More of What You Want From Mint

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More of What You Want From Mint

That’s a link from the Mint Blog highlighting some of their new features. Now, Mint is more cash-flow budgeting friendly, and they have a better filtering system. Check it out! Mint is definitely the best personal finance application on the web, and if you like handling your money online, you need to check them out!

Categories: Budgeting

  • Mac

    It’s nice to see that Mint continues to add worthwhile features, but I still am having a tough time seeing myself using their app on a frequent basis. Whenever I use Mint, I feel like I have a lack of control…due to no way to balance my books or modify transactions. When I do use it, it’s basically to get a quick overview of my account balances. Hopefully they will continue to expand their feature set so that it will become more useful to me.