Personal Finance Round-Up: Age Is Just A Number

Retirement age is a pretty big topic in the personal finance world, and in the real world, just the mention of changing that retirement age by only a few years has caused quite the stir in France.

On the topic of retirement, the Monevator wrote an article this week titled Investing for 100-year-olds. The piece discusses the fact that we underestimate our life expectancy, and, as a result, have adopted a behavior of segmenting our lives and choosing what activities we do at specific ages. The problem with this routine is that it does not account for longer life expectancies. Sure, we could die tomorrow, but chances are that many of us will live a long and healthy life if we take care of ourselves and don’t take unnecessary risks, so we really should think beyond tomorrow, beyond next year, and beyond the age of 65 (or 67, sorry France!) when planning our financial futures.

Speaking of the future, here are some recent articles from around the virtual globe that you may be interested in:

7 House Repairs You Should Almost Always Outsource
Humans aren’t the only things aging around here. Homes are one of those lifelong commitments, and as they age, they tend to fall apart requiring repair. The handyman or woman in you may be telling you to just do it yourself, but there are some things you should let a professional handle. Trust me. [Money Ning]

How to Live Frugally Without Being an Extremist
Even being the slightest bit frugal, sometimes you may feel, like many of us do, that you are being extreme. Frugality is becoming a lost art in the world of consumerism so that’s a natural feeling, but you don’t have to be or feel extreme when living frugal. Here are some tips that can help. [Personal Finance By The Book]

Teaching Your Kids Responsibility with Allowances
Kids, especially young kids, learn a lot more from us than we think. They pick up on how we walk, talk, eat and how we manage our money. Here are some lessons you can teach your kids by using an allowance system. They are our future after all! [Financial Highway]

How to Take an Inventory of Your Valuables for Insurance
Tracking your finances is important, but we all have valuables without a price tag that still need to be tracked in case something was to happen to them. You can claim valuables damaged or stolen from your car or home on your insurance, but only with proof. Here are some cheap and easy ways to create that proof, should you ever need it. [Wallet Pop]

Family Fun Night Goes Frugal
When a local school system encourages growth in the home, who can argue with that? Check out some ideas this family had for using their homework free family night…frugally of course. [Money Reasons]

10 Signs That Frugality Has Become Compulsive Hoarding
Frugality is a lifestyle and while many think of it simply as spending less and making due with what you have, another aspect of it is getting the biggest bang for your buck. When that process includes buying more than you need or taking advantage of free just because it’s free, things can take a turn for the worst. This is called “compulsive hoarding” and here are some things for you to watch out for. [Money Saving Blog]

10 Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Student Loans
Student loans are quite the burden, especially in this economy when even a good education doesn’t equate to job security. There is help out there though, and these tips can help you get started paying off your debt. [My Next Buck]

What Would You Do With A Letter From the President?
At what lengths would you go to secure your family’s future? This family got a hand-written letter from President Obama. They were between a rock and a financial hard place and when word got out about the letter, they were offered some quick cash to sell the original copy of the letter. What would you do in their shoes? [Everyday Tips and Thoughts]

Are You Financially Insecure?
Fear is one of the most primal emotions, and no matter how technology or humanity improves over the years, one will never be free of fear. The finance world is no exception. Is there anything in your financial life that you are particularly afraid of? [The Financial Blogger]

Resume Writing Tips
Resume writing has almost become a job all its own. With so many fighting for the few jobs that are available, you have to do everything you can to make sure you look like the best option not only in person, but also on paper. Here are some tips to help write the best resume around. [Saving Money Today]

(photo credit: Koen Vereeken)

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    Our frugal family fun night was awesome. My son still mentions how great it was! It’s amazing the amount of fun you can for free or near free activities.

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