Good News About the Economy!

Finally, there’s some good news to report about the economy, and I’m happy that the media isn’t ignoring it. If you didn’t notice, the stock market shot up today, but it’s been doing that a lot lately, and then the next day is drops like a rock, again. Here’s a run-down of the good economic news:

  • Decline in Jobless Claims: the amount of people who filed claims for being laid-off dropped by 10,000 claim files this week, and declined for the third week in a row.
  • Strong Gross Domestic Product Reading: The GDP measures the national income and output of our country. It’s the total market value of all goods and services produced in the Uunited States in a given period of time. In this case, it rose 3.3 percent from April to June.
  • Oil went back down: It went from $120 a barrel back to $115 a barrel. It’s been about $3.50 to $3.60 a gallon in Florida. It’s still high, but at least there has been a little relief. What’s the price in your area?

It’s time to start seeing this economic glass as half full. The economy is not in as bad of shape as everyone thinks, and we need to do our part to help it grow. Tell all your friends that there are signs of hope and economic strength is just around the corner.

  • Terry

    If the national income is rising and your income is not,you’re losing purchasing power, and that can’t be good.

  • Terry

    Hey Crasher, how’s the unemployment rate doing these days?