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    The best way to organize your essential paperwork and de-clutter is to get rid of the paper altogether. Get a good scanner and make PDF’s of everything. Then back it up in the cloud. Never have to worry about searching for a doc or losing anything to theft or fire.

    • Cmoorewriter

      I’m sure that for those who are comfortable with scanning and efiling that the system works well. I must admit that I have not done that yet. This article was written for those who are still on a paper system. It may be old fashioned but I can locate a document much faster from my filing cabinet than I can from my hard drive.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • http://www.esavingsblog.com/ Kari

    I agree with both arguements of paper and electronic systems. If its electronic I keep it that way but stuff like my home inspection papers, titiles, tax papers etc etc its already in paper form and good to be filed away, ill scan it to have an electronic copy but I also keep the original. I also keep all my important docs in a fire/water proof lockbox so not too worry about loss. I also think that some people are that into computers or not that computer savvy so they prefer the old fashion way.

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