How to Save Money While Vacationing In A Big City

chicagoMy wife and I just got back from a trip to Chicago. I surprised her for her birthday and took her to the Windy City for four days. We have a best friend that just moved there, so that was part of the reason for picking Chicago to visit. Visiting big cities can be really pricey, because hotels, eating out, and entertainment are usually very expensive. We didn’t go frugal on this trip, but there were certain things we did that helped us save some money during the trip.

Use The Entertainment Book

Chicago had a huge entertainment book, and it gave us great ideas for places to eat and things to do with coupons. The entertainment book can be purchased for $20 online.

Look for coupons online

We found a buy one, get one free coupon for the Shedd Aquarium on their website. That’s a $25 dollar savings, because each ticket is $25.00.

We stayed with friends

For the first night, we pampered ourselves and stayed at the Four Seasons hotel. Even that was a deal, because we have a friend who works for Four Seasons and gets 50% off of room rates. The other two nights we stayed with our friends and saved a lot of money by not paying for two more nights at a hotel. The Four Seasons was AMAZING, by the way. By far the best service I’ve ever received at a hotel.

We didn’t go overboard with sightseeing

In order to avoid feeling worn out from your vacation, sometimes you need to take it slow. My wife and I aren’t dissapointed if we didn’t get to see or do something on our checklist. We are okay with hanging out with friends and taking it slow. This also saves money, because you aren’t running around and spending money on every tourist trap attraction in the city.

  • Robert

    Also, this may not seem like the cheapest option, but RENT A CAR. If you’re going to spend $50 per day on subways and bus tickets, rent a car and save time and money and a big headache.

  • Craig

    Try to get package deals for hotels and places that you know you want to stop by. Maybe they have set deals which could save money.