How To Save Money On Airline Fees

In order to increase revenue to save their business, many airlines have started nickel and diming customers with a ton of fees, some up front and some hidden. No longer do airlines provide full-service. Everything comes at a price from the snacks to checking baggage. Here are some quick tips to help you avoid extra airline fees.

  1. Pack snacks and drinks with you. If you’re on a long flight, avoid paying for snacks and meals by carrying on your own snacks. I haven’t come across an airlines that charges for a beverage yet, I am sure some of the smaller discount airlines do charge for it. Beverages are tougher to bring with you because of the liquid restriction, but you could still carry one on from the terminal and still save money.
  2. Pack Light. Not only will you be helping the environment out, because the plane will be lighter and use less fuel, but you’ll avoid checked baggage fees that most airlines now charge for. Southwest is one of the only airlines that don’t charge for checked baggage. I recently paid $20 each way on United to check a bag.
  3. Keep your pets at home. Many airlines charge to bring small pets on the plane with you. Southwest now charges $75 to bring a small dog or cat on the plane with you.
  4. Don’t let the kids travel without you. Some airlines are charging an extra fee for minors that require supervision during the flight.

Fees, fees, and more fees. Be smart, and don’t pay these extra fees! Do you have any others to make us aware of? What’s the most you’ve ever been charged for an airline fee?

  • Craig

    Pack light because if you travel and can just bring it on board you don’t have to worry about long lines and won’t get charged on extra bag fees.