Marriage Drops Below 50% In Family Households

Recently, you saw the statistic in the media about married couples comprising less than 50% of the family households in America.  This is the first time since they started keeping track of the statistic that it dipped below 50 percent.  Many households contain single-parent families, gay/lesbian partners, and unmarried couples co-habitating with mutual children.  However, the main reason for the decline in marriages is not due to the rise in alternative lifestyle relationship, rather it is due to an increase in divorce over the past three decades. 

This news made me wonder if the large rise in household debt had anything to do with the decline in marriages and the rise of divorce.  Borrowing money is easier than it ever was in the past.  Over four billion credit cards are issued every year and even dogs and dead people get pre-approved for them.  Car dealerships do not even post the price of a car, anymore.  All you see is the price of the payment.  The 50 year mortgage has made its way into mortgage lender’s hands.  Could you imagine spending 50 years trying to pay off a house?  It is no surprise that families are taking on more debt each day, and the stresses that go along with paying the bills and keeping up with the Joneses gets old very quickly. 

This is my challenge to anyone who reads this blog:  Are you ready to take a stand for yourself and for this country?  Then, start by handling your money with responsibility.  Make wise decisions and do not live beyond your means.  Who cares if you drive a 1984 Chevy Cavalier?  We can do something about saving the marriage relationship in this country by taking a stand with our money.  A revolution over the way we handle money only takes one generation to make a permanent change.  If you are in college, fresh out of college, or just starting a career/family, you can make a difference with how this country handles money.

  • Jacquelyn Hart-McCoy

    I think you are right and courageous to challenge people in an age where people are so okay with being in debt. I agree and am with you 100%!