One Big Way to Save Money On Valentine’s Day

Men, listen up for a minute. I know we’re lazy, and when it comes to making our girls happy, we’ll go with convenience over anything else, even if it’s at a premium price. But, if you want to win with money in your lifetime, you need to start learning how to save money when it’s staring you in the face. So, here’s my number one way to save money on valentine’s day for your woman:

Don’t buy flowers from a flower shop. You will spend $75 bucks, and they’ll be arranged nicely and in a vase, but it’s just not worth it given all of the alternatives. Check out where I get almost all of my flowers for my wife. I get them from Publix or Super Target. For those of you not in the southeast, Publix is an upscale supermarket. I get a dozen roses for about $20 to $25 dollars, then i get a $5 dollar vase with some ribbon for about a $1, and there you have it. I get her $30 roses, and you spent $80 bucks.

Again, I’m a guy, so I understand the convenience factor, plus the fact that flower shops will deliver. During Christmas, I don’t look for deals, I just buy what I know my girl wants, and I get the hell out of the shopping center. I’ll admit that I’m not good during Christmas about getting good deals, but for holidays that were contrived by retailers and service providers such as Valentine’s Day, I always try to save money. You will pay double or even triple for convenience in your lifetime. Those savings add up over a lifetime, so go the extra mile and save some money on holidays that prey on men like you and me.

  • Jacquelyn Hart-McCoy

    Okay, so maybe I am a party pooper, or maybe I cross the line from frugal to miser, I am not sure. But Shawn and I like to celebrate the weekend after V-day….we know V-day is all about a made up holiday to sell more things, why would I want myself or hubby to buy flowers for 25 bucks on v-day when the day after they will be half off? Why do I need chocolates in the shape of hearts when regular chocolate is cheaper? Also, we don’t go out to eat, what is more romantic then a cozy dinner at home? (sometimes I cook and other times I order out, frugally of course) I know some will disagree but it works for us.

  • author

    I don’t disagree with you at all. I think it’s a great idea. However Jacqui, I think you can agree with me that some of individuals that share your gender will SAY that you don’t need to do anything for them for V-day , but they’ll be upset if you don’t acknowledget it at all on the actual day. I’m not claiming that you are one of those girls, beause I know you personally, but there are girls out there.

    I know, it’s stereotypical, but guys, back me up! I wrote some little notes and pasted them around the house the night before so when lindzee woke up (she wakes up before me), she would see them. Then, I just gave her my debit card and said, here’s money to get your hair highlighted, etc up to a certain limit. Now, we’re going out to eat tonight, instead of yesterday. So, we rarely actually do anything on actual valentine’s day, but I usually always acknowledge it. Even though I don’t need to, I still succumb to societ in some way and do something for her even though love should be shown 365 days a year, not just one.