Financial Question Of The Day #3

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What is your favorite giving memory? Such as, a time when you gave something to someone or received something from someone.

My favorite giving memory is definitely the trip that I took to Ecuador in high school with my church’s youth group. Each student brought one wheelchair, and we passed them out at a free medical clinic in Cuenca, Ecuador. It was the first time I gave a gift to someone that TRULY needed it. The expression on those people’s faces were priceless.

This holiday season, stop for a minute during all of the festivities, and reflect on how grateful you are to have so much love, money, possessions, and good health.

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  • Robert

    I haven’t given it yet, but I decided today to write a check for $250 to the Smile Train which pays for cleft palate surgeries for children in Third World countries. I was blessed to be born in the United States so my underdeveloped cleft palate was surgically corrected when I was very young. I’m excited about knowing that I helped some kid like me with this wonderful service.