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Financial Question of the Day #2

By Erik Folgate

How much do you plan to spend on holiday gifts? Will you use cash or credit and why?

Okay, that’s three questions, but whatever. At least they are somewhat related.

We’re probably going to spend about $1,200 on gifts this year. That includes gifts for each other (me and my wife). We’re technically using credit, because of laziness. I’m getting a Christmas bonus, but it’s not until the 21st. We have the cash in our savings account, but we don’t want to transfer it over to our bank account and get it mixed with other cash for bills. So, we figured that we’d just put it on my corporate credit card where we can track all of the transactions, and pay those off when we get the bonus next friday.

Post your answers in a comment below.

Erik Folgate
Erik and his wife, Lindzee, live in Orlando, Florida with a baby boy on the way. Erik works as an account manager for a marketing company, and considers counseling friends, family and the readers of Money Crashers his personal ministry to others. Erik became passionate about personal finance and helping others make wise financial decisions after racking up over $20k in credit card and student loan debt within the first two years of college.

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