Earth Day Is Every Day!

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Happy Earth Day. I always liked those old commercials that had the slogan, “Earth day is every day!”. It’s such a true statement, but I also don’t like when environmental extremists try to run my life. It seems like the environmental movement has spun out of control, and soon they will be taxing me every time I pass gas. They have already proposed taxing cow farts, so I am assuming we will be targeted next.

Having said that, I like to be friendly to the environment, because it’s the right thing to do, not because Al Gore says I’m going to melt in 20 years if I don’t do it. I like being a good steward of the beautiful creation that God gave me, so my wife and I do whatever we can to help the environment when we think of it.

Here are a few things we recycle around the house to save time and money:

  1. We’ll buy a case of water bottles, use them, and then re-use them two or three more times by filling up our Brita pitcher with water and refill the bottles. You can’t re-use the bottles too much, because the plastic starts to wear down and the water starts to taste a little different.
  2. We started using the cloth bags for grocery and Target or Wal-Mart shopping. This is not only a great thing for the environment, but it cuts down costs for businesses, and it cuts down prices they charge you in the long run. We don’t always remember to bring our cloth bags with us when we go shopping, so whenever we get plastic bags, we stuff them in a holder. I use them for doggy poop bags, and I use them to take my lunch to work.
  3. I always mulch my grass clippings and use it as natural fertilizer for my grass turf. It has more nutrients than other fertilizers ever will.
  4. We’ve started using more natural cleaning products, but we still have a bottle of CLR and Windex lying around for tough dirt and grime jobs.
  5. Programmable thermostat. This isn’t just to conserve energy, it’s a huge cost savings. Everyone needs a programmable thermostat. You will save hundreds of dollars a year if you regulate the temperature of your house when you are gone. Turning the thermostat off when you leave and turning it back on is worse than turning the temperature up when you are gone and down when you are home. It takes much more energy to re-cool a home that had no air on all day (or vice versa with using heat), than it does to raise and lower the temperature a couple of degrees based on when you are home.

Make sure that Earth day is a day that you feel good about the environment, not one that makes you depressed. You can do your part, but the Earth is much stronger and more powerful than mankind will ever be. Be a good steward of the environment because you enjoy Earth, not because a politician told you to do it.

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  • Krotius Von Doogler

    “We’ll buy a case of water bottles” … why the fuck would you buy a case of water bottles? If you’re really to paranoid to drink tap water, at least have the common sense to buy some bottles that you can reuse and that don’t contain BPA.