Don’t Eat Your iPod Ear Phones Or You Might Die. Has CNN Gone Insane?

I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about CNN reporting about a study that iPod earbuds are toxic to eat. I’ll just go ahead and say what you’re thinking. Who the hell eats their earphones? If you do, you won’t need to worry about them being harmful to your body, you need to worry about what’s going on in your head. I couldn’t find this story on the internet, so if anyone else heard about this story, please fill me in or tell me where I can read more about it.

If CNN really did report a story about this, what is their angle on this? Do they have some secret vendetta against Apple? Are they trying to bring down big business, when they are big business themselves? There are only two scenarios that I can think of where this story would be relevant. The first one would be if children or pets got a hold of the earbuds and started chewing on them. But again, would one earbud be enough, or would they have to chew on multiple earbuds to be affected by it? Has this even been proven yet? The other scenario would be people who have sick, oral fetishes and put their earbuds in their mouth when they aren’t using their iPod. I like chewing on straws, but earphones that were in my nasty, waxy ear don’t really appeal to me.

Anyway, since I’m going to lable this post as “Consumer News”, here is something that might be more newsworthy to you as a consumer. Check out the 10 Black Friday secrets that retailers don’t want you to know by Datamation. Black Friday is coming up, and I will write a post next week about how you can beat the system without falling into their traps, but this is a great article to get you prepared for Black Friday.

  • Phillip J. Birmingham

    I’d sure like to know if they were toxic if my kids were still in the “eat everything I can get my hands on” stage.