• http://www.messengerpl.org Jessie Affelder

    Oneinteresting freebie you forgot: Our public library also provides lots of programming for adults and seniors. Careers and job searching, cooking, exercise, sports, crafts and fine arts, gaming, gardening, budgeting and finances, book discussion groups, summer reading and winter reading programs, writers groups, online blogs, music, wedding planning, computer and technology skills…all for free. People don’t even have to get a library card, though that is certainly encouraged.

  • Hope Nardini

    Thanks for adding to the list Jessie! I agree that libraries are great community centers. I’ve never heard of wedding planning resources at the library- do you mean they rent out their facilities for a wedding ceremony/reception or that they actually provide support in the wedding planning process?

  • Jeremy Vaughn

    Some libraries offer free song downloads (3 per week) via freegal.com, and they’re yours to KEEP. Our local libraries do this and apparently others, too..

  • marie sanchez

    Thanks for the info about the librarieshave so much to offer.

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