• http://www.pfsdebtrelief.com Stephan

    definitely look into eastern europe if you are planning a trip even with the recent slide in the euro. i studied abroad in Hungary for a semester and the cost of living was dramaticalyl lower than it would have been in the west. in regards to travel within europe, western european rail travel really isnt that cheap so if you are looking to travel between countries look into the cheap airlines. when in eastern europe, use buses. the rail systems are old, slow, and unreliable. i was able to take a bus from budapest to vienna for $30, cheaper than a train and quicker.

  • http://www.qtripper.com Rupen

    Traveling should not be overly pricey and full of tourist traps. How often have you gone on a trip just to leave semi-disgusted with all the up-sells and high price because you are a tourist?

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