• ParN

    I have been considering giving up our land line for quite some time. Your article was very helpful in making up my mind. I think the best solution for me is going with a Cricket phone. It has unlimited calling and texting and I only need a basic phone and basic plan, for $35 a month. I have a family plan with my cell phone for free calls and unlimited text to the other family members and no charge on mobile to mobile to same carrier numbers. In addition, I use Skype to call family and friend living abroad. I am ready to take the leap and kiss my land line good bye. Saving $40 a month.

  • marven

    Am just wondering if any of these services are available in Canada. I only have a land line which my provider (Shaw) charges $30 but with a bundle they reduce it to $20 which is actually the same price as Telus. So I would love to eliminate the land line completely and have only a cell…any suggestions without incurring excessive fees.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Winn/100000339191477 Bruce Winn

    I have Boost Mobile, and only pay 35 a month for unlimited everything….talk,text,web,walkie talkie. When I get home my cell phone has blue tooth and it links up to my cordless phones that are blue tooth and turns my cell into a land land. And no I do not have a land line, you do not need one to do this. So I have my phone 24/7, and never miss a thing.

    • Juju

      The issue I am having with phone accessibility in my house is that I get no reception. So I am looking for an alternative to my cell phone so I can make/receive calls at home. Your boost mobile phone- when it connects to your cordless phones at home, are they running off of your cell phone reception? Would that option still work for me if I don’t get reception on my cell at home?

      • John Lee

        What Bruce is saying is that he has cell phone service in his home. It is Boost Mobile Company. Then he has wireless bluetooth activated on his Boost Cell phone and then on his cordless phones he has in his home in each room which also has bluetooth service. That way he is using landline phone to work with his primary cell phone service just like he would with a standard landline service provider.

  • edithann

    I got a landline and Frontier’s service is so sorry, like my phone has been out for 2 weeks and its still not fixed, even got the inside wire maintenance plan but they have not once come in since my phone has been out to prove its my fault like they always do, have had 4 people to check it out and they say the same thing its in their end, and it is but not according to them, I want to dump this landline paying for nothing, I hate Frontier, they need competition, very unreliable the right hand don’t know what the left hand is doing

  • Lefty2

    Articles like these would be much more useful if they were dated.

  • ????? ?????

    I was sceptical as I was reading through this article, but then I had no doubt that a 5 year old put all that together: “Skype uses your computer’s speakers and microphone to send calls through the Internet” …wow… this must be some technology. Hey, wait! Even a 5 y.o. knows that speakers and microphone DO not SEND calls through the Internet, so we’re back to square #1: Who is the clown who wrote this article?

  • Guest user

    I can not get rid of my land because of my home internet service. My internet service includes my home phone but I do not use it and I am being charged for it

  • Denewf

    Rather curious as to what Jason Steele selected for internet/cell and or land line ?

  • basics please

    please give me a list and phone number of companies in Statesville ,nc that offers landlines( without voip…or the help of the computer) for I have tried, ooma (it leaves alot to be desired, vonage leaves alot to be desired. Time Warner Cable has been awful…I have used vonage…it is primitive…I just want to go back to the basice for I am not impressed with technology…just keep it simple and we will all be better…

  • bill

    Please date this article. We are all getting very tired of reading an article and then finding that it was posted in 2011.

  • Nicole

    Yes, please date article. Out of date- our Magic Jack costs $34 a year and does not need to be plugged into the computer. It can be plugged right into an outlet now. And we’ve had it for a couple of years. Oh- and we were able to port our existing telephone number and keep it. The only catch was it had to be an AT&T #- the number couldn’t be listed with the cable company at the time of transfer for some reason.

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