GM Union Workers Go On Strike

Could things get any worse for GM, and the auto industry? Thousands of GM workers go on strike citing that it has much to do with job security issues and a retirement health care benefit plan that did not come to fruition. Okay, let’s back up here for a second. You’re concerned with job security so you go on strike? Who the hell do these unions think they are? First of all, they’re idiots. Your job security is somewhat GM’s fault for not keeping up to speed with Honda, Toyota, and Nissan’s market share of the industry. But probably 75% of the problem is TECHNOLOGY. Wake up people. You’re being snuffed out and becoming obsolete because of technology. GM can do things faster, more efficiently, with more productivity using machines. It’s a sad reality, but you need to wake up and face that reality. The job market is falling away from factory shift work and moving towards knowledge and critical thinking. If you’re in your sixth or seventh year working in a factory at an auto company, don’t plan on retiring with that company. I sure wouldn’t plan on it. Plus, going on strike isn’t going to help the fact that jobs are being taken away from you by Japanese manufacturers.

I don’t understand these unions, but maybe whatever their plan is will work. We’ll soon find out.

  • Obe

    Finally, someone who thinks like me. I researched this very topic last week and found some interesting facts, especially regarding their earnings. It is very sad to me that auto workers make more than a university professor.

  • Keith

    First of all I hardly think we need to worry about the poor underpaid college professors who never really do any work. Second, Erik your sadly naive to think technology can actually complete all of the thousands of steps needed to mass produce cars. I understand you were brought up thinking an IPhone could literally do anything, but the world is a big place. Have you ever been inside an automobile assembly factory? Even if robots could in your dream scenario do all the work here is a secret, robots break down. Shift work as you so disdainfully call it is not going anywhere.
    The idea that if the unions would just take whatever the companies dole out then the big three would somehow be far more healthy is idiotic.. Have you ever researched the percentage of an automobiles cost as relates to labor? The unions are far from perfect but your simplistic small child’s view of how things are made is pretty silly.. Stick with what you know