Financial Question Of The Day #7

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What potential presidential candidate do you believe is best for the economy and your pocket book?

This might be a loaded question, but I want your opinions. Be as aggressive as you want about your opinion on your favorite candidate, but try to be respectful and professional at the same time or I will delete your comment!

Personally, I think that Fred Thompson would be the best president for our economy and pocket book. He appears to be the most fiscally conservative candidate out there based on his past track record and his proposals to reform social security and his commitment on free market solutions to drive economic growth. I think he’s committed to bringing back “Reagan-like principles” back to the White House. He’s the only candidate that I believe when he says that he will cut taxes to stimulate growth. Romney and Huckabee don’t have a good track record for cutting taxes and Hilary and Obama both have numerous federal programs that they want to put in place that can ONLY be supported by raising all sorts of taxes. That’s my two cents, what do you think?

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  • Rich Schmidt

    I’d have to go with Ron Paul. If anyone earns the title “most fiscally conservative candidate” it has to be him. As a 10-term Congressman, he’s had the chance to prove that he doesn’t just say he’ll defend the Constitution — he’s consistently voted in line with it his entire political career. What that’s amounted to is voting against almost all government spending and consistently voting against tax increases.

    Plus, he understands economics in a way that few of the other candidates do. He understands that interfering with the market through the Federal Reserve only promotes bad financial choices and delays the inevitable consequences of those choices. Mild corrections turn into major recessions. And that’s bad for everybody.

    So I think he would be the best choice, for our pocketbooks and for our liberty.

  • author

    You’re right about him being consistent with not voting for tax increases and upholding the constitution. But, there are other thing about him that couldn’t get me to vote for him, even though he’d be good for my bottom line.