Financial Question Of The Day #8

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If you could start any small business without worrying about start-up costs, what would you start?

If you’ve got some completely innovative idea, then don’t post it here, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone stealing your idea.

For me, I’d love to start an upscale sports bar with an enormous array of beers and wine. For those “regulars” that keep coming back, I would offer them the chance to create their own beer or wine and have it named after them. Also, there would be a separate room with places to stand and theater like seats for those that want to sit for that BIG game. I hate being in a sports bar where you’ve still got three or four different games on, but everyone is there to watch ONE game. I would also make an extra effort to make sure that everyone had a great time and a SAFE time. I don’t think sports bars do a good enough job of watching after the safety of their patrons. I would offer free taxi rides home.

What’s your dream business?

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