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Financial Question #11: Bush Signs Economic Stimulus Plan Into Law

By Erik Folgate

Today, President Bush signed the economic stimulus plan into law today. So, it’s a done deal. He praised Congress for coming together in a bipartisan way to get the bill passed quickly so the American people will get the money as fast as possible. I still have my reservations about whether this is the solution for actually stimulating our economy, but at least they are trying to do something, and putting more of our earned income back into our pockets is always a good thing.

Here’s the question for today. It’s a two part question:

Do you think this plan will help stimulate economic growth, and what will you do with the money you receive this summer?

If you want to get an estimate for how much you’ll receive, read my article with a calculator to estimate your refund.

Erik Folgate
Erik and his wife, Lindzee, live in Orlando, Florida with a baby boy on the way. Erik works as an account manager for a marketing company, and considers counseling friends, family and the readers of Money Crashers his personal ministry to others. Erik became passionate about personal finance and helping others make wise financial decisions after racking up over $20k in credit card and student loan debt within the first two years of college.

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