Do Something For Free On The Holiday Weekend

As you all know, entertainment can be a very rough on your bank account if you aren’t budgeting out money specifically for it. We’ve become a very lazy culture, and we’ll pay quite a bit of money to be entertained. The fact is that you can have a great amount of fun with your family or friends without spending much money. Here are four things you can do that will not kill your wallet:

  • Go to the Beach: If you live near the beach, it’s the best bang for your buck in terms of fun level. Some northern beaches charge you to go on the beach, but it’s usually not much. Pack a cooler of grocery food that might cost $20 bucks, and you’ve got an entire day of fun with your family or friends. And you actually have time to talk to each other rather than when you are staring in front of a movie screen at the movies.
  • If you don’t live near the beach, go to the park. Again, this is a great thing to do with friends or family and parks are often overlooked as great places for recreation. you can bring the dog, have a cook-out, have a game of touch football, or just hang out underneath a huge oak tree.
  • Have a Labor Day cook-out at your house. The way to make this less expensive is to coordinate with the people you invite over to each bring a dish. You’ll provide the meat, and they bring the side dishes, desserts, and drinks. Play a board game that accommodates large groups or go for a swim if you have a pool.
  • Check the newspaper for free events in your area. You’d be surprised at how many fun, free events are going on if you live near a big city. Free concerts, parades, and carnivals are all types of things you’ll find in the Friday or Sunday newspaper.

The point here is that you can do a lot of fun things for a little money if you put some effort into it. Have a fund and safe Labor Day!

Next Week: This weekend I will post some of the articles that I’ve been reading about the personal financial blogging world. Also, I will answer a reader’s question about his car situation. You don’t want to miss this post, because it is a common problem that many of us face at some point in our life.