Over 700,000 iPhones Sell Over The Weekend

I read this articleabout the wonderful success that Apple has had with the iPhone. So far, it has lived up to the hype about being the most popular phone on the market. Will the sales continue? I can’t imagine that they will. The phone goes for $599 and $499, so basically all of the people that can afford it, bought it, and all of the people that can’t afford it but still wanted it, bought it. I don’t understand why people don’t just wait a year. I bet you they’ll be $399 by Christmas, and $299 in a year. I’ll put a link to this post when they become $299. I’ll buy one, and they’ll probably be better, because the first batch of people that buy these phones are the guinea pigs. Apple will get their feedback, improve the phone, and relaunch it with better features.

What do you think? Will Apple start dominating the cell phone market like it does with the MP3 market?

  • http://www.lostspots.com Amber Yount

    lol i agree…i wanted one, but im too broke to throw down $600.

  • Erik

    Yeah, how ridiculous is that? Remember when iPods were like $400 too? Eventually, they became reasonable, and so will the iphone.

  • http://www.clubfreedomindia.blogspot.com Adam

    They are selling it for double the price! I pod was a success because there was no better rival. Phone industry has a lot of established players already.