• Topbulb Guy

    If not removing the entire fluorescent fixture, homeowners may want to look into fluorescent-to-LED conversion kits. That way, they can keep the fixture and just replace the yellowish fluorescent light for a brighter, whiter LED tube.

  • http://www.makemoneyyourway.com/ Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    Thanks for these great tips, last month we just repainted our rooms to have a fresh bright colors. I think newly paint house will really have a big impact on selling your house.

  • Paige

    A great post with helpful tips Mary! I really like that you have included an estimated cost because half the time the suggestions sound great until you realise that they may be a little out of your budget. I do think all the points you made are valid, although I think the matching appliances one can be seen as an added bonus. Not everyone has the money to take that step. In the end it is about keeping your home safe and updated so people can live in it.

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