Great Savings Habits From Blogger At My Dollar Plan

Here’s a cool article on Yahoo Finance about Madison Dupaix from the blog, My Dollar Plan. It’s her personal story about how she saved enough money so that she doesn’t have to work full-time. The article is a little misleading, because she says that she has “retired” from her day job, but it doesn’t mean that her and her husband are traveling the world. It just means that she was able to save enough money in ten years so that she can be a stay-at-home mom while her husband works. She works on the blog three days a week as extra income.

I must say, the people that rate the yahoo finance articles are RUTHLESS. They never have anything good to say. I think they’re just jealous. Good work Madison! You’re an inspiration to those of us who are continuing to invest for the long-term.

  • My Dollar Plan

    Thanks for highlighting the story! Glad to hear I’m an inspiration. Yeah, I sure took a beating from the Yahoo commenters! Although, this has been the best month of my life since I left my job and I hope everyone that wants to can do the same!

  • poor boomer

    I clicked on the link but didn’t find the article.

    Even so, as I live on $900 per month, with a $136 student loan payment, I’m not much impressed with the ability to save on a much higher income.

  • isa

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