How to Increase Home Property Values With Regular Home Repair & Maintenance

carpenter adding shingles to roofSometimes people let family history, childhood memories, and money get in the way of making home improvements to increase the value of their house.

But we have to remember that property is one of our biggest assets and we must take good care of it. Even though it will require some time and money in the short-term, maintaining our houses and making improvements along the way will allow us to avoid those expensive, major home repairs in the long run.

By taking good care of our real estate, should we ever decide to sell, we will have a much more valuable piece of property that isn’t wrought with numerous maintenance concerns.

In the spirit of DIY projects, here are 7 areas to focus on that will help you increase and maintain the value of your home:

1. Interior: When something gets dented or scratched such as a tile, wall, or wood floor, fix it within a reasonable amount of time. The longer you wait the more you’ll get used to the problem and may even forget about it. These problems can eventually get bigger and bigger and lead to an expensive problem that you’ll be forced to repair at some point.

2. Water Leaks: Periodically check for water leaks. A great strategy for doing this is to check the water meter, then cease all water usage for an hour and check the meter again. If it changed, you have a leak, which needs serious attention. Waiting will only increase not only the damage, but also your water bill!

3. Roofing: Check gutters to make sure they carry water away from the roof and aren’t getting backed up. The last thing you want is roof and gutter damage. Also, check the chimney flashing and shingles to make sure they are all secure and don’t need repairs. Chimneys can be expensive to fix!

4. Attic: Many of us don’t go up to the attic all winter long, but you still should check your attic for any leaks or holes after a big storm. You need to make sure that there is no moisture damaging the internal structure of your home. One sign of water damage from the attic may be peeling paint on ceilings or walls.

5. Masonry: Inspect the foundation, patios, and walkways every few months, especially after weeks of snowdrifts have been packed against the walls of your home. Moisture can easily seep into pores, freeze, and expand, causing major structural damage.

6. Yard: Keep lawns and bushes reasonably trim. Overgrown plant life against the house can be detrimental to paint jobs and shingles, especially if the shingles are wood and not treated or coated.

7. Garage: Garages can become massive storage rooms. Keep them clean and tidy and use them just for the car and maybe yard tools. Clean up oil or exhaust stains before they discolor the floor or garage door. Garages can carry major value for a house!

Remember, you can fix most common repairs around the home on your own without hiring others. And if you’re not confident about a specific job, you can always ask for a consultation from a trained professional at your local home improvement store. Your home is your castle; be a good guardian.

Jakob Barry writes for, a home improvement network website where you can find more information about renovation contractors and remodeling services.

  • Joe

    We moved to a condo for the reason you listed. Maintaining the house and yard is so much work. Yeah, we pay HOA now, but we have time to do whatever we want every weekend.
    I agree about the garage becoming a huge storage area. We don’t need to buy more stuff.