How Facebook Can Save You Money On Travel

Facebook isn’t just a place to reunite with old friends and write cute little comments on your friends’ uploaded photos. There’s an application for everything, and the traveling applications are something that I’ve been checking out lately. Here are some facebook applications of interest. application: this application helps you find the best hostel at the best rate wherever you may be traveling whether it’s in the United States or abroad. I backpacked around Europe four years ago, and we saved a ton of money staying at hostels. However, we didn’t have facebook to get quality reviews of which hostels to frequent and which ones to stay away from. There were hostel review sites out there, but facebook’s social network blows any of those sites away. Check this one out.

Where I’ve Been: Basically, you can brag about where you’ve been, but the cool thing is that you can check all of your friend’s “where I’ve been” places, and there may be someone who’s been where you’re going. There’s nothing better than a personal referral for cheap places to eat and stay.

Been There, Done That App: This one is similar to the one above, but it will also list things you’ve done in a particular city or country. I always have a hard time finding cool, cheap stuff to do when I visit a new place, and your network can help you with this if they’ve got the “Been There, Done That” application.

Trips by This application helps you organize a trip with friends or family. Even though I’m not the most organized person in the world, I recognize that being organized saves you money. When you have a plan, you’ll save money, because you’ve already done the research. Being spontaneous is fun, and it has its place in your trip, but if your whole trip is done “on the fly” you’ll fall into a lot of tourist traps.

Have you ever used facebook for your travels? Do you like seeing where your friends or family have traveled? What other applications do you recommend?

  • DG

    this is an interesting post but I’m still baffled about the saving money part. being organized sure – i get that but do these apps offer budgeting techniques or coupon deals?

    However, I do agree with the hostel one. Be wary though – sometimes really dirt cheap hostels come with some unfavorable circumstances. That app is helpful though so thanks for mentioning it!

  • Mac

    I agree with the previous poster. I don’t see a lot here that will actually save me money, but instead will assist in travel planning. Then again, there are a lot more travel planning options OUTSIDE of facebook.
    Where I’ve Been is a fun little app and the only one in the list that I’ve used, and it’s kind of neat, but its usefulness is limited in knowing where your friends have been and that might be enough to help some.