It’s Never Too Early to Think About Christmas

Christmas is six months away.  Most of us are thinking about the beach, vacations, and hot weather at this point in the game.  Christmas is often overlooked as a big expense, but it usually hits our bank accounts hard.  In 2005, Americans spent an average of $900 per household on Christmas gifts.  If you start putting away $150 a month until the holiday season, you’ll have $900 to spend on your loved ones for the holidays. 

I know that many of you come from the school of thought that you will just charge the gifts to a credit card and pay it back in a month or two.  No biggie on the interest, right?  The point I am trying to make is that the holiday season should be thought about more when it comes to our financial plans.  I am planning on socking away some money each month to pay for Christmas gifts, so that I do not even have to think about paying back a credit card next January.  I have learned that when I set goals for my money and spend it on paper a head of time, I am less stressed out about it.  Just a little thought while we’re basking in the sun and going on cruises this summer. 

  • Personalized Christmas Ornaments

    Absolutely! I think its never too early to be thinking about our holiday giving, figure out how much you’re going to spend and for whom.

    Here’s a popular and inexpensive christmas gift idea for those cost-conscious people this holiday season that for those that want to add that “personal touch” to their gift giving. It’s called a personalized christmas ornament.

    Personalized christmas ornaments make excellent gifts that friends and family love getting. I would add that a personalized ornament is not only a beautiful Christmas tree decoration, but a unique keepsake gift that captures a snapshot in time of precious memories and the events of ones life. They’re also fairly inexpensive gifts (under $15), something to keep in mind if one has a limited christmas gift budget.