Personal Finance Round-Up: Cutting Automotive Costs

car calculatorThe U.S. automotive industry reported an impressive sales growth in May according to International Business Times. This is excellent news for an industry that was nearly wiped out by foreign competition and the economic downturn a mere four years ago. Thanks to a slow yet consistent rebound in the housing market and an uptick in consumer spending, the demand for new vehicles is on the rise.

This is a positive sign for companies like Tesla, the first company to produce highway-ready electric vehicles that accommodate all federal regulations for the mass market. Tesla Motors recently announced a comprehensive expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network. This expansion, part of the company’s quest to alleviate damage from its now infamous $100M gaffe with the New York Times, sets the company in prime position to dominate the North American automotive industry. Soon, customers who are hesitant to invest in electric cars for fear of their functionality will be able to travel with ease across the states and beyond.

If you’re one of the consumers waiting on the sidelines for the next wave of great electric vehicle enhancements, there are still ways you can cut your automotive-related expenses:

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