Personal Finance Round-Up: Generating Retirement Income

The American dream has always been to save enough money so that you are able to retire at an early age. With the cost of living steadily rising, it is difficult to get a handle on just how much money you will need for retirement. It is easier to shift your focus to continually generating income in retirement rather than saving the millions needed to retire. In this week’s personal finance roundup, The Amateur Financier discusses the importance of Focusing on Generating Retirement Income, Not just Retirement Saving.

Here are some very informative articles written over the past week in the personal finance blogosphere.

10 Awesome Companies Built By Teens. Have you been thinking about starting your own business? These 10 business owners had the the right entrepreneurial spirit and creative mindset. After reading this you, will be inspired to start your own company. [WiseBread]

5 Tips For Raising A Financially Savvy Family. Teaching kids about financial management starts at home. The best way to raise children that are fiscally responsible is by setting a good example and teaching them money management principles at an early age. [Moolanomy]

Health Insurance For The Self Employed. With the recent passage of the health care bill, all Americans will be responsible for obtaining their own health insurance. It’s important to find the best health care provider that fits your monthly budget. Companies like eHealthInsurance help consumers comparison shop for insurance. [The Consumer Boomer]

Credit Card Deals and Free Reward Offers. A listing of the best credit card deals and reward offers that are currently being offered by financial institutions. [Five Cent Nickel]

Beware Time Suck. It’s important to prioritize your activities so that you can devote your time to the most important ones. Time sucks are small activities that eat up a lot of your time. [Money Under 30]

The Essentials of Budgeting. Have you been meaning to develop a budget but don’t know how to get started? You can be on your way to creating a financial plan by building a budget in a few simple steps. [Finavigation]

6 More Ways To Stop Overspending And Save Money. A list of suggestions from a variety of personal finance bloggers on how to eliminate unnecessary expenditures. [Rabbit Funds]

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