Personal Finance Round-Up: Beat The Heat Without Breaking The Bank

ways to stay cool summerI don’t know what’s worse–getting my electric bill in the summer or my gas bill in the winter. The Simple Dollar has The Real Reason Your Summer Energy Bills Are So High. The cost of cooling my home just seems to skyrocket in the summer months. Find out some great and not-so-obvious tips on staying cool and still keeping your utility bill in check from The Simple Dollar. The Internet is filled with talented writers who are always coming up with great new topics for personal finance articles. As we do once a week, we’d like to share with you the best of what we’ve found out there in terms of great posts from our friends in the personal finance world:

What Expenses Should I Expect When Having A Child?  These expenses seem to come out of nowhere and can really pile up if you’re not careful. Find out here from Bible Money Matters a pretty comprehensive list of what these expenses are likely to be. They also give some pretty good tips on how to cut costs on the things that you will need and a lot of the things you probably won’t need.

Lessons From A Stock Newsletter Scandal. I’ve never been a fan of these, epsecially the paid ones, and here is just another reason why. You’d think people would really know better but c’mon, stock tips from Lenny Dykstra? Read here at My Money Blog why you should be very leery of any of these promoted by celebrities.

How To Stop Impulse Buying. I found this fantastic article that takes a pretty subjective look at what really makes us impulse buy. Then they actually take a page out of the 12-step program for addicts to suggest ways for us to avoid the “impulse buy.” It’s really a great piece by Moolanomy.

6 Cool Startpages That Can Make You More Productive. I may be exposing by naivete here, but I had never heard of these before reading this article. With a startpage, you can check all of your favorite sites, RSS feeds and much more without leaving that one browser tab. Here is a review of six of them by Dumb Little Man.

Be A Good Houseguest When Visiting Relatives. This should be required reading for every family before embarking on a summer vacation to stay with relatives. A lot of these tips get forgotten, especially when staying with relatives that you stay with all the time. For the most part, your family won’t say anything to you about these things. Better to just keep them in mind so they’ll never have to tell you. A great piece by Being Frugal.

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