Festival of Frugality: It’s Fright Night with Count Skimpula!

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count draculaWelcome to the Festival of Frugality! We’ve got an extra scary good edition of the carnival planned for you today, full of spooks who save, creeps on the cheap, and tricks to send you screaming. Now I’ll turn you over to our host, Count Skimpula!

Muahaha, I am Count Skimpula, here to share some good scare and bring your attention to some especially spooky treats. Now, let me begin. As my spooo-kiest pick of the veek, Frightening Fanny from Living Richly on a Budget writes a tale of horror and trickery with a varning to those getting ready to party this Halloween: Don’t Get Tricked – Save Money on Halloween!

Now on vith the rest of you!

Philip the Phantom freaks us out with 15 Cheap and Creative Halloween Costumes for 2011. I think I see some of my own kin but they must be the latest model; I don’t remember having such a radiating glow. Many of these costumes play on the popular culture of the year but there is nothing wrong with a classic costume, especially one that can save you some coins.

Midnight Marie materializes with a memoir of undead…interest rates that is! Beware of Store Credit Cards – a trick retailers have been using almost as long as I’ve been haunting! These cards will sink their vampiric fangs into your finances and won’t let go until they have drained you of every last drop! Drive a wooden steak right through their heart and just say no at the register!

Meghan the  Manticore mystifies with What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Credit Card. A frightening thought indeed! People always chasing you with their stakes and pitchforks! Oh vait, that’s just me… As for credit cards, I haven’t paid mine since 1476. Luckily, any collectors that come knocking at my door get a surprise of their own!

Kamikaze Kim LaCapria cuts to the quick with How to Cut Your Cleaning Costs, something that will come in handy. I have the hardest time getting the bloodstains out of my cloak after a good meal. I try to eat like a gentlemen but vhen your dinner’s heart is pumping that hard, I vould like to see you try and drink without taking a blood bath!

Cannibal Kelsey chills our souls with Keeping Warm on a Budget. I have not had to vorry about keeping varm in quite some time but with spooook-tacular saving like these, maybe I will look into them for when I have victims over for dinner… I mean guests…

Count Paul von Vachon volunteers more verses concerning cuts in How to Cut Your Grocery Bill with an Herb Garden. Herb gardens can go just about anywhere and are great to spice up your food, making high and low cost meals alike more enjoyable. You can grow just about anything too – anything but garlic – please, no garlic!

Hairy Hank howls, Would a Crazy, Wacky Piggybank Help You Save More? You might think this is a silly idea, a vimsical notion perhaps, but in some circumstances, getting more personal with your goals can help increase success.

Shadowy SB vhispers of the 9 Steps to Switch Bank Accounts. Nothing is scarier than new fees imposed on old services. No one feels good about it except the banks lining their pockets. Svitching banks can be a scary thought too but if done right, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Krazy Kristia counts on How to Save Money at the Apple Orchard. Bobbing for apples is a classic party event this time of year and what better vay to save than to go right to the source. There are many more uses though for the scary, discarded apples left around the orchard vhere you vill find the biggest savings.

I hope you all enjoyed this ghoulish group of goodies. Have a safe and happy Halloveen! Muahaha

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