Personal Finance Round-Up: Do You Take Parenting Tips From Celebrities?

Parenting is a full time job and anyone with kids won’t argue with that; it takes a ton of time, effort, and, most of all, patience. We are always looking for new tools that can make the job more efficient and a little easier on both our spouses and ourselves. Teaching methods are important as well, as parenting is not only about keeping your kids fed and alive, but also about teaching them the things they need to know to grow and become a contributing member of society.

When I heard about the new Kardashian Kard that is being marketing towards teens and being pushed at parents as a way to teach their teens money management skills, I was intrigued but also wary. Any product being pushed by a celebrity with Kim Kardashian’s reputation should be approached with caution, and I was right to be skeptical of the card’s teaching tools. It is little more than a debit card that can be loaded with money for your kids to spend, with the added benefit of exorbitant fees for parents. Dr. Dean at Millionaire Nurse Blog covers the details in a clever post titled Kim Kardashian Kard Kauses Kontempt. If you are a parent looking for ways to teach your kids about money, do yourself a favor and start with the basics like saving a portion of your income, using a savings account, and learning how compound interest works.

Even as adults, there are still things we can learn about managing our money so check out these other great bits of wisdom:

Basic Financial Terms for Children and Teens
Learning the basics of money early on is the key to having a bright financial future. Not only can you set yourself up for future success by knowing what financial terms mean, but you can also avoid financial pitfalls and misunderstandings. [My Journey To Millions]

7 Frugal Lessons from Great-Grandmother
Speaking of age and wisdom, what can’t you learn from your grandparents? They went through some times that we will probably never experience in our lifetime, and, as a result, the knowledge they have is immeasurable. [WiseBread]

4 Steps to Help You Get a Holiday Job
The holidays are fast approaching and most people are thinking about all the shopping they will soon have to do, but you and I know there is more to the holidays than just blowing way too much money on gifts. With the holidays, and all the extra effort retailers are putting into sales, the more people they need to staff those sales; this is a great opportunity for those looking to make a little extra money and get out of debt. [Kiplinger]

The Great Big List Of 75 Frugal Gifts You Can Give This Christmas
Holiday gifts don’t have to set you back more than you make in a month. Take this list in hand, consider the spirit of the holidays, and give frugally to the ones you love. [Bible Money Matters]

Should You Get a Second Job to Pay Off Debt?
The holidays aren’t the only time you can get a second job to pay off debt or save up for something special. There is always work out there for those willing to deliver pizza or park cars, but does your situation allow for a second job? There are other things to consider aside from the extra income. [Christian PF]

Job Loss – Thinking About a Backup Plan?
The old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” has never been as true as it is today with unemployment still at record highs. It never hurts to have a backup plan in case your job situation starts to look bleak. [Self Reliance Exchange]

Over 50 and Need a Job?
Many that are older than the newest generation of workers have found that changing careers can be a refreshing experience, and they are much happier with their choice afterward. [Five Cent Nickel]

How to Work a Job Fair
Young or old, job fairs are a great way to find a new place to work, and meet new people in your field and many others. Job fairs aren’t your traditional conference or social meeting so check out these tips to look like a professional when looking for a job.
[Cash Money Life]

6 Strategies To Make Sure You’re Getting Credit For Your Work
If you are happy with where you work and want to continue to move up in the company, make sure you are getting the recognition you deserve to ensure you are on the roster for the next pay raise or promotion by following these tips. [MintLife Blog]

Freelance Business: Feeling Mercenary
Even the self-employed have to deal with business politics, and if you are new to the life of freelance, you can learn some things from those that came before you. [Personal Dividends]

The holidays used to be all about maxing out your credit cards and buying as much stuff as possible for your friends and family. In the past few years, people have begun to pay more attention to ways to cut costs during the holiday and spend more time with family. Unfortunately, the job market and a still-cloudy financial future continue to weigh heavily on all of us.

How are you planning to have an inexpensive holiday season this year?

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