• http://www.prairieecothrifter.com Miss T @ Prairie EcoThrifter

    You could also add shoveling snow for those of us living in the northern hemisphere.

    • Casey Slide

      Haha…I am sure that is a great workout!

      • Bookworm913

        You can also do the “invisible jump rope” workout. Same motions…no equipment!

        • Casey Slide

          That is so true! Thanks for the tip!

    • An Old Swede

      That is so true! My neighbors think me a little strange when they watch me use my snowblower to put the snow back on the driveway!

  • Hilary

    Last time I checked, a jump rope was “equipment,” as is an exercise ball. I was expecting NO equipment.

    • Casey Slide

      Sorry, you are correct. I guess “inexpensive equipment” would have been better in the title.

    • Delaney

      You don’t need a jump rope to get the same workout. Just hop in place and swing your arms as if you were swinging the rope; it will have the same effect without having to take breaks when you goof up!

  • elizabeth

    I really loved these ideas! I’m new to working out and simply don’t have a clue haha. I usually just go walking but it’s been raining and I have a 2 year old. So today I decided to try working out inside. Found this and loved it! I think the jump rope is a great idea! Something cheap and simple! Thank you very much for the great tips!

    • Casey Slide

      Good luck, Elizabeth! Definitely try the jump rope. It is such a good workout!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K3YTAHNYGSDDLSQL63RCWRZAOM Louie

    Yess! I have new ideas on exercising!

  • http://twitter.com/Blogit3d Blogit3d

    thanks for the great postings it really helps out

  • Umm_sulaym82

    Very helpful, thanks! I especially love the water bottle/milk jug idea for weights!!

  • Opiayo

    Certainly, well thought out activities for one with no time for he gym. Opiayo, PM

    • Casey Slide

      Thanks, Opiayo!

  • Nsolawesome

    About the lunges, doing them without weights is getting too easy.. but I haven’t got weights.. so what should I do?

    • Casey Slide

      You could fill some gallon milk jugs up with water.

  • Tim

    If water in he milk jugs gets too light , try filling them with sand as sand weighs more than water.

    • Pooper McPoopins

      And if that gets too light, you can always fill it with lead.

      • Going Foul

        if that gets too heavy, add helium

        • JustSteve

          And if you overshoot add a bit of ununseptium

  • http://kondicallanetics.com/ KondiCallanetics

    Going to a gym can be intimating and frustrating with people hogging the equipment. Plus having to get there, geez! Working out at home can be hard to do but not if you don’t have to worry about equipment.

    Thanks for these.

    • Casey Slide

      Yes, what a pain it is to drive to the gym! It saves so much time if you don’t have to drive anywhere!

  • Carla Jo Walden

    Really hoping these work. I’m getting married in 9 months and REALLY want to get in shape!!

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