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emeals logoIf you’re busy, you may have considered outsourcing your housecleaning and lawn maintenance – but did you know you can also outsource your family meal planning and grocery list preparation for a mere $5 a month? eMeals (formerly e-Mealz) offers you just that opportunity.

eMeals is an online service that allows you to pick a meal plan based on your dietary preferences, your cooking style, the number of people in your family, and the grocery stores you frequent. In addition to giving you a weekly meal plan, it also provides a detailed grocery list.

History of eMeals

eMeals began in 2003 (under the name e-Mealz) after the founders, Jane DeLaney and her sister, Jenny Cochran, experienced frustration trying to find the time to shop for and make affordable meals to feed their families. Jane, a mother of four, and Jenny, a mother of three, decided to get a team of chefs together to develop menu plans that other moms could benefit from. Today, the business offers over 50 meal plans to choose from.

eMeals has also been endorsed by popular finance guru Dave Ramsey. He is an advocate because he believes menu planning and shopping purposefully can save families money and help them pay off debt or grow wealth. There’s no doubt Ramsey’s endorsement has fueled the success of eMeals.

emeals how it works

How It Works

1. Choose a Plan

eMeals offers a variety of meal plans. Each plan includes seven dinner recipes and a grocery list of necessary items to make the dinner recipes for the week. Every week, on a designated day, you will get a new set of seven recipes and a new grocery list. There are also meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dessert.

If you don’t have any particular dietary preferences, you choose your plan based on the number of members in your family (one to two, or three to six). Then, you choose your preferred grocery store, as menu plans are based on the items that are on sale for each particular store to maximize your grocery savings.

Currently, the grocery stores available include:

  • ALDI
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Ralphs
  • Safeway
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods
  • Other (this gives you a meal plan that is not specific to any one store)

If you would like to choose a meal plan for a specific dietary preference, there are several to choose from:

  • Gluten Free
  • Low Carb
  • Low Fat
  • Low Calorie
  • Portion Control
  • Vegetarian
  • Natural and Organic
  • Clean Eating
  • Paleo
  • Mediterranean
  • Simple Gourmet
  • Vegetarian

Most specific dietary plans offer you the option to choose from shopping at Walmart, Publix, or any other store. If you are not sure which food plan is right for you, you can click on the link for each plan and view a sample menu.

2. Print Your Meal Plan and Grocery List

Once a week you will be sent a new meal plan and grocery shopping list. The day that your meal plan is available depends on the meal plan that you choose. However, if you have a busy week and aren’t able to print your materials in as timely of a manner as you would like, eMeals leaves the meal plans in your account for two weeks, so it is possible to access an older plan.

eMeals tries to help you save money by not only choosing recipes that are based on ingredients that are on sale that week, but also by ensuring that if you only use part of an ingredient for one meal, you use the rest of it in another meal. For instance, in the sample Aldi menu, you are instructed to buy a container of sour cream – that sour cream will be used in both the first and fourth recipes for the week, so you completely use up the sour cream.

3. Cook and Enjoy

While you probably can’t outsource the actual cooking, you can outsource the grocery shopping through a site like Peapod. That leaves you responsible for the cooking. Luckily, most meal plans include meals that could be made fairly quickly, which makes them perfect for busy nights after work. Even the Whole Foods plan, which does not rely on many convenience ingredients, offers recipes that are fairly quick to assemble, though they may take some time to cook or simmer.

emeals classic meal plan

Cost & Pricing

eMeals offers three different subscription levels, each of which provides you with a new menu plan each week, including recipes and grocery lists. Like most companies, the longer the subscription obligation, the lower the price you pay per month.

Your subscription renews automatically unless you manually cancel it. If you are not sure if you want to commit for three months or more, free sample menus and grocery lists for each plan are available on the eMeals website.

The plans break down as follows:

  • 3-month subscription: $30
  • 6-month subscription: $48
  • 12 month subscription: $58

emeals plans


There are plenty of advantages to subscribing to eMeals, especially if you are busy and relying heavily on frozen food or takeout.

1. You Can Choose a Meal Plan Suitable to Your Way of Living
If you prefer to avoid processed foods, you can choose the natural and organic plan. My family recently had the chance to try this menu plan, and we loved the meals! One of our family favorites that we have made several times now is the mushroom barley soup. Not only is it tasty, but it relies on simple, relatively inexpensive ingredients.

Likewise, if you just want to make meals quickly, you can choose a plan based on your grocery store only, with no special dietary considerations. These plans tend to rely more on convenience foods to help make cooking faster. For example, under the Walmart plan, the sample plan has a recipe for Oriental Chicken Salad, which relies on two pounds of chicken tenders from the deli, making meal time preparation faster.

2. Meals Are Based Around Sales Items
eMeals subscriptions break down to $1.25 to $1.75 a week. Because eMeals bases your menu around food that is on sale at your preferred grocery store, you can easily recoup the cost of the meal plan each week.

3. Get New Meals Every Week
eMeals limits meal recycling – that is, you will rarely find meals recycled on the weekly menu plan. eMeals only occasionally reuses the most popular meals on the menu plan.

4. You Will Save Time
Think of the time you spend now picking recipes and making your grocery list. You probably spend even more time looking through the ads trying to find the best bargains. Save time by letting eMeals do all the work for you.

5. Enjoy Tasty Meals
I have tried both the whole foods and portion control plans, and my family has enjoyed each recipe. eMeals doesn’t just supply subscribers with recipes – they taste good and may make their way into your family’s regular menu repertoire. One of our favorites is Mexican black bean chili. This recipe uses basic ingredients, but it is good for you, tasty, and easy to prepare.

6. Opportunity to Try Several Recipes Before Committing
Because eMeals has at least three recipes available for each of their different plans, you can try out plenty of the meals before actually enrolling in one of the plans.

7. Helpful Facebook Page
eMeals has an active Facebook page. They frequently have giveaways for useful household equipment, and often supply kitchen tips. For instance, eMeals recently shared that if you store your celery in water in the refrigerator, you will greatly extend how long it stays fresh.

meal planning made simple


1. Couponers and Bargain Shoppers May Pay More on the Plan
If you are used to bargain shopping and using coupons, you may end up paying more for your food than you would if you weren’t using eMeals. However, people who bargain shop and use coupons strategically aren’t really eMeals’ target customers. The plans are applicable to everyone, but they are really meant to help those who are spending too much at the grocery store and are making their meals on the fly, without a plan.

2. Some Meal Plans Rely Heavily on Meat
Buying meat is very costly, and while eMeals tries to base their meal plans around items that are on sale during the week at the particular grocery store you frequent, some meats may not be on sale. You could combat this by buying cuts of meat when they are sale and stocking your freezer, but understandably, not everyone wants to do this.

3. Some Meal Plans Use Too Many Convenience Foods
The basic meal plan features typical American food, such as cheeseburger soup and bacon and cheese strata, which many people enjoy. Other plans, such as the low-fat plan, have meals like company chicken, but there is still the use of cream-based soups and sour cream.

However, if you prefer to eat healthy, you can choose a plan such as the natural and organic plan, which has almost no processed foods.

Final Word

If you are struggling to keep your food costs under control and have trouble coming up with new meals to feed your family, you may want to try eMeals.  Before you make the commitment, however, access a sample menu and grocery list and try the plan for yourself for a few days. Each sample plan includes the titles to all seven recipes, but you are only allowed to access three of the recipes for the week.

With 30 meal plans available, you can try several to determine if eMeals is a good fit for your family. In addition, through sampling, you can choose the meal plan that best works for your family’s health needs and tastes.

Have you tried eMeals? What are your favorite features and recipes?

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  • Paula Freeman

    I have used E-mealz for about 2 years now. And love it. One time a stop my subscription because I wanted to save money. My grocery bill went up and the stress of trying figure out what to fix different drove me crazy. I re subscribe and have not stopped it since.

    • Noneya

      you poor ass people- I can eat out every night and have someone wait on me

      • Mmarkel

        Then you aren’t a candidate for e-mealz because e-mealz is for those that want a family meal at home that won’t be as expensive as a meal out unless you want 99 cent tacos from taco bell. Also, I just got e-meals from a Groupon for $29 for a year subscription! That’s a great way to try it out!

        • Crazytanak

          I got the groupon for it and i still think its a waste of money for bland food, starchy food.

      • MindYa

        Noneya, As such a wealthy individual, I am a bit surprised you spend your time trolling the comments section of money-saving websites. Surely, you must have better things to do, making it rain and what not. Aside from the money saving aspect of meal plans, there is a health aspect to meal planning. I highly suggest you get a physical exam as soon as possible and make sure you let the doctor know you eat out 365 days per year.

  • david


    I swear I probably look like a paid consultnat for the site or something–I am not.

    I think its a great concept and can’t believe it isn’t more popular than it is.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ashley

    Regarding e-mealz.com; I have been disappointed with the subscription. There have been several weeks where the meals have been store bought “Lean Pockets”, or “Blueberry Pancakes”, or HOT DOGS! That is hardly creative. I supposgeed you really what you pay for.

    • David


      Thanks for commenting. Its always great to hear from all sides.

      I do not subscribe to them, but certainly I’d be disappointed as well if I were paying for meal ideas and all I was getting was hotdogs or pre-packaged stuff.

      Thanks for chiming in!

  • Nancy

    With such a vast amount of free information out there on various websites, forums, etc., I totally refuse to pay $60 a year for your crap.

    I know how to save quite enough money through research and sales without paying for your crap.

    Thanks, anyway; and good luck.

    • David Bakke


      Thanks for your input–it is always appreciated!

    • Jellybean

      Snarky much?

  • Jennifer

    I’ve subscribed to e-mealz for a couple months now, and it’s made a world of difference in my attitude toward preparing meals for my family. My whole week is printed out on a single sheet of paper, stuck up on the fridge. I can glance at it and know exactly what I have to do to get a meal on the table on time. Plus I know the ingredients are all in my kitchen. My husband is happy because he’s getting healthy meals at a decent time, and never has to stop by the store and pick up dinner on his way home from work.

    Out of the 10 weeks that I have menus for, only MAYBE 3 meals have been something store prepared – deli BBQ pork, brats, and maybe one other thing. And even if the entree is pre-made the sides aren’t necessarily. If this was a regular feature of e-mealz, I would be disappointed, but since it’s not, I still find it convenient to remove this one decision from my life. OK, tonight we’ll have an easy meal of brats, roasted potatoes (which are delicious BTW) and green beans. It still makes my life easier.

    If Nancy wants to spend her time researching, finding free info on the internet, she’s certainly welcome to do that. Personally, I hate it and feel I waste way more than $5/month in time — not even counting all the frustration. E-mealz is not for everyone, but for people like me it is a life saver! My family is eating a better variety of food, and healthier. If there’s a vegetable on the menu, I’m more likely to include it, even if it is just heating up some peas. If you can relate to the 5PM stare into the pantry, you will LOVE this service!

    • David Bakke


      We sincerely appreciate the time you took to leave such insightful feeeback. I think you hit the nail on the head–e-mealz might not be for everyone! But for people like you ( and me, by the way) it is truly a valuable asset!

      I wish you luck and thanks for joining the conversation

  • La Rea

    I have tried e-mealz for two weeks now and my family loves it. It is convenient and saves money. I also have picky children and at first they didn’t like the way certain foods looked but once they tasted them it was a hit. I am glad we found this website because it has been wonderful.

    • http://www.moneycrashers.com David/moneycrashers

      La Rea

      Thanks for your relevant comments. I know that myself and all of our readers appreciate it!

  • Shannon

    I have used this for 2 weeks now and all but 1 meal were delicious! The one that wasn’t so great was really just that the chicken was dry but the rice and sides were great. Most of these items are not store bought unless it is like a premarinade to save some time. I am on the low fat family meal plan and introduced this to my in-laws who are on the weight watchers for 2 plan and we have the same reaction… Grocery shopping is now enjoyable (given the organized shopping list!) and is only once a week, as opposed to my 3-5 usual trips. Cooking is fun because it is always something different so you are excited to see what this new recipe will be. There are things I would never have considered making but sure glad I was able to, and knowing what generics are acceptable is wonderful. Just all around great reviews. I am in school and have 2 boys involved in several extra curricular activities and my husband gets home so late dinner time was really becoming so stressful and we were eating out entirely too much simply because we were not prepared. That is a thing of the past now, truly a diamond in the rough!

    • http://www.moneycrashers.com David/moneycrashers


      I appreciate the time you took on your detailed feedback, and I’m really glad it worked out for you

      Thanks for commenting

  • Kirstin

    I tried e-mealz because it sounded great. But I don’t think it is great for picky eaters and it really isn’t very health. It calls for a lot of processed foods. I did the regular 2 person plan and then changed to portion control to see if the meals were a little healthier. Here are some examples from the meal plans in the last two weeks:
    Skillet Burger Supper w/ Broccoli in Ranch Dressing
    Mini cinnamon rolls as a side dish
    Blueberry and sausage pancake roll ups
    Mexican meatloaf which specifically calls for “processed” cheese
    Broccoli soup which also calls for easy melt processed cheese.
    Tater tot casserole
    Crescent roll pizzas
    Even on the portion control menu – almost every recipe calls for fat free mayo, some call for cornflakes.

    And here is the other catch: the menu’s in the sample menu category are a lot better than the ones you actually get AND you can’t just pay for one month at a time you have to pay for 3 months so I have just wasted $15 and will not be using any of the recipes.

  • http://www.moneycrashers.com david bakke


    I agree with you. I was a much bigger fan of e-Mealz before our household went to a much more fresh diet. They should consider coming out with alternatives for families with diets such as these.

    Thanks for commenting

  • Courtney

    Wait…do they plan for recipes and lunch as well. Or is it just for dinner?

  • Courtney


    not recipes. Haha oops.

  • Michelle


    E-Mealz only does dinner planning. They do not include breakfast or lunch menus. I have been using the service for around six months now and love it. For our family, it is perfect. We, as others have stated, were spending WAY too much money eating out simply because we weren’t prepared and didn’t have the time to throw together a meal at home between work, school and sports. Having everything planned and knowing that the meals never take long to get on the table or are already ready in the crockpot have been such a blessingb to us and a real sanity saver for me! We have lowere our food bill substantially by not having to eat out as much and also by not picking up ‘extras’ on those little runs to the grocery store to pick up things during the week. I would recommend this to any busy family who needs a little help with getting it all together.

  • Teresa

    I wanted to thank everyone for their comments regarding eMealz. I was considering joining, but we are really pinching pennies so I wasn’t sure it was worth five dollars a month. Y’all have convinced me that we will be joining. (After I talk to my husband first, of course). Thanks for all the input. God’s Blessings!!

    • Davidbakke


      I am glad you got so much out of the other comments, and thanks for taking the time to post. I wish you luck with the site.

  • Jaxkaty

    This looks like a wonderful site. However, I would like to comment that these are just the dinner menus and the money quoted that you spend for groceries does not include breakfast, lunch, snacks,OR what is considered staples in recipes like MILK etc. So, you certainly save on your dinners but you will have to spend quite a bit more than the $75-90 a week once the other meals and staples are included in your grocery budget.

  • Skohler72

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!! I am a full-time working mother of three and this has saved us. We would spend close to $800/month on groceries, most of which would go bad before we could use them in addition to the extra costs we would rack up in take-out because we wouldnt feel like figuring out what to cook. I have used this site for two months now and it is wonderful. I don’t have to think. I take out the next days meal to thaw the night before and I have saved around $500 and that includes staples, lunches, snacks and toiletries for my household. I even have enough food left over to take for my lunch the next day. The $5/month is well worth it in my opinion.

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for chiming in. Our other readers will benefit from your comments.

  • philly

    Me and my wife just got married in July and started this a little after that. I have worked in the food industry for about 10 years now. I must say that this is a bad program. The actual meals are cheap. They even taste cheap. You can find most of these meals online with about 5 minuets of work. We stopped using it and we have been eating much more healthy than we did when we where on it. The meals are packed with carbs and starches. This is why they are so cheap. People say that they buy food and than throw it away. Rice doesn’t go bad but veggies do. It’s common sense. I think that people are lazy and don;t want to spend the time that they should cooking. This is why Americans have so many health problems. Save the $5 a month. Also the recipes do not tell you what you should do. If you are not a good cook do not use this. You have to know a little about food to follow these recipes. I know that I sound rude. Our grocery bill went up after starting them. They have you buy so many things that are only used in one meal. Anyone knows that you should never buy food unless it is used in at least 3 meals before it goes bad. We are sitting on a whole pineapple that was used in one meal. Tell me that is saving money.

    • Davidbakke


      I don’t fin d your comments to be rude, I find them to be direct and to the point. Obviously, people either love this site or hate it.

      Thanks for chiming in…

  • philly

    Me and my wife just got married in July and started this a little after that. I have worked in the food industry for about 10 years now. I must say that this is a bad program. The actual meals are cheap. They even taste cheap. You can find most of these meals online with about 5 minuets of work. We stopped using it and we have been eating much more healthy than we did when we where on it. The meals are packed with carbs and starches. This is why they are so cheap. People say that they buy food and than throw it away. Rice doesn’t go bad but veggies do. It’s common sense. I think that people are lazy and don;t want to spend the time that they should cooking. This is why Americans have so many health problems. Save the $5 a month. Also the recipes do not tell you what you should do. If you are not a good cook do not use this. You have to know a little about food to follow these recipes. I know that I sound rude. Our grocery bill went up after starting them. They have you buy so many things that are only used in one meal. Anyone knows that you should never buy food unless it is used in at least 3 meals before it goes bad. We are sitting on a whole pineapple that was used in one meal. Tell me that is saving money.

  • Barclay

    i think the e-mealz site is easy and perfect for a busy family! i can see some of the points made below, but i too wouldn’t have probably bothered using this as a newlywed, However, I diffidently use it as a busy-working mom with two kids and a busy husband! of course, you can find some of these recipes on line, but the point is to have a ONE stop site that creates super organized dinners for the week! And each week is printed on only 2 pieces of paper-one for recipes and one for shopping list. AND the shopping list is organized by what store you shop most often! But MOST importantly, you aren’t printing out random recipes, these are organized to help you reuse some of the ingredients you are buying THAT week. Definitely worth $5 per month!

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for your insight–our readers will surely appreciate it!

  • http://www.mindfulbodyworker.com/ Marilyn Shea-Davis

    does this have an ipad app?

    • Davidbakke

      As of yet, no. But apparently there is an app called Meal board which could be helpful to you.

      Thanks for commenting

  • Lin

    I absolutely love this!! I can see how it may not be right for some people and their lives, but it works great for someone in my situation. My breakfasts and lunches are pretty standard (oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt and banana for snacks, and salad with grilled chicken for lunch) — dinner is where I always had difficulty and this site picked up the slack. I’m in graduate school and constantly studying, my boyfriend works full-time with a lot of overtime, so between our schedules, cooking is the last thing on our minds and we usually end up eating take-out. We use the portion control meal plan for 1 or 2 and find that it’s enough for us (it gives a plan for 5 meals each week). I have noticed there are times when there are extra ingredients left over, but instead of throwing them away, I save them and make the same meal twice in the same week and either eat it for dinner again or my boyfriend will take it for lunch.

    If you’re someone who loves being in the kitchen, finds cooking enjoyable, and doesn’t mind searching the net for recipes, you may not find this site to your liking. For those that just want a decent meal and spend the rest of their time living there lives, you’ll probably really like it.

    • Davidbakke


      You’re right–I think this is a great option for a lot of people, but not for everyone. Thanks for commenting

  • Jsun

    I must be missing something. My wife and I were looking for recipes that would be small, healthy, good and affordable. That’s exactly what E-Meals promised, and it’s the opposite of what it delivered. We signed up for the 1-2 person plan of portion control. Know what some of the recipes are? Pizza casserole. Mac and cheese pie. Cinnamon and brown sugar pancakes. What? Not only are these things super unhealthy, but we signed up for SMALL PORTION meals for 1-2 people! Even if you do limit yourself to tiny slices of mac and cheese pie, you end up wasting 80% of the ingredients you purchased. Make a casserole, have two small servings, throw the rest away. Awesome. Also, I have yet to go to the grocery store with the E Meals list and spend less than $160. That’s getting close to $700 a month for two people.

    • Davidbakke

      Wow–that’s pretty disappointing. But I’m glad you took the time to share with our other readers.

    • ThereSheGoes(dot)org

      You might want to try and freeze the food you aren’t eating that night and reheat it later in the week. Just a thought on the food waste. Also – have you tried to contact eMeals to see if you can change your plan since this one isn’t fitting your food preferences or budget standards? My husband and I spend over $700 a month on food and it’s just us. We eat a lot of meat though and meat can be pricey. We also do lots of fresh fruits and veggies – which also cost more than canned or pre-packaged fruits/veggies.

  • Jenny Brennan

    I’ve used the Whole Foods plan for the last 2 months and love it. We have the 1-2 person plan and find that some meals will lend to leftover to which I use for lunch the same week. The meals are easy to make and taste delicious. We’ve started to eat better as many of the meals on our plan incorporate veggies I previously would have not used. Also the lists are a great way to shop with a 2yr old. So far I think its a great value.

  • Crazytanak

    I have the 2 person meal plan and so far im not a fan. the food is ok, but its kinda bland and i have to doctor it up A LOT! Plus the website says that 2 people for a week of dinner will spend around $50 for the week, I spend over $100 just on dinner! Plus in one week the plan had breakfast for dinner twice, plus a meal that is a glorified omlet. If i could get a refund i would.

  • Amanda Prater

    Has anybody tried the clean eating menu? I have not joined yet though I am SERIOUSLY thinking about it and that menu seems the closest to what I would want. I have been a stay at home mom for some time now and am about to transition back into a working mom. I spend SO MUCH TIME each week planning meals and shopping lists that this just seems to really be an amazing idea. I have read the comments below and the main complaint I see is that people expected healthier meals then what they got. I didn’t know if the clean eating menu was a really recent addition.

    • Melissa

      Hi, Amanda. I have tried the clean eating plan and I really enjoyed it. There are very few (if any) processed foods, and the meals were tasty. I think you can go to the site to see a week for free so you can try it out.

  • Mdepiro

    I planned my meals before I used emeals and don’t necessarily think it saved us a lot. However, it is a time saver; helps keep you organized and gives some variety. Some of the recipes are better than others. It was a good change of pace for us.

  • guest

    I “purchased” this plan, but have not gotten the newsletter. It has been renewed several times, still no newsletter. I tried to contact them to no avail. Needless to say, I am disappointed.

  • Catscat

    I have to say I tried it for menu planning inspiration, not cost cutting. However, I found the whole foods plan to use way more pasta (im guessing because its cheap) than I would ever eat or serve my kids. Lots of convenience items that I wouldn’t use (cream of mushroom?). There were a few gems in there – but overall I found after three months the gems were exhausted and there was nothing really new or creative on the menu. If they took the cost factor out of it, they could probably do an organic, healthy, non processed meal plan.
    (btw Noneya, I could afford to go out every night with my family of four, but it’s not healthy and gets repetitive even in SF)

  • Ag

    As of mother of 3, emeals has helped me out tremendously. We have been using emeals for over a year and have learned to tweak it to fit our needs. We usually decide on two meals to mark off since we will either eat out, have leftovers, or we know the kids just won’t eat it. To save on waste, you must eat the fresh fruit and veggies in the beginning of the week. That bag of salad just won’t last until the 7th day. Separate and freeze your meat. It too will spoil by the end of the week. Check your sides before you shop. I know my kids won’t eat cantaloupe with dinner, so we get broccoli instead. No meal plan is going to be perfect for everyone, but with some tweaking it works for our house!

  • Bobby

    emeals sucks. i would consider many of their meals appetizers. like from this week. shrimp over french bread with pineapple slices.

  • chilehead

    We signed up for a year through a Groupon deal and are about half way through. Honestly, we don’t use it much. My wife is kind of a picky eater and none of the meal plans have a consistant week where she would eat all or most of the meals. If you don’t go for all of them, the benefit is really dimished since its supposed to be a ‘grab and go’ grocery list. We might pick one or two recipies off the list, but at that point its no better or efficient than hand writing your own list from other random recipies. The real kicker is that she doesn’t like a lot of different meats, but shes not really into typical vegitarian type foods either like quinoa and tofu. Shes more of a beans and rice kind of eater. If there was a beans and rice meal plan, we might be able to do that one. I can’t fault eMeals too much for my wife’s pickyness, but its not for everyone unless you are willing to eat all types of food.

  • http://www.facebook.com/avery.via.7 Avery Via

    I normally don’t comment on these types of things, but after reading the previous comments, I really feel the need to.

    I found a groupon for eMeals a little over a month ago and bought it out of curiosity, really. I am overweight, need to lose weight, but really struggle with the whole diet/food plan thing. I am a single guy and so making meals is something that takes too much time, or has too much waste if I’m making it homemade (not a frozen meal). So the idea of a program giving me my weekly menus, giving me my shopping lists, and using all (most) of the ingredients in that week was really catching. Then, to add to it, they provide plans for 2 rather than menus for an entire family (which I would end up with at least 3-4 leftover servings/meals).

    So, I signed up a week ago. They promptly emailed me my menus. I looked over them and then headed to the grocery store (I selected all other stores). I found the shopping lists to be really convenient as they are broken down by departments in the store so that I’m not grabbing frozen vegetables at one point and then the next item I’m supposed to get is flour which is on the other end of the store. It’s laid out very nicely. It tells you exactly what to buy so it really makes it easy on you, or if you like to customize it then it also allows for that as your picking out your ingredients. Everything on the menu has been very easy to make so far (good for me because if not, I wouldn’t continue to do it), it has all been very tasty even though I would never make some of the things on my own, and the serving sizes are great (I’m using the portion control plan).

    eMeals has saved me time and money. I know what I’m eating for the week now. I am not making quick foolish decisions with food because it is all planned out. And I’m not wasting a ton of food, either. All the recipes I’ve used have at least 2 servings in them. My one weeks menu has given me dinners for 3 weeks (as a single person). I make the meals, eat my serving, and then package up or freeze the rest. This makes it even more convenient for later as I can grab it, heat it up, and go. I only cooked 3 nights this past week and still have 4 meals left. For all of my groceries for the weekly meal plan (I am using the breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan), it cost just under $150. It may sound high, but remember I am getting 3 weeks worth of meals from that. It’s actually saving me a good bit of money!!

    For anyone considering eMeals, I highly recommend it.

  • http://facebook.com/emilysbs emilysbs

    I’m a new customer to emeals and pretty disappointed to say the least. Mostly for 2 reasons now… 1) First thing I was disappointed in was the layout/style of the recipe PDFs. They come as 3 recipes per page, I think it would be more convenient/add value/feel-like-I-am-getting-my-monies-worth if they would designate 1 pdf page per recipe and make it pretty. Make it look like a recipe card, so I can print and add to my recipe collection. 2) LET ME VIEW MORE THAN 1 “TYPE” OF RECIPE PLAN PER WEEK. Here I am, Day 1, Hour 1, and I am switching my plan 5 times in one day in an attempt to download the past 2 weeks worth of recipes in categories I like (gourmet, classic, crockpot, healthy, vegetarian, etc.) and then it told me I can’t switch it again for another month. So now I’m stuck on “vegetarian something” because it was the last thing I picked before I guess I used up all my swaps and its not even something I really like. I just figured, heck why not download the recipes, maybe try them later. Now I’m stuck for the next month with only vegetarian recipes. WTF? I would NEVER pay $60 or $100 a year for this service. AllRecipes is WAAAAY better. and cheaper. It’s not like emeals is “customizing” the recipes they are sending me to my tastes or anything. All emeals is, is literally an over-priced email of 6 recipes, sent to you each week that you have no input over, other than to say “I want ‘Crockpot’ recipes this week instead of ‘Classic’ recipes.” (and better only do this 1 per week or you too will get stuck). Seriously, you might as well google 6 recipes each week and save the $60. This is so not worth the cost.

  • David M

    I initially liked emeals but after having it for a year I would say that it isn’t worth the fees. Be aware that this is a subscription and it will automatically renew. If you ask for them to cancel your subscription even the day after it renews you’re too late and stuck so I have yet another year of this useless service. I started out really liking the recipes but as time went on I realized I was only finding one or two recipes a week actually something I would be interested in eating. I changed plans multiple times but so much of their recipes are missing any creativity and they don’t really do any type of research on their product. When I called about cancelling my subscription a day after it renewed for a year I brought up one of the issue was how often their recipes repeat. The response was that we try to not repeat a customer within six months as a general rule as there’s only so many ways you can make chicken. So why am I paying $50 a year for the same recipes I’ve already paid $50 for in the previous year? I made sure to let them know to not renew for yet another year when this one is done.

    • Angie Thomason

      Same thing happened to me, but I would make sure to call them before your renewal date. I asked them to cancel my renewal date, but they told me they couldn’t do it in advance. I’m guessing they get the cancellation calls a lot because they are experts at keeping your money :-(

    • Peggy Wilson

      I had the complete opposite experience. I joined after reading Money Crasher’s review and knew going into it they automatically renewed. The receipt I received gave that information as well. I canceled after my renewal had processed but was within the 14 day grace period and they refunded my payment. I found the process to be easy and hassle-free!

  • Jack

    Watch out for auto-renewals that violate FTC Act. If eMeals actually was clear about this and afforded me a notice a year later, I wouldn’t be so upset. If you don’t catch the renewal in time, you have 14-days from the transaction to get a refund.

    Now my review of the plans, is they list a lot, but support few. For example, my choice was Paleo. Because this option didn’t always exist across Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, eMeals decided to give me the plan that fit closest. Again without notice. The theme is, eMeals tries to do more thinking for you than you may want. I don’t like that personally.

    Next was diving into the budget saver, which is the low-budget plan. Grocery store selected, coupons clipped, rarely did the price even come within $50 of what they estimated. My plan choice was for one and still resulted in way too much food. I had to scale down recipes constantly making other free recipes online more attractive.

    The one thing they do good, is their App. It runs good. Running from your computer, where I like to do meal planning, was a nightmare – constantly being logged out. Their solution, some browsers don’t work well with our platform, so you should use the app. I want to use my computer as it is fully setup for my online coupon hunt. Yet another area emeals did not do well on.

    My overall vote – skip them you will save money by being thrifty and cooking simple meals. Try out a farm share and figure out how to make meals and not follow recipes. I call this a consumer trap.

  • stareye

    WARNING, WARNING. It is very, very difficult to cancel a subscription once you are signed up with eMeals. The only way is to call them during their business hours. You cannot cancel on-line. I even registered a BBB complaint against them and they told BBB that they had cancelled my subscription but a month later the renewal charge when through my credit card.