Personal Finance Round-Up: Here Comes Winter, Are You Ready For The Cold?

Winter is almost here and some areas of the country are already feeling it. For some that can be a pretty scary thought. Winter brings with it discomfort, illness, danger on the roads, and additional costs such as heating, warm clothing, winter tires, and home repairs. Preparing your home for the winter can be a big task in both price and effort, and if you ignore the coming cold, you could be in for a chilling surprise.

Being one new to a colder climate, my first winter was a rude awakening to “winterization.” If only I had found this article by back then, I could have avoided some serious costs and a few cold winters. So check out Home Free: Nine Steps to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Weather Forecast and insure you are prepared for the cold.

Here are some more Fall and Winter gems from around the web:

How to Be a Millionaire by Age 25
Preparation doesn’t stop when the weather is nice, but extends to every aspect of life. Being prepared not only helps avoid problems in life, but can set you up for opportunities that come along. Check out this list and see if you can learn a thing or two from the youngest of the richest. [Kiplinger]

3 Ways to Supplement your Income with Online Earnings
For most of us, becoming rich is an eventual goal, second to paying the bills. Sometimes we have to look for more ways than just a day job to reach that goal, these online methods are a great start. [Financially Poor]

Mystery Shopping for Newbies
The list of odd jobs you can do online and off to supplement your income, or even create a whole new career from is always growing. Here’s an old classic that is something of a mystery of itself but worth checking out. [PT Money]

How To Cope With Failure; Personal Finance Persistence
Chances are in your life, you will fail; it’s just a simple fact of being human. Failure can be difficult to deal with, as can success, but one thing that’s essential is persistence. This article can help you deal with the ups and downs of life that everyone experiences. [Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance]

Opt For A Deferred Payment Plan When You Can’t Pay Your Bills
After being laid off, life can’t be really tough. Obligations start to weigh on your mind and the unknown can really get to you. Check this article out which can help you know which bills can be safely deferred while you get back on your feet. [The Digerati Life]

Asking for a Raise in a Tight Economy
Layoffs are pretty common these days and with all the employee cuts and reductions in force, you are taking on the jobs of those that are leaving. According to this article, now is the perfect time to ask for a raise to compensate you for taking on a heavier load. [CNBC]

Take A Personal Day To Fix Your Finances
The end of the year is coming and if you haven’t used all your vacation days, here’s a great idea for you. Winter isn’t the funnest time to take a vacation anyway, so use your time to wrap up some personal goals and get your finances in order. [Smart on Money]

Take 2.5 years off from work
Most people don’t live to work, but they do work to live. You and I have debts, mortgages and obligations that have to be met and it’s hard to think beyond those until they are gone but paying extra towards debts can really pay off. Here is an interesting perspective on paying more towards your debt and what the real benefit of that will be. [Wealth Artisan]

Outcome Goals and Process Goals: You Need Both
January is creeping closer and closer and we will all soon start thinking of our resolutions. In order for you to succeed and complete your goals though you will need to understand the different kinds of goals and how they work together. [The Wisdom Journal]

How to go deeper into debt
Consequences of actions aren’t always perfectly clear until they are spelled out in a different light. Check out these perfect examples of what not to do if you are working on paying off debt. [Three Thrifty Guys]

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