How To Save Money Using Google Shopping

My best friend recently saved over $100 buying contact lenses using Google Shopping and a company willing to price match any internet prices he found that were lower than their prices. I will use his experience as an example, but you can apply this method to any product you are looking to buy, as long as the company you buy from has a price match guarantee.

Step 1: Find a reputable, convenient company to buy from with a price match guarantee.

My friend used 1-800 Contacts to buy his refill packs of contact lenses, because they have a price match guarantee. If you can prove to them that there are contact lenses on the internet that are cheaper than theirs, they will match the price. Why not just buy from the other company? Because, you might find a cheaper price from a company that you’ve never heard of or one with worse customer service policies.

Step 2: VisitGoogle Shopping and type in the product you are looking to buy

Be as specific as possible, but not too specific, because Google’s search engine might come back with any results. Find the best price by sorting by “price: low to high”. Sometimes keeping the default sort method of “relevance” is the best because it will show the most relevant searches first. My friend found his contact lenses for $32.95 on a site that Google Products found as opposed to the $52.95 that 1-800 Contact was selling them for.

Step 3: Call or visit the store you intend to buy from to prove the better deal

My best friend told them the URL of the website he found the better deal on the contacts and like their policy stated, 1-800 contacts matched the price of the contacts to $32.95. He bought several packs and saved over $100 dollars, because of his research.

You can do this for any product that is sold online. When I use this method, I like doing it with a large retailer, because they are always eager to beat out internet pricing and direct competitors. I often use this method with Target and Wal-Mart as well. If Target has something cheaper than Wal-Mart, I will show Wal-Mart the ad and they always price match the product. Plus, I get a better return policy with Wal-Mart than Target.

If you buy a lot of things online, use Google Products to your advantage. If the company does not explicitly disclose that they will price match, ask them anyway. They might agree to it if you find a better price from a direct competitor. Do your research and you will save thousands of dollars over the long-term when shopping online.

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