Five Reasons Why You Haven’t Received Your Economic Stimulus Payment

There are quite a few people that are angry and frustrated over the first week of economic stimulus payments rolling out as portrayed by the comments on this post. The payment schedule that the IRS printed is obviously not being followed. People with their last two digits in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, are getting their payment before people in the 00’s, 10’s, and 20’s. I’m not going to sit here and act like I know why it’s all screwed up, but here are a few ideas for why you may not have received your payment yet.

  1. You used a third party company to e-file your taxes. I did this, and according to the chart, I’m supposed to receive my payment tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I get it. If I don’t, then this theory may have some credence to it. If you used a third party e-filing company such as Turbo Tax or Tax Act Online, then the payment schedule may not apply.
  2. The IRS is using your spouse’s social security digits if you filed jointly.
  3. You filed your taxes less than 6 weeks ago. It might not have given them enough time to set up your stimulus payment to be processed.
  4. You owe backtaxes, child support, or you are delinquent on a federal student loan. If you any money to the federal government or you owe court-ordered child support, your stimulus payment will be applied to those outstanding debts. The IRS should send you a letter explaining how it was applied, but who knows when you’ll receive that notice.
  5. The IRS is just slow and unorganized. This is the most likely scenario. I am amazed that there are so many people out there that want to hand the health care system over to our government. They can’t even handle a simple task such as sending our checks and direct depositing money.

Remember . . .

Do NOT rely on this stimulus payment to pay monthly bills. Act as if you aren’t going to receive the payment. It would be silly to fall behind on a payment, because you were waiting on the check. We now know that the payment schedule is not accurate, so do not count on the money at a specific time.

  • Susan Wright

    The reason we didn’t get ours today is because the post office lost ours in the mail. We called the IRS up to find out why ours wasn’t in our bank account and the IRS told us they never received it after waiting a half hour on the phone.
    We have to do ours all over again and wait another 4 to 6 weeks. They should allow faxes so it could get to them quicker.
    The IRS and post office you can’t rely on either of them.

  • Alayna Stone

    It is a crying shame that they can’t even handle this….I was supposed to receive my refund DD yesterday, and I made the mistake of planning around it…yeah…..

  • shirley

    my son is in the service and he was to get his on may 9 but it did not happen and i was wondering if anyone else is having this problem it was direct deposit but he checked and it has not be put in his account as of the11 of may.

  • hank

    I think I’ll go with #5. To play the devil’s advocate (I haven’t gotten mind and my last 2 SS#s are 00-20), it’s a lot of paperwork to hammer through and it is always best to plan for the worst but EXPECT the best. They’ve started rolling them out, so I can’t see them stopping so I’ve got mine planned to spend in Oct or 2012. It should be here by then I figure. ;)

  • Bunnie

    We filed with TurboTax and OWED money. Trust me, that money was promptly deducted from my checking account on 4/15, with zero delay.

    We should have had ours direct deposited on 4/9 using the latest SSN, and nothing. The phone number has a recording which tells you call volume is too high, hang up. The website says nothing.

  • author

    yeah, I know. The IRS just hangs up on you. It sucks. I’m going to try to get a hold of them tomorrow with my problem about not getting the correct amount.

  • Julie

    Mine was suppose to be DD on the 9th, it’s not there. I learned the hard way after planning to pay bills with it, now I have been penniless for 4 days b/c I thought that money would be there, it isn’t, I got screwed. My fault for trusting the government to do exactly what they said they would do.

  • Paula

    We were supposed to get ours on May 9th by Direct Deposit. NOTHING!! I don’t know why I expected it. I should of known better!! No one I know has recieved their’s yet. We are thinking this is a bunch of bologna!! Get our hopes up for nothing. We could use the money right now too since we are dealing with layoffs and struggling to keep our house right now.

  • karen perry

    I was wondering if anyone has recieved their stimulus, if you do not regularly file taxes. My parents live on their social security and we filed the tax form and wrote up at the top Stimulus Payment Rebate. We filed the last week of April. Although I can not track anything online for my parents because they did not fle a regular tax. IS there a phone number to the IRS where you can get a live person that can help you instead of a voice mailbox. Thanks, Karen

  • maria

    i have to do mine all over again with a 1040x form cause they have to amend my taxes. now they say they cant find me in the computer at now i call everyday and wait 2-3 hours to talk to someone and i get different stories every time.

  • maria

    write a letter to congress or your state aide.if all else fails -write to bush-.

  • KEMA


  • cc

    I saw this link along with this one and those of us who filed online, e-filed and direct deposited as we know we should, but because I used the services like TaxAxt and TurboTax, who apparently route it through a third party first… means we get the paper version some time in June. Kind of aggravating when a friend who got theirs filed sometime in mid April got theirs by May 3 when I filed in February. Grrr, but hey… its extra that we hadn’t planned to get.

  • JL

    I filed my taxes with DD back in February. My refund came in 7 days. According to the IRS website, I should have had mine immediately. But alas…like everyone else on this page I have not.
    But it is par for the course with this administration.

  • Joey

    We were suppose to get our money direct deposited on may 9th and not in there yet and here it is the 15 of may. this is crazy they should of never made a schedule if they were not going to go by it…

  • cjc

    I think this IRS stimulas check is a scam….they say it is for the economy…bull…or everyone would get what they told us we would get. NOT the government…not BACK child support…i say if you are paying child support…monthly…or on a regular basis…you should get it …it is to go back in the economy….not the government pocket!!!! This is typical…no help for the little man struggling…throw us a bone …and pull it back in just as we start to smell it.

  • MrayF

    I had to pay in this year but had it taken automatically from my bank account, The Money was taken out within a week of filing. Because they have my account information should I be receiving my Stimulus refund via Direct deposit or will it be sent by check

  • txicestorm

    My son filed through taxact and DD’d just like we did. He got his on the 8th, got a mailed notice on the 12th, dated the 12th, and the notice said he would get his on the 9th. We have yet to receive ours, and our ss #’s are 6 digits difference. When I try the site, “Where’s my stimulus” I get nothing. It’s really screwed up, huh?

  • Sherri

    I was scheduled to get my payment today on May 9th and I haven’t gotten mine either. I used H&R block online and so did someone else I know and still no money. I even went to the and went to a link called where’s my refund it did not have any information. I am starting to think that this is a hoax by the goverment. Who are we fooling, the government is still going to get this money one way or another. We still have to pay taxes for food and gas.

  • m & m

    My husband and I have been waiting along with a lot of others. It’s sad. We filed our taxes way early. We keep checking our mailbox everyday…nothing….we too are waiting to use this money on things we need and have to pay…….everything happening in this world….war, bad economy, high gas prices…IRS taking forever is starting to takes it’s toll not only on us, but many, many others….it’s just so sad:O(

  • Heidi @ Carolina Dreamz

    I think we need to focus solely on chaos for the answers to this, because..

    I used e-file through turbo-tax, less than 6 weeks ago, and received my direct deposit of this stimulus check, BEFORE the dates on the schedule. Early.. go figure! Before ANY were supposed to be direct deposited.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with e-file, 3rd party, or timely filing of taxes.

  • Pierre Cromartie

    This is retarded.
    I was suppose to receive mine on May 9th and now its May 18.
    Its just irriatates the hell out of you.
    You do every damn thing by the book you file electronically.
    You pay for the service from your bank or credit union.
    You did it early. But with this IRS something goes wrong.

    is it true we are watching the worst Government screw us all over and play games with us?
    I just can’t explain the anger i feel right now.
    That we do everything by the damn book and this is how the repay us.

    Can’t even put a damn check in our Bank Accounts.
    Hits us with a bunch of gobbely goop and lies.

    Why even wave this in front of us if they had no intention of doing what they said they were going to do.

    its not that hard to put something into your bank account. alot of us are paided via direct deposit.
    all our taxes have our banks routing numbers.
    why are we dealing with a slow moronic system like this.

  • Virginia

    I also have hopes of using my stimulus check for food and gas. I was supposed to receive these the 16th of May. I have not received it and was told that if I haven’t received it by June 13th to contact the IRS. I personally think that the government is what it always has been….a rip off. I’ve never had any faith in the government and never will as far as someone else being in charge of my welfare. They’ve let us down and will continue to do so. That’s the land of the free and the brave. Riggghhhhhttttt!!!!! Unproud to be an Americannnn!!!

  • Zach

    Yeah, I don’t think it has to do with third party programs. Me and my wife both used the free online H&R Block program to do ours (we filed seperately as we weren’t married last year.) I was scheduled to receive mine on the 9th… nothing yet. She was scheduled on the second roll out date and she got hers… though she should have received 600 and only got 300.

  • Johnny

    Supposed to get DD on the 9th, nothing yet! It would be nice to get it before the holiday weekend to help pay for family time. For shame.

  • shirl

    I filed back in very early March with H and R Block. According to the rebate format I should have had mine DD on May 9th. Las two digits of my SS are under 35. Now their claiming that because I allowed my filing fees to be taken from the amount owed to me that this puts me in a category to receive my stimulus rebate via paper check in June, possibly July. What makes me wanna foam at the mouth is I have read others whom filed exactly as I did and they have receive theirs already

    I did everything accordingly and still nothing yet. The IRS website directs you to a dead end so that’s no help and I know I would be wasting my time trying to call them. I’m mad so so so so mad. Now I donno if I will get it by DD, snail mail or if at all. How about adding a few hundred for those of us that were inconvenienced, call it the late interest fee?

  • lisa

    yea we havent got them because the IRS sucks and dont know how to handle a simple job by adding and multiplying and subtracting even though they have a calculator right in front of them….

  • Kita

    This is to shirley. We were supposed to receive ours on the ninth and we still haven’t received it as of 24May. That really is a shame and people are already having financial issues.

  • Mark

    I used TaxAct and DD and was scheduled for the 9th. It’s now the 28th and nothing. Except of course the IRS dead end.

    I had a product shipped May 9 from Germany to the US and it arrived on the 21st. So Germany can get me physical products sent by econom mail into my handsfaster than our own IRS can do a simple electronic transfer of the money they promised me…

    Thankfully, I didn’t count on this money for my bills, but as gas is rising by the minute, $1200 could help keep fuel in the tank for a while!

    May 28 and counting…

  • shirl

    Update: I went to the IRS website again and it appears to be true. For those of you whom did the DD before the tax deadline but allowed your fees to be taken from the rebate total… Expect a paper check in the mail. As I had mentioned before I should have received mine through DD on May 9th but after trying the IRS website one more time I was finally informed that I would receive my $600 via chech which will be mailed out June 6th. When you go to the IRS site and fill in the nessary information you will only be notified if you are a week or so away from your money being sent to you. Hope this sheds some light on this subject?

  • Shirley

    For those of you who are so unproud to be an american, then maybe you should move. the government does not have to give this money to us. so we should not be complaining about it! it is free money! i will take it when it comes. as for the government not “taking care of our wellbeing” we are responsible for ourselves and should be prepared to do so. i for one, am very proud to be an american and i haven’t even received my check yet!

  • shirlie

    With no disrespect intended Shirley, Their are so many proud Americans with kids no less trying to make ends meat and their very survival depends on this few hundred as promised. If I were ”promised” a free trip to somewhere exotic for a week on a specific date. I know I’d be pissed if the date passed by and I was never notified as to why I’m still waiting with my bags packed.

    Most of these people have a right to vent as that is all it is. Call it another human trait we all share. With that said it will arrive we just have to be patient…(sigh)

  • shirl

    Second Update: For those of you wondering if you will ever receive your stimulus payment, they should send via snail mail a letter with bold words on the back reading stimulus ”Payment” (can not miss it).

    The letter will basically remind you of when you can expect your payment to arrive and will also explain the possibility of why perhaps you may receive less. As I mentioned in the past I was to receive my stimulus on May 9th DD but never did so I hope this may be of some help to those of you still in the dark. This is just in my experience so far to date.

  • Justin

    Yea I was suppose to get mine but never did but the IRS said they put the money in my account but it never got there they said they would run a trace on it two weeks ago still no word.

  • white*minority

    I got a letter telling me that it had been sent back to the IRS and they were going to resend my check for 900 dollars, that was 4 years ago. I have never recieved anything from our almighty government.