Get a $10 Flight On

My friend showed me a great airline website called Starting in January, Skybus will be offering VERY cheap flights to and from various cities. For instance, from Greensboro, NC to Jacksonville, FL, you can get a flight for $10 plus tax! Is that crazy? Yes, it’s crazy, but not revolutionary. We went to Europe 3 years ago, and took they have and You can get $10 and $20 one-way flights to and from many large cities in Europe.

So, what’s the catch?

There is no catch. The only “sort-of” catch is that these types of airline companies have relationships with smaller airports. So, the flight may say “boston”, but you may actually fly into New Hampshire. Also, flying into Jacksonville is really flying into St. Augustine. If you live near these cities, or you have relatives that are willing to drive the extra 30 minutes, this will definitely be worth it. Think of how many of you that live in small towns drive an hour or more to get better rates from the larger city airports.

You can assume that this company will only start adding more cities as they grow. I’m really excited about it, because I don’t mind flying in outside of a larger city if the cost savings is significant. So, check it out, and save some cash.

  • Mac

    Sounds great! Though never heard of the airline…hopefully they make it to Minnesota soon. We’re excited that Southwest made it here last year and started offering competitive prices. Delta matched their deals, so many flight prices with southward. Additional competition is good competition!

    • DeathBunny

      Sorry to break this to you, but SkyBus Airlines went out of business several years ago. Yes, it was too good to be true, Dorothy….