Have You Received Your Stimulus Refund Payment Yet?

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I thought it’d be fun to hear from people who have received their stimulus payment so far. I haven’t received my payment yet, but according to the payment chart, it should be sent to my bank account next Friday, May 9th. However, it could be earlier than that since they started sending the stimulus refunds this past Monday.

So, if you were one of the few to receive it first, post a comment below that you received it and how you plan on spending/saving it.

  • http://chieffamilyofficer.com Chief Family Officer

    No, and I was wondering if anyone had received theirs yet too!

  • Adam

    Not yet, making me worry!!!!! Last two digits are 14 so I figured I’d have it by today!

  • Jennifer

    NO! Based on the dates on their website, mine is late! It said it would direct deposit by today, May 2. Well, it hasn’t! I received the first notice, but that was it…. Anyone else having this problem?

    Not to mention that the new “Where’s my refund?” is saying that they have no information….

    Please respond!!!

  • Nikki

    I haven’t received ours either. Myss# last 2 is 27. I keep getting conflicting stories. One news station said all direct deposits should be done by 5-2 which is today. I don’t know anyone who has received theirs yet…….

  • J Carter

    I was quite surprised yet excited when I checked my account this morning only to find that my check was deposited. Today, May 2, is only the second day of the distribution which is expected to take the entire summer. This is awesome!

    Well, although I’d very much like to spend it, I will use this money to add to my money market account — intended to save for my first property!

  • Melissa

    We were supposedly to have ours by May 2nd. That’s today and we’ve recevied nothing. We fall in the 00-20 category-but nothing…

  • Melissa A.

    We received ours this Friday morning. But, it was not what we are expecting. I will have to read more about how much it is based on. I thought it was $1200 for us as married and $300 for each child. We have 3 children we claimed ages 4-17. We did not receive even enough for only one child, so this is very discouraging. Is this based on how much money you claimed or got back from your regular refund? Very discouraged. Any body else got theirs and was it for the amounts we have been told it would be.

  • Melissa A.

    Well, I just called and got some info from my tax guy and according to the amounts on my taxes on certain lines is how they will base how much income you receive back. We are married filing jointly and have 3 dependents and made more than $38,000 for the year and we are only getting back $1553. But we have only received $1253 this morning in direct deposit. Really saddened we were misled I think. I don’t remember anything about it is based on your income. Oh well, no need to be frazzled; we should have known better.

  • Sean

    i was wondering why i haven’t received my stimulus payment yet? My ss # ends in 04 and i was supposed to have it deposited into my bank accout by today. Is it possible that it will be deposited later today? I am not sure what time they were supposed to deposit the checks. I know that most of them are being sent out today, so i figured that must be the reason for the hold up.

  • Jaclyn

    I was suppose to recieve mine today but I didn’t and my brother did but they sent him a wierd amount that doesn’t make any sense. The IRS told me because I filed e file from turbo tax i would get it in the mail even tho I had it direct deposited. To me it just gets more frustrating and confusing.

  • melissa

    I was uspposed to recieve my payment by no later then may 2nd and i still havent recieved it on the 3rd they said it might take up to 2 weeks late….

  • author

    Yeah, there a few people that I know who should have received it this week, but they haven’t. I think the May 2nd thing, might have meant that they will START depositing the low numbers on that date. It might not necessarily mean that EVERYONE would be receiving it on that date.

    If you fell in the May 2nd category, and you haven’t received it by May 9th, then I would start wondering.

  • AJ

    I haven’t received mine yet and according to the schedule, it was supposed to have been deposited today. Last 2 digits are 13 and I’ve checked my acct but nothing. My co-worker SS ends in 26 and she’s already got hers, so I’m kind of worried. When I call the IRS, they say they can’t provide any info. Weird??!!

  • kayla

    my last two are 19 and i have not recieved anything …. should have known since the IRS is the regulating agency …. GEEE I WONDER IF WE CAN COLLECT A LITTLE INTEREST FROM THEM SINCE THEY ARE LATE!!!!

  • Midnight1270

    Well, it’s Saturday the 3rd of May and I have seen nothing in my account either. My last 2 are 04..Gotta love the IRS and our Government..NOT!!!

  • Midnight1270

    i filed with turbotax doing direct deposit…should that make a difference?

  • LaRita

    I have seen blogs where people who have SS# of 54 that have already gotten them. I am #11 and my son is #06, neither of us have gotten ours, are they going by state, we are in California.

  • Patty

    I also fall into the category of SSN’s which should have received their check by May 2nd and as of today I still have not received the payment. I am hoping that it is deposited sometime this week as I am now getting worried about it.

  • April

    We were supposed to receive ours on the second of May as well since my social ends with 04 and I was primary and we did direct deposit and we had our normal refund over 11 weeks ago. Still nothing as of May 5, 2008! A friend of mine got her’s and her number is 19. What gives? Anyone know? According to the IRS webpage and our tax person we are eligable for $1500.00. Nothing!

  • Jeannie

    According to my husband’s last two SS numbers (88) we should have received by Friday, May 2nd. I googled online and learned that the dates initially given were wrong and it will be later than expected so now I’m not sure when we’ll get it or even what the amount will be. I also heard that some returns were being checked into before the money was distributed…I hope I don’t fall in that bracket. I mailed my return and elected to have it direct depositted so hopefully, I’ll be getting ours pretty quick. I keep checking several times a day since I am unemployed. Good luck to everyone on theirs!

  • author

    Looks like many of you are in the same boat. All that I can say is that those dates were probably an indicator of when they would START distributing the direct deposit payments. It may have been misleading that everyone with those SS numbers would receive it on May 2nd. We have to remember that It’s 130 million people. It’s a huge endeavor to get all of that money to everyone.

    Let’s be patient, and if you all with the low numbers still haven’t receive it in a week or so, then we should really start complaining!

    Some of you are right though, leave it up to the government to screw something up! haha

  • john

    SS ends in 15, filed jointly with SS 15 being primary name. Still nothing.

  • Yolanda

    I’m still waiting on a deposit also, my number ends in 11, I know a couple of people that have gotten theirs, I tried the IRS website and it says they have no information I don’t know whats going on

  • Kelly

    I haven’t received mine yet and my ss# ends in o2. Even though this is “free” money it’s frustrating.

  • KIM


  • susie

    My brother just got his, his last two are 74. No sign of mine 08.

  • author

    It seems like there is no rhyme or reason to those receiving the payment. Looks like that chart was a load of crap!

  • Pauly

    Once again another failed plan. Same as everyone else no $. Don’t hold your breath!

  • corey


  • GruvMaster

    I wonder what the implication is for all of us that were told we would be recieving a lot on money into our accounts, only to find no money, no information on IRS website, and no answers. Since I was ASSURED on their website that I would be getting the stimulus payment, I defered some bills because I have fallen behind with my payments to some companies. If I don’t get the money into my account in the next week, I will be SCREWED. Just another freakin letdown from the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. My stimulus payment is in the same place as those weapons of mass destruction. I can’t wait until the END OF AN ERROR, 1-20-2009!

  • Jim

    I still haven’t received my deposit either my ss ends in 20 and the website still says they have no information. like someone else stated on here “even though it’s free money it’s frustrating”.

  • BF

    You will only receive a direct deposit if you elected direct deposit for a 2007 refund. If you owed taxes, even if debited from the account on the tax return, you will receive a check.

  • brei

    i was suppose to get mine by may 2nd and didnt…my sisters both got theres today and was suppose to by may 6th…y hasnt mine come yet and there scheduled date was after mine, all of us got direct deposit

  • Jacquelyn Hart-McCoy

    My co-worker who the last 4 are 12 got hers today dd. My sister in law is 02 and still nothing for her. She is anxious because she counted on it. Yikes.

  • Jacquelyn Hart-McCoy

    the last 2…opps.

  • Kelsie

    This is starting to get super annoying!
    My brothers last 2 are 46 and he got his this morning
    Mine is 02 and of course, like everyone else, nothing….
    oh well, that’s to be expected

  • Amber

    SS ends in 19, still nothing.

  • susie q

    well sorry to say but the irs will not be direct depositing any rebate checks if you went to HR block etc… to have your taxes done and the fees where withheld or your refund was direct deposited by a third party (BANK) you will have to wait on a paper check THE IRS WEBSIE DOES SAY THIS BUT I CALLED AND GOT A REP. this whole thing is just a CRAZY

  • author

    Okay, I don’t think everything is always Bush’s fault. Just ’cause he’s the president doesn’t mean that is why the IRS and the Treasury is incompetent. That’s like saying a customer service who’s having a bad day is a direct correlation to the management of the CEO of the company.

    Remember, only those who RECEIVED a refund or physically put their direct deposit information on their 2007 tax return will get it direct deposited.

    ALSO, if you owed any back taxes, child support, or were delinquent on student loans, they will apply the stimulus payment to your outstanding debt owed to the gov’t.

    PLEASE PLEASE do not defer any payments while waiting for the stimulus payment. Act as if you were never going to get it!

  • corey

    I think Bill Gates should give out his money to the US citizens….Or how about Martha “freaking” Stewart???

  • Mike M

    Seriously, the only thing that is annoying is reading these responses. It amazes me that people feel that not only are they owed this money, but that they should get it exactly when THEY want it. Cmon people, this is extra money that we are getting from the government, which does not come that often. One thing that we should not do is count on it to pay bills that we are behind on – that is a different story alltogether. That is NOT what this was intended for. I have not gotten mine yet, last 2 is 66, which should be sometime this week. Do I hope it is sooner than later? Sure, who doesn’t? I am waiting to buy a motorcycle with it to save on gas money. Can I get it here any faster by complaining about how crappy the government is and that this is a let down and yadda yadda? Nope, so why do it?

  • Jamie

    You forgot about “Oprah”!

  • am

    i still have nothing but i wasn’t counting on it cause i knew it was going to fail! :( it would have been nice to get it on time if at all!

  • Len

    Have you guys tried this?? According to this I will be getting ours on the 9th of May.

  • Len
  • Jamie

    My brother got his last Tuesday last two being 04….my sister still nothing as of today and she is 15??????? Weird…just wish we knew exactly how they were doing all of this

  • Jason

    Basically what it boils down to for people who haven’t received their payment but feel they should because they had direct deposit is if you recieved a RAL (Refund Anticipation Loan) you will be getting a paper check in the mail. This goes for anyone who filed using Turbo Tax and had the fees deducted from their return. I filed using Turbo Tax and paid my fees via Credit Card so my payment is supposed to direct deposit on 5/9 (SSN ends in 35).

    Some of the people who have higher numbers who claim to have gotten their payment already, I’m wondering if that is their regular refund that is being deposited.

  • Chris Bellini

    If you used Turbo Tax, they deal with a 2nd and third part agency. The IRS will mail you the check because it wasn’t done staright through Turbo Tax. I found this out because our government that is ran by liars and grammar school graduates dont confess up to making mistakes. They make us Americans suffer in many ways. For future inquisitions, if the “brain trust” tells you something, do everything in your power to investigate the subject and get your own answers. As for the IRS, forget about them they only have information when it comes to collecting money from us, not giving it out. They have a 9-5 job, and are all idiots.

  • Nicole

    Actually I was supposed to get it by May 2 direct deposit. I called the IRS and she advised me that they had all my direct deposit information but they are sending me a check on 5/14 and that there is no reason and that the whole thing is a mess just wanted to let everyone know!!

  • Amy

    I just checked the link from above and it said that our stimulus refund would be DD 5-9 and it told the amount.My DH’s # ends in 61. HTH

    Amy from NC.

  • Jake

    I think the issue is not that people complain about not getting money they didn’t work for but because they were promised something and it hasn’t gone through yet. I anticipated a May 2 direct deposit, but haven’t received anything as of May 8. I’m not whining because I think of it a bonus not something I deserve. However I think most people complain because they were promised something that hasn’t gone through. Yet, anyways. Good luck, all.

  • author

    let’s all remember that this isn’ BONUS money. This OUR money that we’re getting back. The government is not a profit center. They just take our money and redistribute it. They don’t earn it. So, you should be upset when they promise to give you back some of your money, but they drop the ball on how they’re doing it.

  • nikki

    What would everyone do if this stimulas refund check never came,what was u doing before the government mention this about receiving the check,if it is meant for u to have one it will come just be patient and act like u never knew about it,people need to stop complaining and wait,the government is not always messing up on things,stop blaming the government for everything just because u have not receive your check yet. GOD BLESS

  • Len

    Got mine on time!! Thank Goodness!!!!

  • Nikki

    According to the website it is supposed to be deposited into my account this morning and it even gave me an amount. But as of right now there is nothing there yet. My fingers are still crossed, there is a whole day to get through.

  • Nikki

    Had another thought….I know a couple of people that was supposed to get their payment in today’s batch of deposits. He got his last Friday. His last two of his SS is 45. How weird is that? Hmmmmmmm……

  • Ed

    Not yet :( SS ends with 35 and nothing.

  • Veronica

    my refund was supposed to go in today May 9th since my last SS# is 63 I have been checking with my bank every day since Monday the 2nd because the dates where changed. I am looking forward for that extra money to make payments. AND GO TO DISNEYLAND :)

  • Geo T.

    I think ‘niki’ (message 53) got it just right. My Last 2 are 50. Therefore, I was ‘supposed’ to receive my direct deposit today. As of this morning there was nothing present. I filed through Turbo Tax and they took the fee out themselves. So, I’m guessing I’ll have to wait for the check in June (according to the post on this blog).
    I have had not such a great relationship with money over my life. A few months ago I realized that my entire attitude to money had to transform my attitude towards myself and towards finances. I did this because I needed to take personal responsibility.
    Do not complain if you were counting on the money and it isn’t there yet. What would you have done if the government never came up with this plan? Take a long hard look at yourself and your relationship with money. Ask yourself if you have really been responsible? I realize the whole economy is hard right now, however, there are things you can do to adjust. Don’t like the price of gas? Get a hybrid, modify your engine to get 80+ mpg (yes, it is possible – but thats is a whole other story – Google it), buy a bike or walk, Not enough cash around? Live below your means, take your lunch to work from home, stop smoking, go out 1 day less a month.
    You can invest or start your own part time business with your stimulus check and STIMULATE your own fiscal situation which as well as the country’s as a whole. I’m starting a business with mine. I think of it as my own personal ‘stimulus package.’ I’m not quite ready to get started as of yet. So, even if I did get it today (which would have been nice), while it would be hard to resist spending it on frivolous stuff, I couldn’t touch it yet.
    So don’t blame Bush (I’m not a fan of his either), don’t blame the IRS (again, not a fan). Look at yourself.
    I know that this a long post and comes off as a bit preachy but I just want you to think about what you have been doing with money up to this point. And while it is true that this is your money (it’s the taxpayers money) it’s not your entitlement. The Author is correct. Act like you dan’t need it or depend on it.

  • Anne

    So, I just got off the phone with the IRS…I elected direct deposit on my return and received my refund on Feb 8…well beyond 6 weeks ago. Turns out, I’m scheduled to get a paper check mailed to me in JUNE! I thought I would have the money today (May 9) based on my SSN and the fact that I elected direct deposit on my tax return…not so much. Maybe it’s because I used a 3rd party tax service (Turbo Tax)??!?!? Whatever…I’m pretty bummed.

  • Jules

    My last 2 of my s/s is 12 and my husbands is 19. Neither of us have received our refund and like many of you, we were told per the irs.gov website May 2. We did however file through TurboTax with DD. I tried calling the main number to the IRS, and all I get is, “We’re experiencing extremly high call volume. Try your call again later.” The FAQ’s are no help either. I know we shouldn’t depend on this money but damn it, when your living paycheck to paycheck, you can’t help but to look forward to it.

  • Jen

    So, I keep checkin my account and the irs website and still no go. What is going on? Is it true if you used TAX CUT you will be receiving it in paper form? Is there proof? I know that is “free” money but we are really counting on this. Hopefully soon. Good Luck Everyone.

  • Geo T.

    I just got an update got you all, that may answer everyone’s questions. If you used turbo tax and got your refund using Santa Barbara Bank & Trust (just like I did), you will be getting a check in the mail. This article came out on 5/6/08. Here is the link explaining it all:


    So most of us will have to wait a while longer.

    Also,because of interest payments that the government’s accounts receive from the cash available in them, the check wont be mailed until the last day. So, if the date is June 13 then, that’s the date the check will be MAILED. So don’t expect the check until the 16th or 17th.

    These are the facts

  • Shan

    I was supposed to get mine today (filed through Turbo Tax) and married filed jointly and gave my direct deposit info. My last two are 65 and its the 9th and no money in my account…



  • b. russ

    It doesnt matter if the money is going to bills or toys, the point is that they said it would be available on a certain time, and its not..to have to wait longer for our own money is very frustrating…The last rebate wasnt like this, it went out direct deposit, not matter if you used turbo tax or h r block!!! so dont preach to us about that we have to look hard at our selves with our relationship to money. thats aload of bull.. the fact is it was supposed to be here now, and its not and we are pissed. end.

  • Paul

    It’s May 10th. I was suppose to receive mine on the 9th. Nothing! I filled joint/Married and have two children. My ssn number ends in second direct deposit scheduled payments. I tried using the online “where is my stimulus payment” form, but it says,”Sorry we can’t find that information”. I’m kinda wondering how many people out their haven’t seen a penny from this economic stimulus payment.

  • Haley

    So I was supose to get my refund on the 9th and I used tax act my other friend whom used the same software got hers where is mine??

  • Gilbert

    Good ‘ol Uncle Sam. I’m still waiting for my direct deposit. Maybe I should’ve said my last name was Jazeer or Mohammed and just maybe I would’ve received it with interest and a free gas card.

  • Keri

    We were looking for our check on 5/9 (ss# 36). Now 5/10 and still nothing. We used H&R w/ direct deposit – BUT now irs.gov says if you paid 3rd party tax preparer out of refund, a paper check will be issued in June.

    After 7 years disabled from meningitis, we are finally able to buy a home again. Our stimulus is helping with down payment, but not really needed until we close in July. Hope paper check is somewhat on time!

  • Amy

    We got ours on Friday DD .It said our stimulus refund would be DD 5-9 and it was .My DH’s # ends in 61. We E-filed but used one of the Free filing sites the IRS recommend when we filed our 2007 taxes.It was less than I thought for married with 2 qualifying kids but; IM not complaining. Thank GOD for any extra amount this day and time :)

    Amy from NC.

  • Brian

    I had direct deposit doing turbo tax, mine should have been in account on the 2nd,,,,, called them up said I had to sign up for direct deposit,,, being mailed check, now how am I to sign up for direct deposit for rebate check differently from the normal check? Thought by direct deposit using turbo, t hey would send rebate same way,,,,,,, my last numbers are 01 and still nothing!!!!!!!!

  • angie from mansfield texas

    Well I am like many that was scheduled on the 9th and so far nothing. I used direct deposit on my return and all of my friends that had it done the same way got theirs. I feel ignored.

  • Danielle

    Come on everyone, are we surprised? Not really. We were supposed to have ours deposited on Friday 5/9, but nada. I went online all day thinking that the IRS fairy sprinkled our bank account with money, but hell no! She screwed me again, just like that cheap ass tooth fairy did to me as a kid! They better get their schedule together…..

  • RIck

    I havent received mine either, it was due by May 9th. No one seems to know what is happening. I have only heard of one person who has recieved it and it was the wrong amount. They are single with no kids and the IRS sent them 1200.00 bucks! What is up with that….

  • Monica O

    I havent recieved mine either?? its way past time?

  • Nick

    last 2 are 64, should have had stimulus direct deposited by May 9 but still nothing. After reading these posts I think I will get a paper check because I used Turbo Tax. This really puts a damper on my expectations. Of course nothing was mentioned by the IRS about using a third party for direct deposit so I am frusterated.

  • Stacey

    My boyfriend received his on Saturday, according to schedule. I think a lot of people are forgetting that you receive the stimulus check if your taxes were processed and paid before the April 15th deadline. I say be patient!!

  • http://myspace.com/billyharner billy


  • Becky

    Well just like many of you, I too went through TAXACT, did direct deposit (already received my tax refund) and I was in the second group of deposits to receive my stimulus refund… and what do ya know…NOTHING! But I think I have a answer for some of you…if you had your payment to what every company provided you service for your tax returns (like I did) deducted from your tax refund or a payment to the IRS deducted from your refund…you will not receive your refund by direct deposit. You will receive a mailed check, why? I have no idea but that is via the IRS website.

  • Cel

    We were supposed to receive a paper check due to prep fees being withheld from refund through SBBT. IRS listing said should be sent by June 13. We weren’t looking forward to that wait and then on the 10th we got a letter in the mail telling us that our stimulus payment will be to us BY the 16th of May. WE’ll see what happens. But it was really nice to get that letter explaining everything to a T. Good Luck to all!!!!

  • Tiff

    I was supposed to receive my check on the 9th and it is the 12th, where is my check? the website is totally wrong, and i am quite upset about this.

  • Lorena

    I was suppose to recieve mine on the 9th! And so fare nothing! I filed married for the first year and I filed at H&R Block.

  • author

    If you filed through H&R Block, I am pretty sure you’ll receive a paper check sometime in the summer. If you’re not receiving the direct deposit, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to receive the payment. It just means that for some reason, the direct deposit wasn’t set up and you’ll receive a paper check at a later date.

  • Margaret

    I SS# is 52 and should have received my DD before May 9th. Still nothing. I did get a letter saying it would be before May 9th, and then the next line says if you dont received it within 6-8 weeks then call.

    It is just nuts. The IRS needs to go away and bring in the fair tax.

  • rachel

    I just have a quick question…

    Does anyone know of a website that says by which two last social numbers you have.. it will show the date that you get your money?
    And another thing… Do dependents get $300 and Independants get $500?
    I am wondering when I will recieve mine. Last 2 are 28. And my mom filed so I dont know if it will go by her last 2 or mine, for my check.
    But yeah, I believe that thier paying by the last two of your social and the order thier going in is from the 90’s on down… at least thats what i see from all these comments in the forum. I read every single one of these comments. Im still lost…. can anyone help me with my questions?????

    Rachel , WA state.

  • jeremey

    I filed with HR Block also did the direct deposit and got my refund ok did my taxs back in feb. Last numbers 35 but still nothing. Does anyone have a clue why we havent gottten it yet? And I went to check on there website and still there is no info on my refund status. If anyone has info on this pls post



  • Earnestine

    my last two are 41 and i shouldve recieved mine into my account on May 9th and i still have not recieved mine. Im getting worried

  • rachel

    how come no one is answering me?

  • karen perry

    I did recieve mine and it was right on time. Direct deposited.

  • Krystal


    One, did your mother claim you on her taxes, or did she just do the work for you? I she claimed, she is getting your stimulus. Sucks, but that seems to be how it works.

    Now I found http://www.irs.gov/app/espc/ to calculate about how much you may get back. It is just a guess, but it should give you an idea.

    I hope I get it this week. Paid for my tax prep in cash. Shouldn’t have anything holding it. I’m in the last group. Be some nice birthday money.

  • Krystal

    Oh! And it seems that if you use your tax refund to pay for the prep work, your direct deposit becomes a paper check. Since, if you think about it, your income tax check got split and sent to two different accounts; your back and the bank of the prepares to pay for it. Best way to insure you get the funds is to mail you the check.

  • Jamie

    Rachel….go to irs.gov….they have a stimulus payment calculator to see how much you will get back and also the mailing dates are on there. It does go by ssn but they started at the beginning…00…direct deposit was supposed to get theirs first, but it all seems a little hit and miss of who has and hasn’t received one.

  • Gary

    I believe that every one needs to be upset with this process. As i have read in other comments we did not ask for the later Ss# .And also this should have all Either Been Mailed or clarified before they were sent out this is all just a mass confusion. Yes i filed my taxes with H&R Block I thought i was getting a direct deposit but then come to find out .h&r block uses a temp bank acct to put funds to takt their fees which was only 29.99 for use of their tax cut .It really sucks that they do that but hopefully i will ge it SOME DAY THIS YEAR. But thanks for telling us early and causeing mass confusion in America. Some people really need this to help catch up on bills and provide food for thier familes. Those that get it and save it really did not need it they are already stimulating the economy. But those that work and are having a really hardtime making ends meet,about to lose their home or cant make it to work or feed their family need to have recieved it first . I know this is my comment so i will leave it at that .Thanks America For causing mass confusion and continous hard ships for all of us we re a rich society but where is it no in the pockects of those that made this country rich but in those that sit and spend it on unneeded things which is not benifiting anyone. It all Needs To Change, Thanks

  • Rhonda

    Jamie-thanks for the link at post 46. Very helpful! I should have mine Friday or Saturday.
    Good luck to everyone and try the link (46) if you haven’t!

  • max

    I was laid off a year ago and I live in a small town no one is heiring . I know very well that we should not count on this money from the government.But I called my bank and they said I would get my refund by the 9th and still have not resived it. When my bank told me the check would be depoited on the 9th I went ahead and paid some bills that needed cought up. Know I have no money for rent, its my sposes and my fault we got behind but being a one income family we really do try and do our best. I know we are not the only people in this boat,when the bank says it will be there on a certain day you tend to belive them . Well for any one out there don’t belive them. I did our taxes through turbo tax and so did the rest of my family and some have resived the refunds already and some have’nt its very confussing. The web site for what i understand said you would resive a paper check but the two family members who have resived there refunds were direct deposited.So I am more confused then ever.

  • Ashley

    I have not recieved my check, it was suppose to be here May.9 and it is May 14, no sign of mine yet. I had my tx refund direct deposited this year.

  • Poppa

    Man I thopught I was the only one who hasnt recieved my stimulus check yet. my social ends in 59 and i was supposed to recieve it on may 9th but still nothing.. a couple of friends of mines have gotten theres but most of my friends who shouldve had theirs by now havent recieved anything FUCK BUSH hes always fuckin sum shit up…i was gonna get ma girl sum ear rings from tiffanys for her Bday with that money

  • Don

    Hey Haley

    I seen that you used tax act for your taxes…so did i. Did you have your fees at the taken out of your return or did u pay for it up front?… and same question to your friend.

  • Michelle

    i was supposed to have gotten it on 5-9. still nothing. everyone i know got it. except for me :(

  • Tami

    We haven’t received ours either…should have been deposited by 5/9.

  • Tami

    Rachel – Here’s the wesite where you can find all the information, although apparenty the dates are not “real”, since no one seems to be getting their payments on time. Hope this helps though. http://www.irs.gov/irs/article/0,,id=177937,00.html

  • author

    Here is one of the glitches that I figured out, which isn’t really a glitch. The IRS just failed to mention this when they put out their info about the payments.

    Check line 57 on the 1040 that you filed. If that amount is less than $600, then you’ll receive $300 for each person. so, if you filed jointly, you’ll get $600, and if your single, you’ll get $300. The letter I received that if your net tax liability (line 57) is less than $600, then you can’t receive the full amount.

    I think this will help answer many of your questions who received money, but not the correct amount.

    For those that haven’t received yet, you will most likely receive a paper check in the mail for whatever reason. The bad news is that it will be june or july if you receive a paper check.


  • Don

    Alright here is something quite interesting i heard from somone on another blog who seemed to know what they were talking about. For the people who filed througha third party such has H&R block or Tax Act…if you had the fees at the end taken out of your actual rebate then more than likely you will be getting a paper check. This is because since you had them take out the fee from the irs check the 3rd party gave the irs their bank account info instead of yours. That is so they could recieve your money, take out their fees from it then send it to you. So even though you was direct deposited the irs did not have your bank info. If you want to double check look at your bank statement. If your rebate came from the IRS it should say somthing like U.S treasury. If it says anything else then then you recieved your rebate from the third party and the IRs did not get you bank indo…..sry if this is bad news for some but hopefully it will answer some questions.

  • Krystal

    Hey, I have found the IRS’ Hotline number.

    Rebate Hotline at 1-866-234-2942.

  • Kris

    My husbands social security number ends in 00 and we still have not recieved the paper check. Only a note stating that we would get it no later than the 16th!

  • Beth

    I am so annoyed by people complaining about other people complaining! If you are told you will receive something by a certain date then you should have it. If the IRS cannot stick to the dates THEY supplied then we have every right to be angry! I submitted my taxes online on Feb 1st and received my refund deposited into my account on February 15th. So where is my check??? I too was counting on this money to pay bills. Maybe if the government would protect us from price gouging oil companies I would not be in such a dire need of this money to commute to work! If we are held to a strict standard of sending in our taxes on time then they should pay us on time. It’s not like the government gives us back the interest they earn on OUR hard earned money! Too bad Huckabee didn’t win the republican seat – doing away with income tax would have been great!

  • Nora

    And we want the government running our health care? Um…no.

  • Sherry

    Nikki. There is some confusion on the direct vs paper rebates. I called the IRS. I filed through Turbo Tax and it was direct deposited. I had them take the fee from my refund. If you filed with any of the companies and had your tax refund direct deposited but they took the fee from the refund. You will get a paper check. They neglected to tell people this. With todays economy people aren’t only needing a rebate to spend in the economy but to get through LIFE!!! So this was a surprise to me. But at least relieved to know what happened. They say it will be a week before the check date from your SS# before any info is listed on the website “where is my stimulus rebate”. So if you are like me, June 13th paper check. You won’t see info on the site until a week before that, possibly a little sooner. And the check will come between 1-2 weeks before that date said the IRS guy. But they say give it 2 weeks after the date as well. Hope that helps.

  • Kristal

    “Please allow 2 weeks from the date shown on the schedule to receive your payment.”

    That’s probobly why all your checks are late because the IRS website says that. So it might take 2 weeks longer.

  • LDahlby

    Did anyone have to pay in for federal?? I did, but they took it out electronically so they have my bank info. My last 2 digits are 05. They sent me a letter saying I would recieve it by may 16th( 2 weeks later than I expected) but will it be mailed or direct deposit? I also filed through Tax Act, but paid the fees myself. This really confusing! I am getting married next weekend and could REALLY use the extra cash…

  • Rosalind

    I would like to say to SOME of the people on here who are saying we shouldnt complain about not getting this ‘extra money’ from the government….YOURE INSANE!! The government gets ‘their’ money from US, THE TAX PAYERS!!!! ITS OUR MONEY!
    The government doesnt make money it TAKES MONEY! Fools that think this is a gift are crazy!
    We are over taxed and the only people who get a ‘gift’ from the government…which is the American People… are those on the welfare system and medicare. We pay their way.
    Im so sick of idiots!!!!!!!

  • Jodilee

    We were supposed to have ours directly deposited on the 9th but never received it. After doing some research I now know why … Ernastine summed it up perfectly ..
    That means if you did your taxes through H & R block or another tax service and had the fee deducted from your tax money. You will be mailed a check! It does not matter if it was directly deposited. There is also a schedule for mailed checks on the IRS website. Ours will be mailed out on June 13th! Not thrilled with having to wait a month but whatev ….

  • Rebecca

    For all of you who are waiting for your stimulus payment, I am sorry but we didn’t get all of the full info from the Government. We assume that because we had our money direct deposited then thats how its going to be but they failed to mention that if you took those fees out of your refund , you will get a CHECK in the mail instead so your payment date changes.
    My husband and I didn’t opt to get direct deposited so we are expecting something in the mail. We get a notice saying that we should get our by May16th.. well its May16th and I already got my mail and have NO CHECK!!
    I dont know if they are going to MAIL it out today but all of these notices are confusing!!

    All I can say, is don’t count on it and just pray that it comes!!

  • EJ

    This whole thing is a joke. I’ve had my hopes up for some much needed cash and every week there seems to be ANOTHER delay with some bull**** reason. My friend got a letter in the mail saying that even though she had direct deposit for her refund, the bank that filed it has decided to send paper checks instead and will take an additional 6 weeks to arrive! Total crap I say.

  • Midnight1270

    Has anyone gotten their stimulus check yet? I’m 04 and the website says it would be mailed out yesterday (Friday 16th)…Gotta love our government..

  • EZS

    So several of you have not received your direct deposit even though your 2997 return was direct depostied and several of you are wondering why has the stimulus payment not hit my banking account.

    If any of you utilized A tax service such as (HR BLOCK OR JACKSON-HEWITT) and had them deduct your fees from your initial tax return. for your 2007 return, then this means you are going to get a hard paper check, becuase even though you got your return direct deposited, it was initially sent to your tax providers account, then the tax provider direct deposited the funds once they took their fees out, this is classifed as a 3rd party involved, so the IRS will be sending you a paper check, even though you had your return direct depostited. I hope this makes sense.


    Last two SSN digits: Payments will be transmitted no later than (and received by the end of the day of):
    00 through 20 May 2
    21 through 75 May 9
    76 through 99 May 16

    Last two SSN digits: Payments will be mailed no later than (and received a few days after):
    00 through 09 May 16
    10 through 18 May 23
    19 through 25
    May 30
    26 through 38 June 6
    39 through 51 June 13
    52 through 63 June 20
    64 through 75 June 27
    76 through 87 July 4
    88 through 99 July 11

  • Nikki R.

    Hey guys… I hope all of you that have been waiting finally received your $$$!

    Quick question… has anyone received their refund, but never received one of those notice letters? Everyone’s been telling me that the IRS sent these notices out to let you know when to expect payment. I never got one… but I’m like 99.9% sure I’m eligible for the refund.


  • Michael

    It is now May 18 and still no check! The letter I got from the IRS said no later than may 16th. Hmmm!!! imagine that.

  • GlowDiva

    No not yet and mines was mailed out friday the 16th too. I was told to give it 3-5 days to arrive in my mailbox. P.S. Im 03.

  • author


    check this link. This may explain some of the reasons why you all have not received the stimulus payment by direct deposit.

  • author

    Also, the IRS is reporting that 1,500 payments (that they know of) were sent to the wrong bank accounts. How special is that? They’re saying 1,500, but I am guessing that they will find out that it’s more than that.

  • GlowDiva

    Has anyone received their paper check today?

  • Mike Achertz


    Nope…my last two are “03” and we have not recieved anything today( yet the letter from the IRS saying showing us what we get said we’d have the check by 5/16. Now if they meant to say that it would be placed in the mail on 5/16, fine, but somebody obviously didn’t proof read).

    Love our goverment (and look at all the sheep out there who want to vote for someone [Obama] who is going to increase the size and ineptitude of our government. Great…)

  • schmidtty3

    EVERYONE SHUT UP. This is just extra money so deal with it ,and you will get it when it comes!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brandi killian

      fuck u asshole no sense in being rude and a dick unlike u we depend on our tax returns to pay our bills off and get ahead so why are the fuck are u even on this site asshole so u shut the fuck up muther fucken prick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peple lke u wish i wish they would find in a fuckin gutter witheir troat slashed cause thats the prob with the world today to many bitches like u so go suck an asshole and acting like that bitch let me tell u something karma is going to get u and let me correct u fucker this is not extra money this is money we paid in so go fuck off on another site!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kim blankenship

    Okay. None of the above applies to me. I filed my taxes electrtonically through my cpa, whose fee I paid with a personal check at the time of filing. I owed money to the irs which I have paid in full (the check was cashed very quickly, I might add!). I haven’t received any letters letting me know I will be recieving any stimulus money, but I am a single mom and definitely in a low tax bracket. Technically, my check should have been direct deposited by the 16th. What gives?

  • clark

    per irs.gov, the irs is aware that some folks did not receive the $300 per child, etc. and they will be sending out addl stimulus payments per the mistake. go to http://www.irs.gov

  • scarlet

    C’mon folks~we all need some extra cash but do you all think that belly
    aching is going to bring it sooner? We have not received ours yet either but
    you should not be counting on this money to pay bills. My son flipped out when he read he would receive it by May 9 and he did not. I explained to him that he would receive a check in the mail and he should not pay any attention to those dates. I am with all of you about needing the money but complaining won’t bring it sooner. Good luck everyone!

  • Jamie

    For the people that are making rude comments and telling people to “SHUT UP” if you don’t want to hear about it…then go away!! People are wanting to hear other peoples experiences to make them feel better and know that they aren’t the only ones in this situation! If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all…Feel like i’m talking to my 5 year old!

  • Sam

    Mine is #55. Today I called IRS and they said that she doesn’t see anything gone out for me yet. It means they haven’t processed me yet. She could not tell me the reason why it was not processed yet. I am in CA. It took me 1/2 hour to get thru to thru the music and talk to her. Anyone else with same reason being told.

  • Lewis Mandrake

    My last 2 digits are 25…I haven’t received…mine yet and did file my taxes sometime in Feb….I really ain’t going to complain about it…Just trying to live without out…When I get it I will be glad…but without I am ok

  • DON

    I totally agree with you Jamie…Discussion blgs like this one are used for exactly what their called..”Discussion”…these are here so people can connect with eachother about their problems and rant and rave about them. So adding to the comment above..to those who are being disrespectful to people on here either read what a discussion blog is for and get over yourself….or quit reading them in general. To everyone else Good Luck with everything!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    I have not r’cvd $600 as promised on irs.gov website. SS# ends in 50. Should have had it May 9. It is May 22.

  • mama

    Ok for everyone saying if you files on turbo tax or etc your check will be mailed….thats bull my mom did turbo tax nd recieved hers in bank account almost 2 weeks ago…..As fo me lol my 2 are 19 and will be mailed so didnt even get to me yet :( but hey im not complaining its free money!!!!!!!!!!

  • mama

    oh yea and i forgot to add my friends last 2 are 39 and she got paper check in mail last week!!!!!so……… i dont know how this is going to work out but GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paige

    We went through Turbo Tax but paid our fees up front via credit card BUT had the refund deposited into 2 accounts. Did this cause it to kick us out of the DD and into the paper check mailing??

  • Jamie

    I received mine on time. I got mine on the 16th of May and my last two were 91. I was told that if you used Turbo Tax, those people are having problems getting theirs late. I always use TaxAct. There is a site you can enter in your social and it will tell you if you are getting one or not. Also you can enter your tax info and it will tell you how much you should expect. I know lots of people expected 600 and they got less than that.

  • Leslie

    I called today to speak with an IRS rep because my neighbor whose last two Soc #’s are after mine and he already received his check via the mail. I have not. I asked the Rep and I was told “your check was mailed on friday, all checks are mailed on Fridays. But it will probably take 14 business days to reach you. I told him there is no reason it should take that long to go from them to me. He stated that it was on its way. I said well I received a letter on Monday that said I would “have it BY the 23rd” and using the word BY is saying that I will have my check BY that date and not later. He laughed and said yes that was worded wrong, it means it will be out by the 23rd but don’t look for it until the 30th. I then questioned how the note said inside at the top “Notice Date: May 19th”, he said oh we know about how long it will take to reach you, SO the date is usually right around the time you get it. I said okay but you cannot do that with the checks, that makes no sense. After being frustated with that I then said okay but my neighbor…he said “depends on who filed first” I said you know what everything about the rebate has been “worded” all wrong. First people were not correctly informed about Direct Deposit until after the IRS got a million angry calls, now its on how fast you filed. I mean its was nice that they did it, but all the problems and frustration. Yes people shouldn’t be counting on it, but when its made a big deal and you get peoples hopes up, then get disappointed and they have a right too. “Free money or not”.

  • lfall

    are some of the people on here slow or can’t read? If you go to the IRS website it explains everything in plain ENGLISH.
    It says the checks will be mailed out no later than the date and should be received a few days after well if it was a weekend you need to add a couple extra days. If you live in a small town that does not directly mail from their post office that’s an extra couple days. Just because you have a post office in your town does not mean the bulk mail goes there it more than likely goes to the largest town then they distribute it to the smaller town post offices and then they deliver it to your home. It also says if you had a RAL loan and rapid refund, tax preparation fees taken out of your refund you will get a paper check. Yes it sucks that they didn’t tell us this BEFORE we filed our taxes but it’s too late to do anything about it now! If you would just read the information on their site you would understand where your refund is or when it will get to you. If you mail out a letter on Friday most likely the person will not get it til the following Tuesday maybe even later. They can’t promise a day you will receive a paper check. They are not the courier service they only promise the day it will be sent out by.

    • Jujubees

      excuse me, but your a moron. The system is flawed in a bunch of ways and doesn’t tell everyone everything. Everyone can read and comprehend you just like to fuss.

  • Lori

    Why are people getting their checks before their listed date? My husbands is 26, but I know of so many people, who’s numbers are way higher than that who received their check, in the mail last week. My friend who is 84 said she also got hers via mail last week. What is up!!!!!
    Still no info on the irs website, just tells me no info avail at this time. Calculator gives me the amount. But of course 600 less than what we thought , married 3 kids. only getting 1500 back. Can anyone tell me why these checks are going out with no rhyme or reason. PLEASE DO NOT POST THAT STUPID IRS SCHEDULE. IT MEANS NOTHING.
    Thank you

  • wonderer

    last 2 digits 80, did my taxes on H&R Block ( will not ever use them again) and paid fees to Block by tax reduction. I am waiting for a paper check. NO check yet by mail. I filed my taxed the first day you could file them online. Would like to hear from someone who has gotten a papercheck with last 2 digits 80-90!

  • Lori

    UPDATE!!! Monday late at night I finally got some info on the IRS website , but ofcouse it says mailed out on the 6th. My husbands #26 , No letter as of yet. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed it comes early. We leave for vacation on the 7th. I still say the IRS time line can go OUT THE WINDOW. I guess I am one of the unlucky ones that is actually going by that stupid schedule. I just read another one. that said the guys # is 80 , shouldent get it till July, and got his letter last week , and got his check Friday. We filed in Feb. got out check dd 10 days later. but because of the whole 3rd party thing waiting on a check. Ya know I am very grateful we even get something, and we should not be complaining, BUT, If you are told you are getting something on a certain date and it does not happen, people are going to be upset, especially right now with everything being so much money. I am grateful I have my family , my husband and I and all our kids are healthy and my moms cancer is under control right now. There are people out there who will think JUST SHUT UP, but if people would take a step back and stop living such crazy lives, the World may not be in such bad shape. (not that Busch has done his part). HAVE A GREAT DAY AND I HOPE EVERYONE GETS THEIR MONEY TODAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Connie


  • Cathy

    Boy, this is a mess. my last two are 01 and paper check shoudl have been mailed May 16th. It is now two weeks late and nothing. I sent in my tax forms early in Feb. so I know that is not it. That stupid “Wheres my stimulus payment” link just keeps saying “Sorry, no information yet available.” Why, why the hell isn’t there? A couple times it has told me I didn’t qualify for a stimulus payment because someone else had claimed me as a dependent..HA!!!!!I am 56 years old, divorced over 20 years, live alone, have only one child (whose taxes I do for him every year), there is absolutely no one who could claim me as a dependent.

    I just think the whole thing is a screwed up farce.

  • Michael

    Hello everyone I just called my bank just about 5 minutes ago and my stimulus payment was deposited into my account as of 6:00am. Ya ya!
    They told me I would be getting it June 13th but it came early. I wish all of you who are still waiting the best. It is Friday May 30th.

  • MJ

    Have not received mine (last two digits in SS #80), according to the schedule it should have been direct-deposited on May 16!

    There is an online form at the IRS website called “Where’s My Stimulus Payment?,” but when I filled it out, it said they had “no information” on my return or my payment. Maybe this will help someone else… I have read all of the “rules” as to why it would be a paper check instead of direct deposit and none of them apply to my return.


  • dan

    well my last 2 numbers are 03 and i did direct doposit and i have not got nothing yet