How To Find Free Money Today

Do you need some extra cash? You may be entitled to some, but never knew it. There is such a thing as free money, well it’s not free, but it feels like it’s free because you never knew it was there waiting for you to claim it. Each state should have a bureau for unclaimed property, and many of them allow you to search by your name to see if you have unclaimed money to recover.

Here is the website for The Florida Bureau Of Unclaimed Property.

You’ll be addicted by this website. I’ve known about it for some time, but I just thought that I would pass it along to those of you that aren’t aware of it, yet. But be warned, you’ll be on the site for hours checking everyone’s name that you can think of. My wife’s step-father had two unclaimed property pieces!

I want to hear from those of you that found unclaimed property. How much was it? What was it from? It’s kind of like winning the mini-lottery, even though it was your money to begin with!