SALES STAGE OF MY DIRECT T.V EXPERIENCE.. !! LIARS!!! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SIGN A 2 YEAR AGREEMENT KNOWING THAT THEY WOULD HAVE TO PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS WHEN THEY BOUGHT A HOUSE 6 MONTHS LATER???!!!!!!!!! NOBODY …LIARS!! Anyhow I RELUCTANTLY paid to have them “move my service . IT GETS BETTER V and are reading this my phone number is 928-846-7647 Chris

  • Rachael

    Ok here’s my review…like it, love it, or hate it…but I honestly love DirecTv. I used probably all of the other providers and this one has treated me the best and I have the best quality. I recently just swapped back to them after my contract ended and Comcast offered me a better price. So of course, money Talked! My Comcast experience..well lets just say it was awful. The interface from Comcast looks like a cable channel from the 90s, they need an upgrade! The On Demand would never work either. Needless to say, I went back to DirecTv after just 2 months.
    If you’re looking to swap to DirecTv, I would recommend it. I have great reception. In the past 5 years, I might have lost service for longer than 10 minutes only 1 time.
    Need an extra incentive?? Give them this referral code on top of your discounts and you’ll save an extra $10/month- Referral code 34372404

  • tommyr

    Wow! I guess I’ll have to stick with Time Warner. I was hoping to ditch them for Sat. TV but it seems both companies stink to high heaven. All I need is TV and internet. Time Warner keeps jacking up rates and now wants us to get digital adapters so they can charge us ANOTHER $3.50 a month! Something HAS to be done about these companies SOON. We’re ALL getting ripped off big time.

  • Lorraine Parker

    I became a customer prior to merger. I did not know i committed to a two year contract (which i don’t normally do) and when my rate went from 19.30 to $28.10the next month and now i just got billed for $62 for the very BAsiC service as i m not a big TV watcher,. I m on social security and cannot afford that. Now they are coming after me for breaking my contract and they want me to pay $220. Even threatened to debit my bank account if they have the information.