iPhone Apps To Help You Save Money



Yowza is a new iPhone application that helps the user find local coupons and deals. The company behind the application has partnered up with a lot of big and small companies to offer exclusive digital coupons. Simply pull up the coupon on your phone and present it to the business, and they will scan the barcode on your phone to apply the discount.

Snap Tell


Snaptell makes great use of the iPhone’s built-in camera. Simply snap a photo of a book, dvd, cd, or video game, and the application will find the best deals for item you took a photo of.

Cheap Gas

Cheap Gas does exactly what it says, it finds you the cheapest gas in town without using a ton of gas to find the cheapest gas in town!


Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free costs .99 cents, but you’ll recover that cost the first time you use it. A lot of restaurants offer “kids eat free” days, but it’s tough to remember who offers what and when. Restaurants like to do this promotion, because typically kids meals don’t cost the restaurant much, and they know that the parents will eat, too. Still, this is a great way to save some money when eating out, and this app helps you locate these local deals.


Big Oven

If you really want to save money and cut back on your budget, reducing the money you spend on eating out is essential. But, cooking can be a drag, especially when you have no direction about what to cook or how to cook it. The Big Oven iPhone app is a great recipe application with thousands of different recipes for all types of cuisines.


Gift Planner

Find yourself spending a lot of money on gifts? This app will help you plan a budget, set an amount, and track the performance. It’s easy to forget how much you are spending on someone if you are buying them multiple gifts for an event such as a wedding or baby shower. This app will help you stay within your gift budget.