Marriage and Money: Spend 30 Minutes Each Week Discussing Your Finances

We live in a fast-paced society. Our time is precious to us, even though we spend hours every week wasting it by watching television, daydreaming, and doing other meaningless tasks to kill time. But when it comes down to it, it never seems like there are enough hours in the day to get what needs to be done. I know that when my wife and I don’t sit down and go over our monthly budget at least 2 times a month, we end up spending more money as a result of it, because we’re not on the same page and we haven’t set forth a clear plan for our money.

I want to encourage you to spend 30 minutes a week to dedicate to sitting down with your spouse to talk about your money. You can discuss your monthly budget, talk about out-of-the-ordinary expenses due in the upcoming months, investments, or any other issues that are pertinent to your money. You’ll feel a better sense of control over your money, and you’ll have a better sense of security that you and your spouse are on the same page with your money. You won’t have to sneak around spending money or wonder what your spouse is spending the money on. Spending 30 minutes a week talking about your finances will reduce stress in your life and reduce the amount of disagreements and fights that occur when sharing a bank account.

Pick a dedicated time during the week. It might be after dinner every monday night or sunday afternoon, whatever suits you best. Make sure you come into the conversation somewhat prepared. You may end up talking about other stuff if you don’t have any questions or concerns about your money.

This is just a small tip to help strengthen your marriage and help you become wealthy as a couple. Have a great weekend.

  • Millionster

    Hehe good thing I’m not married lol

  • Valerie


  • Brianne

    My husband and I have an excel sheet of things we spend monthly on (grocercies, gas, entertainment,dining out, clothing, & charity) have the total budgetted at the top, and each day as we spend we subtract from that total. therefore we never have to set 30 minutes aside, we can look on the fridge to see how much we have left for whatever category, answering the question if we can/cannot afford to go out to dinner. Once a month we do quicken for 30 minutes to keep track of those expenses plus others (cars, travel, savings, etc)

  • author

    That’s sounds like a really good plan Brianne! My suggestion for the 30 minutes a week is merely because I know that things change throughout the month. You may have an unexpected expense that you forgot to budget at the beginning of the month or you may have other concerns. I know that you can talk about it at dinner or things like that, but sometimes it’s a good practice to set aside a certain time to discuss certain topics.

    Anyway, thanks for the input!