Personal Finance Blogger Spotlight

Today, I will highlight three personal finance bloggers that I really enjoy. I certainly don’t read their blogs every day, but I always get to them once a week, and I love interacting with these people on Facebook and Twitter. So, here is a small profile of the bloggers behind the blog:

Mrs. Micah – Finance For A Freelance Life

She was doing great with her finances, but then her marriage brought with it a $100k in student loan debt, an $8k car loan, and a little credit card debt. So, how did she respond to that? Instead of telling her husband he better figure out how to repay all of that debt, she took the right approach, and treated it as her own debt. She started the blog in 2007, and most money that she makes from her online ventures goes toward paying off debt. You can read more about Mrs. Micah here. Her blog is one of the best, in my opinion, about getting a perspective on family and relationship issues involving personal finance.

Here are some recent posts from the blog:

  1. The Craigslist Credit Score Scam

  2. Would You Give Up A Job For Your Marriage?
  3. Keep Your Word To Your Children About Money

Five Cent Nickel – Because Money Matters

Five Cent Nickel is a guy like you and me in his thirties with a wife and four kids. He’s always been good at handling money, and he’s a big fan of the Motley Fool. FCN is a big Twitter User and his twitter handle is: @fcn. FCN has a huge following, and he’s one of the pioneers in the PF blogging community, having started his blog in early 2005. You can find a lot of great stuff about investing, practical advice about saving/spending money, and interesting articles like “Tall People Make More Money”. That’s good for me!

Here are a few more articles of interest:

  1. Investment Advice: Ignore The Noise!
  2. Testimony of a one car couple.

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