• http://lanyardscustom.com Jim

    Buying moissanite is a sure way to go it has all the characteristics of Diamonds and is only second to it in hardness. What ever one buys make sure first

  • http://www.gobankingrates.com/ HenryTalksMoney

    Buying a diamond ring on eBay sounds like a gamble. If I was investing a few thousand dollars on something this important, I definitely would want to look it over in person before making any transaction. One tip I’ve always heard was check out a high-end retailer like Tiffany’s and take the design to a local jeweler that can make the same ring for half the cost.

  • Astonished

    wow…. The advise given in this blog is so unprofessional–a pawn shop? So it’s okay to buy jewelry that was robbed and stolen and stolen for cheap?

    • steve

      Pawn shops in any civilized country need to check with law enforcement before putting anything up for sale. They’re often crooks with how little they will pay for gold and diamonds, usually buying exclusively for the material value or less, but they usually sell for significantly less than a major jeweler. You can’t go attaching a sob story to something like second hand jewelery. Honestly I felt like I was giving the ring i gave my fiance (which came from a pawn shop) a bit of a second chance and we established that she wasn’t apposed to it before I got it.

  • http://www.luriya.com/ Luriya

    very informative article

  • Nicole Operad

    Those wondering about whether or not its safe to buy an engagement ring online should check out this article: http://weddinglovely.com/blog/top-reasons-why-you-should-purchase-your-wedding-band-engagement-rings-online/

    Maybe using eBay isn’t the best option but there are legitimate online diamond retailers you could check out.

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